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  1. I thought that was a funny scene too. I hope their bromance lasts longer in the TV series.
  2. I'm thinking Barristan Selmy or is he a little too old? I'd also say the Hound over the Mountain. Loras Tyrell maybe?
  3. I fangirled so hard when Varys said the name Targaryen! I'm such a geek. Alfie plays Theon so well. I hated him in the books, but now I feel really bad for him. The little bit between Brienne and Jamie was lovely. I need more of this next season! I'm kinda sad that we won't be seeing anymore of Arya-Tywin. They were great together. I'm, still disappointed in Jaqen H'ghar or maybe I just painted the wrong picture of him as I was reading the books. Last note--Even though I loved this episode and each of the story-lines, I felt like there were too many in this episode to move forward any of the plots. I was left wanting more at the end. IDK. Bring on the House of the Undying!!!
  4. Definitely my favorite episode of the season. I hated Theon in the books and I wasn't a fan in season 1, but he grew on me a lot this episode. Same thing with Yoren. I didn't particularly care for him, but I was really sad to see him go after his monologue. It was great. I had the opposite experience with Yara. I loved her in the books. But I think the actress portraying her is maybe trying too hard? Her bravado just doesn't seem natural. And that was my favorite thing about Yara/Asha. Brienne = ♥ Btw, it looks like they are building Renly's character up for a longer story arc. The previews kinda implied that they skip over the tent scene in the books. I don't mind, but it's interesting. I think they are taking more liberties with this season. Can't wait for episode 4!