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  1. Drama. Spending some much needed time with ASoIaF and a blanket in the cool, Autumn weather.

  2. New Job... new schedule.. no time for reading or musing :(

  3. Cerulean


    Hi. I'm Ceru, and I have a serious addiction. I need help. I have no friends to indulge in my addiction with me, said addiction of course being the SoIaF series. :D Okay, so I've forced a few people to watch the HBO series with me, to try and entice them into reading the books... but it seems I am the only person I associate with who enjoys reading books, especially those which in hardback form could be used as blunt objects in an epic fantasy style coup. :) Seriously though... I've been reading threads and lurking on here anonymously for some time. So many of the theories presented here have awakened something in me. I always had so many questions, and the topics discussed here have been engrossing me during my free time - soon to dwindle further, as I start school again for my IT degree next week. I am currently reading Storm of Swords for the 4th time or so. I have been reading the books in order since I first picked them up back in August. My introduction to the series had absolutely NOTHING to do directly with the HBO series - a friend of mine saw the books, most likely revived to front-shelf fame thanks to the TV series, and picked them up. She recommended them to me and loaned me GoT which I promptly devoured (in about a day and a half) and drove to her house (roughly an hour away) to claim the remainder of the books. After that, I've been hooked. I have been reading and re-reading these novels without taking a break to read any other author - that's how hooked I am. I do occasionally tend to be somewhat egregiously long-winded, a style I no doubt picked up from my readings of another former favorite author who wrote in a very flourished style. Forgive me if I digress from my original point from time to time - I may talk myself in a circle, but I will always try to clarify somehow. Now, back to browsing. :)