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  1. Wow, just wow. Amazing episode. I gave it a 10 out of 10. I was happily surprised at how awesome they transferred the book to tv this week. The last's weeks episode I rated it 4 out of 10 because it annoyed me to see all the inconsintancies with the book. This episode however, episode 3 was even better than most of the imagery in my head about how scenes played out. Like I thought it was awesome how Theon was portrayed and how others reacted to him. Amazing. Theon flips out at his dad and his sister obviously sympathizes with what Theon went through. It also showed that Theon's dad was disgusted at himself for giving up Theon and bending the knee to Robert, swearing fealty. Then the theatrical music with Theon being blessed by the drowned god. I got most of this from the books but seeing it portrayed visually was awesome. It shows why GRRM puts so much effort into Theon in the books. The Tyrrels were portrayed exactly as I envisioned them in the books. All the Tyrrels care about is advancing their family in the "game". This episode portrayed that perfectly. To be honest I did look away from the screen a few times with the gay crap Renly and Loras were doing, it does kind of disgust me. However I think it was totally necessary to show that stuff so the viewer could understand how gay Renly is. It also shows that the Tyrrels are a united family aiming for domination. Oh I'll end my speech here, but great episode! I think I'm gonna make it my fave episode so far actually.
  2. next episode..... Craster is about to kill Jon but then stops because Ghost growls and threatens him..... like yeah, Ghost would never let Jon get hit on the head in the first place but whatever. Pretty annoyed about this crap being played around with. GRRM obviously doesn't care about the others in 4 subsequent books, whyt we have to put up with it here all of a sudden
  3. it sucked. What is up with that crap? I know some stuff has to change coz actors move on or whatever but Joon playing scooby doo woods detective? oh come on, not only that but they make it a cliff hangar that Jon gets knocked out playing detective? total bullshit
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