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  1. Thanks for the update. I think that she has UnCat and the BWB under the impression she'll lead Jaime into a trap. She may also be honor-bound to lead him into said trap. However, I think she's also really smart. She is NOT honor-bound to keep that trap quiet. I think she'll tell Jaime what's-up and they'll figure away around it. They will find a loop hole that allows them to keep their honor and continue their quests. Alternatively, I could see Brienne taking an arrow for Jaime, so she saves him and Pod. I could also see Jaime going willingly, knowing that his sacrifice has saved Pod's life - and Brienne's. From a sheer plot point, I don't know how much Brienne has to offer anymore. I feel like Jaime has more of an arc to continue. It'll be interesting either way, though.