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  1. Wonderful episode, really wonderful. I absolutely loved the genuine epic factor in it. Sandor's exchange with Bronn was bone chilling; I always love it when GRRM's characters interact with each other. Stannis Motherfucking Baratheon was bad-ass as usual. They gave him fighting scenes which was brilliant, because the guy's a soldier and a good one at that. I loved his swordfighting scenes, Sandor and Bronn's combat skills and in general everything about the fighting. The end was amazing, despite me being a Stannis fan. It was fast and abrupt, just like in the books. Loras taking off his helm and Tywin striding into the hall, boss as ever. Then the Rains of Castamere =D
  2. As a strong and proud supporter of No Saggy Boobs, I loved the Talisa and Robb scene. The rest of the episode was great, the episodes have generally been better and better as the series has progressed. The only real mistakes season 2 made in terms of storyline were probably Jaime's totally out-of-character cousin-head-smashing and Talisa being from Volantis. The Red Wedding was planned with consultation/sharing of knowledge with the Westerlings, remember? Talisa needs to be a Westerling.
  3. Great episode. Loved the Arya-Tywin scene especially, and I thought the Renly death scene was good if not as good in the books. Just bring in Ser Brynden Tully and I'll be happy.
  4. What th fucking hell, my suspension ended on Monday, I still can't post. Useless mdoerators and admins!

  5. Yes. Last thing our bad-ass series needs is typical gooey fan-girlism.
  6. Like I said, it was the spark to ignite bigger fires later on. The short scenes we got were an example of how we were just being reminded of what's going on.
  7. Hello, my username is Vandalism and my real name is something half of you guys would mispronounce. =D I've read allt he available books, and love them all. My favourite characters are Theon Greyjoy and Stannis Baratheon, my favourite House is House Stark and my favourite quote/famous words is "Ours is the fury!". Just so very epic.
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