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  1. What the actual fuck? This is a no-brainer right? Even those bozos should realize they are idiots to vote against this.
  2. I hope this is a good sign of things to come. The leak of the upcoming repeal of RvW has enraged me. I thought I was enraged on Jan 6th, but this one hit very much different. It feels more personal. An attack on me as a woman, me as an atheist having to adhere to Christian standards. This right was just a given to me growing up and I knew nothing else and it rocked me that it could be so callously tossed aside. I know the Queer community can also feel the target shifting more directly onto them. I don't really have a lot of hope that as a nation we can get a Dem supermajority. It would be great, but I'm not hopeful. I am, however, more hopeful about local elections. Maybe this will be the thing that gets people to care about their state legislature and how they shape our lives. Iowa has felt pretty damn red for a while now, but it was just 10 years ago when we legalized gay marriage, so I still feel we could be at least purple. And I hope this is the issue that gets young Iowans to the polls to make a difference. Use the Millennial numbers game to our advantage and override the Boomer majority. Gen X will, once again, not be a factor :p
  3. Hey, I've been to North Pole and had my picture taken with Santa, but I don't think he was the mayor :p My parents used to send us letters from Santa thanking us for our wish lists to North Pole. The post office would mail the letters from there so they have the North Pole postmark. And it goes without saying that I think Santa Claus would be a much better pick than Palin. Hell, Deez Nuts would be a better pick than Palin. I really hope Santa wins.
  4. Nah. 8:00 - 3:30 was the standard I remember as well. If you don't count the lunch break (1/2 hour) then you're at 7 hours and that sounds about right.
  5. I just saw the Kim Reynold from Iowa was chosen to give the rebuttal to the State of the Union address. I'm sorry we're inflicting her on the rest of the nation.
  6. In my head I don't see Rand leading the Aiel to Tear nearly as compelling, but I'm not a writer. The idea of them randomly showing up to Tear is easily explained by the magic plot device of ta'veren. I also think they've kind of seeded the thought of the Aiel out and about searching with the Aiel in the mining town. I'm not sure how you get Mat, Egwene and Moiraine into Rhuidean with Rand if they don't go together - again, write something different, I know. I also kind of dislike the idea of seeing the glass columns before we've really spent time with the Aiel. It just seems like a lot to put into a season that already has the Horn. I can see combining Rand's book 2/3 because he doesn't do much in 3, but 2 and 4 has a lot for him. We'll know in a year I guess. If we don't get Dumain's Wells, I fear the fan base will well and truly riot. There is only so much you can cut. I do hope it's the end of the Shaido however - a very good place to excise them as a cohesive group.
  7. Yeah, I don't know how the story flows well if Rand goes to Rhuidean before Tear. There's just so much in the waste. The aftermath of Couladin and the Sahido breaking away doesn't seem as urgent if you switch the order. They let the Shaido just do their thing while they detour to Tear, fulfill a quick prophesy or two, then clean up their mess. Again, things can be written around, but why does Mat even go to Rhuidean with Rand in this scenario? Like I said, things can be written around, but there's plenty of things to happen without pulling in the Aiel in full force yet. Just my opinion.
  8. Min is the best relationship because they actually spend enough time together talking to one another and doing couplish things that it seems fleshed out. when in reality it's badly written as well. I do think Rand needs Min - someone who sees him as the woolheaded sheepherder, the one who grounds him, and yes, shoulders his emotional burden - the romance is a bonus. I kind of don't mind that Min is the one doing all the work just because it's the end of the world, ya know? I wish it were written better, but it's not, and Rand does need that support, so at least he's getting it? I'm sure if the roles were reversed, Rand would be best boy for Min when she needed it. We've all been in relationships where our own needs take a backseat for a while because our partner is going through it, right? Min does do research which (I think?) kind of leads Rand to breaking the seals or affirming a hunch he had. Something. The part where Min has no choice in this relationship but to fall in love mainly bothers me in one way - that she doesn't let herself see if she even likes Rand before devoting herself to him. OK, she knows she will fall in love with him. She can accept that and not fight it, that's fine. But instead of just telling herself 'I guess I'm in love now", I would have liked to see her just spend time with him so she could get to know him and let herself fall inevitably in love. No need to rush headfirst into it. It's so frustrating. As for whatever they do with the harem, I don't really care. If they do it well, they can do just about anything. If they do it poorly, everyone will hate whatever they do. I don't have any expectations on that score. As for justifying a polyamourous relationship - no, in our world it doesn't have to be justified, but in Randland it's not exactly a known quantity. What Rand is doing is scandalous to Eg and Nyn. In the show Nyn seemed a little surprised by Alanna's set up, so again, maybe it does need a little bit of justification? Mainly because it's not something Rand had considered before leaving home.
  9. Wow, you just like to argue, don't you? I've completely lost the thread of any point I had because you just pick at everything to an insane degree. Not having fun anymore, so I'm out.
  10. The harem was one thing in the books that I tolerated when I read it because surely I thought there had to be some payoff. It was so awkward and weird that there had to be a reason, right? Now that I know the payoff (none) and the reason (lol) if just unreasonably pisses me off. I don't think it would if I hadn't spent years making myself withhold judgment when my instinct told me all along that it was stupid.
  11. It's not like they have a legal system for the Tower that would adjudicate this. Elaida technically followed the rules, but the rebels disagree with her ethics and leadership. It's a Civil War - what other justification does there need to be? The Rebels recognize that they are rebelling, even if they still continue to project themselves as legitimate to the rest of the world. If they don't, they've already lost the battle. But the point is that in the moment and by all the laws of the Tower - Elaida is the rightful power. This is all happening before anyone really has any time to think about it. As for Gawyn not having any responsibility to get involved - he sort of does? If you are a military cadet at West Point and the situation was that the president had been lawfully arrested, what is your duty to stop a break out attempt on behalf of said president? I think Galad has been talking to Valda (?) at this point casually. Even if not, Galad can be relied upon to act in accordance with his inner sense of duty, and thus is a wildcard for Siuan. Gawyn is his brother who looks up and defers to him. Elayne she at least has some control over and some knowledge of.
  12. To me, this is more obvious in some of the other little hints at Aiel custom that Aviendha throws at Rand. I just remember something special about a goldsmith having special honor - I don't even know. My point is that RJ does a pretty good job at fleshing out the Aiel and explaining why they do the things they do, then he keeps going and it feels artificial to me again with all these seemingly nonsensical rules. I get what he was trying to do and I get that this is stuff we were never meant to understand, but that doesn't make the execution any better. Personally I feel that most of his world building in regards to the national cultures is mostly just a pile of rules that he didn't really give a lot of thought to. Nearly all of them have that vaguely artificial feel.
  13. I don't want to put in the energy to defend this, but I don't see a reason Gawyn needs to have a relationship with Elaida built up. They have a working relationship that's been established. Gawyn and Siuan have a contentious relationship aggravated by Siuan and Morgause fighting. Why would Siuan tell Gawyn anything about Elayne? (and please correct me if I'm wrong here) Elayne was off doing her Black Ajah hunt - the very hunt Siuan foolishly entrusts to half grown women because she's so paranoid of darkfriends everywhere? She doesn't have to think Gawyn is a darkfriend himself to mistrust that he'd let something unintentionally slip to Elaida (political foe), Morgause (angry mama and quickly escalating political foe), Galad (White Cloack adjascent) or anyone else that would give a clue as to Elayne's whereabouts or mission. As far as anyone not immediately in the Tower was concerned, Siuan's deposition was legal and proper. Gawyn was fighting to keep the Tower whole, the Tower that his sister and Egwene believed in and an unbroken Tower that would have the power to keep those women safe. As to letting Siuan go, I'm not gonna defend that. It doesn't bother me much, but I won't defend it either. Look, these books have a lot of flaws, but you are going out of your way to turn over every rock and see if you can't get people to throw them with you. That's fine, that seems to be your niche, but as someone who is also pretty critical of the series, you're exhausting me.
  14. No, no - I get the tongue in cheekness of it. I just can't. The fact that they think this is some big step forward or that they are doing something good at this very, very late date is so laughable and how can they even say this with a straight face? Fuck every single one of them, and also please do something if you can? As you said, Mooch was off the train, but he was kicked off. Troye got off during the pandemic and at least was speaking out against Trump well before the election. The Anonymous guy is the one that pisses me off the most. Fuck him right in the ear.
  15. Honestly, this would be my assessment. I made it through, but I'm still not sure the overall payoff was worth the read.
  16. I mean, good, fine. Do that. I'm allowed to be supremely unimpressed that it took so long to decide to start to do something, right? And supremely unpersuaded that this will result in anything actionable, right?
  17. Eh, I don't have a problem with Gawyn's loyalties at this point. It's later in the books that he becomes unbearable to me. Gawyn knows Elaida, and she would have been deferential to Gawyn in Camelyn at his mother's court. Siuan has not been playing straight with Gawyn and keeping Elayne's whereabouts secret. Gawyn has no relationship with Siuan and doesn't trust Elayne's safety to her. Morgause is not pleased with Siuan at the moment. It makes sense for Gawyn to chose Elaida at this point. Siuan was deposed according to the book after all. (it fit the letter of the law if not the spirit. Gawyn not recognizing the niceties of Tower Law is not surprising) But you may have to refresh me on how it was presented to the public, because I remember it being a legal maneuver and approved by the right number of Sitters. It would be like deciding that an impeachment conviction of a sitting president was a coup and opposing it. He made a snap judgement and didn't re-examine it. Name a more Gawyn thing to do. Back to the Aiel. On the surface, I really like the idea of them. It's the smaller details that emerge that show how deeply traditional even this non-traditional culture is. As you mentioned, polygamous marriages are common, but we see none with two men. Also as you said, a roofmistress is honored, but of course she is because the home is a woman's domain. She owns the property so she also gets to propose and men do not. Oooooh, you go girl! Men are chiefs, Wise Ones are honored, but basically advisors. Why do men get to lead when honestly, there would be more consistency of leadership if non-warrior women took hold of it. The clan chiefs are always putting themselves in danger on raids etc. It's something RJ could have done but decided not to. This one I will let pass because or the Car'A'Carn thing, but even that could have been accommodated by different writing choices. It's acknowledged that women can fight and aren't seen as lesser for it, but they get one whole warrior society to chose from. I don't expect them to match the men's number's. Child bearing and child care is still a reality and they don't have the conveniences to fully separate from that, but just one society for the women? Also, there is nothing stopping a woman from rejoining her warrior society once the child is old enough to be cared for by someone else. Hell, once a child is born, why couldn't the Aiel have had a more community rearing outlook rather than strict family structure. But no, they can't have a family, but the men can still be active warriors and have a family. The women have to marry their spears which is far too close to nuns in a convent for me. I know it's not the same, but it's got that association for me and RJs traditional world view is too strong to be truly progressive. He's almost there, he just doesn't really land it, and that's the frustrating part.
  18. Speaking of ta'veren, I've seen an argument come up a lot recently with the show changes. Now that Egwene is also a ta'veren, that diminishes her accomplishments. I call bullshit on this, obviously. No one thinks Rand or Mat or Perrin are less accomplished or less bad-ass because of their ta'veren nature. It's just being used now because it wasn't like that in the books and I suspect it upsets the balance of the boys being the center of the story, even though it really is kind of Rand and Egwene as the big movers and shakers and the power players here. Just curious to hear thoughts about this.
  19. This is probably not the right place to ask about the books as we can easily derail the thread (we have no self control). Start this up in the literary thread and I will respond. Comments like these make me realize I might just be too old for the internet. "Shaka, when the walls fell" is much more my speed when it comes to memes. Not saying that there aren't funny memes out there, it's just that I find it the rare exception rather than the expected.
  20. I honestly don't remember how the dagger works in the books, but the only thing I can think of is that the evil in the dagger is a human evil, right? Loial isn't human, so I can see a way for them to fudge that and have Loial resist it better. I'd be upset if they killed off Siuan in the coup. I am looking forward to having her and Logain on the run after we got to see their confrontation in the Tower. I also like her mentorship of Egwene, although in the books it is more necessary for Siuan to teach her how to lead, while the show wraps her in ta'veren. Either works, but I prefer the mentorship. And I've seen so many people taking Rafe's comment about killing off characters in the worst possible light. I've heard Rafe speak, he seems passionate about this project and the books, and my interpretation is that it's half joking, half preparing fans for the realities of a TV adaptation. I'm also tired of people disparaging Rafe as "No True Fan". No two people have the same interpretation and love for the books, and whenever someone you disagree with calls themselves a fan, it's shot down with 'but you're not a REAL fan', like me". It's part of the reason why internet discussion about this series is exhausting,
  21. I heard a Youtuber speculate that he might have helped Lan track them through the Blight via his emerging connections. It's as good a thought as any - highlight something specific about Perrin and drop the "she has a tell" nonsense. I'd love to know one day what their plans were for those two episodes. I wonder that's something Amazon would let Rafe talk about once it's over.
  22. Honestly, I don't see how they do the Horn without cheese and I've been hoping they drop it from Day 1. That does complicate the Birgitte issue if they keep her, but I think that could be worked around. I know it's beloved by lots of people, though, so good luck to the writers. It is also a good macguffin to chase and involve the Sheinarans, which has some nice payoffs. Not strictly speaking essential, but very flavorful. I hope they figure out some way for Rand and the Sheinarans to interact. Maybe Rand crosses paths briefly to make an impression and then he's off again? Who knows. They have a plan and we'll see it eventually. And speaking of TAR, there's a whole lot there that ... I don't know how they are going to handle. I like it as a concept, but there was sooo much of it in the books and Perrin and Eg became so OP in TAR by the end that it just fell apart for me. It felt like there were no limits and thus no tension. Eg defeating Messana (I think) by casting feeble mind on her killed my last bit of good will towards TAR battles. And then we have the Slayer/Luc situation. So fucking much they have to figure out. It's not an enviable job.
  23. I'm with you, but people love it. I thought I read that Rafe was the one fighting to keep this in the script when the other writers were questioning it.
  24. That is one thing I am missing in the show -the relationship between Rand and Lan. I was hoping for it in S2, but it doesn't look like they will be spending much time together if any.
  25. I just realized I was expecting something in the last episode that didn't happen. Min saw a golden ring for one of the girls. Of course that could mean the serpent rings, but I expect that it means Lan's ring. When he launched into the speech he gives Nyneave, I was expecting the ring to come out, but now that I'm thinking of it, that happens maybe in Tear?
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