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  1. lol, interesting theory I kind of like it. But more importantly, this is an important deviation from the books, so since Varys, QoT, and Ros all know about LF plan and thus where Sansa disappears to, doesn't this complicate things in the future? Or is everyone just not gonna care that Sansa just disappears after PW? I guess QoT won't mind and may actually work with LF to make it happen since Sansa runs away with the evidence, but Varys?? Plots on top of Plots at KL. I also think this serves as proof that Ros will go the way of Dontos via LF knowing she was a double agent all along (one can hope).
  2. FacelessSnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    I disagree, remember Littlefinger only works for himself, and he believes knowledge is power. I think it plays perfectly into his character to keep his knowledge of Arya's whereabouts secret until its in his best interest (like gaining Sansa trust [theoretically if this wasn't a lie]). What would handing Arya over to Tywin at that moment grant him? Gratitude? and how could he kidnap Tywin's cupbearer without him noticing? thats not how LF rolls. LF was already playing another game with the Tyrells, Lannisters, and Catlyn at this time. He probably started thinking of how to play the Arya piece for a later game, how could he ever imagine Arya (a girl of 12) would escape. Edit: just occured to me, if LF was assuming he would inherit Harenhall for his actions, he could safley assume he would inherit Arya the servant with it and thusly Arya would be his in the long run
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    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    It was an incredibly cruel yet brilliant pun to mess with Theon's head: 1) Winter is actually coming so its gonna get cold, they have to move 2) Those are Stark's words which provide an ironic comfort for Theon on top of the fact that this Boy is telling them they are running from his sister's men, spinning his notion of who keeps him safe 3) "Boy" is Ramsey so in theory he is loyal to the North even tho he is helping Theon escape under the guise of Ironborn
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    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    Actually Ned is the one that figures out the Bank is owed $$ back in in GoT, much like Volants the show is starting to introduce key aspects of the word early in order to get the viewers accustomed. So when later (aFfC/DwD) the money problems re-surface after LF, Tywin, and Tyrion peace out people can be like oh yea I remember.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    On Locke: Whose to say Locke isn't a sellsword hired by Roose? I think this a oppose to him being some knight or his lieutenant is reasonable. All we know is that he is Roose's "hunter." As a sellsword, it would establish an additional tie to Vargo explained by his poorer upbringing. Also it alleviates him from the responsibility of thinking about the political implications of Jaime. On the other hand, he is directly planning on ransoming Brienne, so the treatment of Jaime isn't hypocritical. Considering the butterfly effect of taking the Bloody Mummers out last season, this seems as true to the books as you can get if you ask me.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    I think people are reading WAY too much into this, the scene was a simple amusing anecdote that provided HBO's necessity for nudity while establishing two important plot points: 1) The Bank at Bravos is owed a LOT of money (without the Pod scene this would have been a little dry) 2) Pod and Tyrion have a strong bond that in coming seasons is importance to explain Pod's "quest"