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  1. Yes. It seems like some people in the show this season are simply unkillable. I thought Arya last season was a one-off thing, but apparently, she was only the beginning.
  2. I don't know if that is certain yet. The hints in the books point to Jon warning to Ghost so we don't really know how he'll come back yet. However, in the show, he's not a wight and therefore, shouldn't be able to survive under these conditions.
  3. This is a very important point I think. As Jaime evolves and becomes more honorable, does he feel the need to repay his debts to the people he has wronged - A Lannister always pays his debts after all! On a side note, does Jaime know that Ned warned Cersei so she can save the children?
  4. Thanks for pointing the thread out. It was either really good or like me, most people look back on the season and find it's the only episode that was not full of holes.
  5. Don't you think Jon's survival after Daenerys & Co leave also a stretch?
  6. That was probably my favorite episode of the entire season. In the grand scheme of all seasons, it probably wasn't exceptional, but next to its sisters, it was OUTSTANDING!!!
  7. Here's a second attempt to work the math: I'm starting with the same assumptions: The magnificent seven were on that island for 36 hours. 30 minutes grace in Eastwatch and -what the hell- another 30 minutes in Dragonstone (Daenerys is a fast dresser). The Island is 480 KM north of Eastwatch. Gendry can maintain a speed of 45 KM/H for indefinitely. Based on the above: It took Gendry almost 11 hours to reach Eastwatch leaving 25 hours for the Raven to get to Dragonstone and Daenerys to fly back to the island. The Raven flew at a speed of roughly 175 KM/H The dragons flew at a speed of only 448 KM/H Oh! Now I see how perfectly reasonable this is. But no, wait... I know where I erred... they must have these longer than 36 hours... but then they would have frozen to death as you rightly stated... oh well. Let me bang my head against a wall a few times and it might make sense afterwards!
  8. There you go, my brain was not functioning properly! And to answer your question, I don't think I've 'enjoyed' any GoT season less than this one. There were some reasonable moments in the finale, but never really enjoyable. The show now requires a certain level of either natural or artificial mind-stopping (or slowing) to be truly enjoyable. The special effects, CGI, and costumes were great though.
  9. No no no... you're exaggerating Let's assume the Magnificant 7 were there for 36 hours and that they're 200KM north of the wall. We start with Gendry and assume he's running at sustained Olympic speed (for the 100M sprint) of 45 KM/H. That means it took Gendry only 4.5 hours to get to Eastwatch. We add 30 minutes until they dragged him inside, wrote the letter, and sent the Raven, leaving us with 31 hours available in which the Raven must reach Dragonstone and Daenerys to fly back beyond the Wall. Let's assume a Dragon's speed is twice that of a Raven, meaning the raven had to fly at 90 KM/H to reach Dragon stone in 20 hours. I'm giving Daenerys 60 minutes until she gets on Drogon, because you know, it takes time to get into that outfit. Which, finally, means Drogon was flying at a measly 200KM/H. Quite 'doable' wouldn't you say? PS: I hope the math is right - I was laughing so hard as I was writing this, I'm not sure my brain was functioning correctly!