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  1. Very good episode one of the best this season, here was the highlights : -The Dog being the disgruntled boss of vioLENCE -Introducing the San / San thing more; really entertaining later on especially highlighting the awesome difference between Arya and Sans, as seen in Book 3; "Stop thinking of ways to kill me in my sleep, Wolf Girl!" vs "Sing me a song, Little Bird!" -Someone is Dany's base killing her doodz stealing her dragonz -Good handling of getting the Winterfell escape in a compressed format, it seemed to fit in naturally even though it was rushed overall. -Tonk's boobs. Yup. The best part, actually was useful to the plot not too gratuitous though a welcome way to fill this week's boob quotient. -The direction of Ygritte seemed good, already teasing / starting to pursue Jon; the hip thing evil smile was hilarious. -The Bastard of Bolton incoming! Run, seriously gtfo lock up your daughters. Such a good creepy uber villain character which will be needed after the Purple Wedding. -Arya yelling at Jaqen then the way they cut it to the darting seriously made me laugh out loud. -The Littlefinger scene was an interesting little twist. -They did a good job on the riot, stop whining about horses using them would of been really expensive and dangerous and it didn't take away any from the scene. This and epsiode 3 were my favorites from season two so far.
  2. Nebmai

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Lem wearing the Hound's helm is the perfect image for what BWB is now.
  3. Nebmai

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Jaime, Brienne and Cat were all major POV characters, I doubt GRRM will pull a Benjen Stark with them on us. Maybe he won't show the scene but he'll give some kind of closure; either seeing Jaime, Pod Brienne again, or UnCat will be spotted with some new heads on spikes! I do think if they can convince UnCat that they really are / were trying to get her daughters to safety and that Jaime didn't have a hand (HAR!) in the R W, they might escape fairly unscathed. Jaime's redemption arc isn't over yet, but it could end with him saving Brienne and Pod sacrificing himself somehow.
  4. Nebmai

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    His redemption arc isn't over YET, but I could see it ending with UnCat. D:
  5. Nebmai

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    I'm sure Brienne chose to go get Jaime; the whole time they were being strung up she was staring at Pod, she agreed to their demands to keep Pod from being murdered then and there. If they just had her captive and threatened to kill her if she didn't get Jaime she would have died first, but since she had already bonded with Pod as a mother / mentor kind of thing and she made the only choice she could to keep him from getting killed. Pod was totally innocent and couldn't help himself out of that situation, Jaime isn't totally innocent and will have a fighting chance to help himself out. He is a Lannister and did some evil things, but he is innocent of being involved with the Red Wedding in anyway; I think for once his lack of a right hand may help him out, his missing hand is proof that he didn't regroup with the Lannisters right after being released from Riverrun. UnCat is a vicious vengeful shadow of a human, but she knows when Jaime left Riverrun he had two hands, and the Red Wedding was soon enough after he was released I think there is a chance he might be able to get himself and Brienne out of trouble here since the UnCat murder group seems focused on the Red Wedding; although it is GRRM so who knows for sure they might just string him up no questions asked.