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  1. Very good episode one of the best this season, here was the highlights : -The Dog being the disgruntled boss of vioLENCE -Introducing the San / San thing more; really entertaining later on especially highlighting the awesome difference between Arya and Sans, as seen in Book 3; "Stop thinking of ways to kill me in my sleep, Wolf Girl!" vs "Sing me a song, Little Bird!" -Someone is Dany's base killing her doodz stealing her dragonz -Good handling of getting the Winterfell escape in a compressed format, it seemed to fit in naturally even though it was rushed overall. -Tonk's boobs. Yup. The best part, actually was useful to the plot not too gratuitous though a welcome way to fill this week's boob quotient. -The direction of Ygritte seemed good, already teasing / starting to pursue Jon; the hip thing evil smile was hilarious. -The Bastard of Bolton incoming! Run, seriously gtfo lock up your daughters. Such a good creepy uber villain character which will be needed after the Purple Wedding. -Arya yelling at Jaqen then the way they cut it to the darting seriously made me laugh out loud. -The Littlefinger scene was an interesting little twist. -They did a good job on the riot, stop whining about horses using them would of been really expensive and dangerous and it didn't take away any from the scene. This and epsiode 3 were my favorites from season two so far.