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  1. Why? It's not like his death is ever confirmed in ADWD. Martin loves to end his books with characters in apparent mortal peril. I don't particularly believe that Jon will need resurrecting, but even if he does in the books, doesn't the shows track record with magical elements suggest it's far more likely that Ding and Dong will rewrite the scene so he just... survives his wounds?
  2. The rage of StanStans is hilarious. He'll show up next week. Calm your tits. They haven't actually fucked him up in any way by delaying the latter half of the battle.
  3. I have mixed feelings on the sealing of the Wall because it's diametrically opposed to Jon's later stance as well, but it does make a certain amount of sense at the moment? The tunnel is the one point where Mance's army can breach the Wall right now and if it's sealed, then Castle Black can hold back the attack for significantly longer. It's an appropriate solution for this situation where it's not a feasible solution for the situation after Mance's forces are beaten and scattered.
  4. I think it's very likely that Jon will manage to show his abilities off during the upcoming attack on Castle Black. Alliser and Janos's presence can actually be used to accentuate them. Due to how the battle's been changed, there will be simultaneous fighting on multiple fronts -- both defending Castle Black from the raiders and holding the Wall against Mance's army -- and I think it's very likely that Jon will end up as the sort of defacto leader in one of these engagements. He can distinguish himself there and, because of the sort of people that Alliser and Janos are, it'll have a profound impact on how his brothers view him.
  5. Sounds like a set of really cool chapters. Still wish they'd been ADWD, though. I love Barristan, man, can't wait to see more of him in TWOW.
  6. There are pages of people whining because Asha doesn't fit into their definition of attractive. This is hardly surprising.
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