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  1. Reading 1st Law Book 1, "The Blade Itself"


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    Create your Westerosi house

    House: Ironwolf Sigil: Crossed axes with longship(red) on field of blue. Motto: Until Death Unoffical Motto: We pay the price..(reference to the Iron Price) Location: Sea Dragon Point House Axe: Deathcut- Valyrian steel head with solid steel handle wrapped in leather..(Half-moon with a spike on the oppiste side) House Ironwolf was founded after the first Greyjoy rebellion. A northern bastard name Alek Snow help achieved the victory on Pyke that ended the rebellion. After the war ended King Roberet and Lord Stark awared Alek lands and titles and he choose Sea Dragon Point as his seat and bulit a castle and Harbor there. He took him an Ironborn Women for wife so took the name Ironwolf to help merge the too faimlies of the Iron Islands and the Starks of the north. The main industry there is fishing although they bulid londboats and trade heavly witht he Iron Islands and Bear Island. Alek Ironwolf owes his Allegiance to House Stark and the KIng in the North....
  4. Winter has come....just like is predicted...

  5. Horsemeat is tough on the jaw...

  6. Horsemeant is tough on the jaw...