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  1. Really?! I won't address the rest of your post because I'm not sure I can disagree, but I feel like this episode has some of my favorite moments of dialogue as yet. Cersei got that fantastic line about "every time a Targ is born the gods flip a coin"; we got some great dialogue between Arya and Tywin (love those actors together); I thought Brienne's line about "who wants to die defending a Lannister?" was wonderful, especially when you consider the future of her storyline. And I thought Jaime was excellent this whole episode, from his "not a lot of fish left in you" jibe, to talking about squiring for Barristan Selmy, but most of all, I loved his speech about oaths. Gave me chills! And, oh yeah, can't forget we got our first "You know nothing, Jon Snow"!
  2. I think you're right that it wouldn't really make sense for Cersei to torture Ros (or any other whore) in place of Alayaya (as it seems it would only confuse TV viewers), but I don't think Shae will actually die (yet). Cersei will just torture her... badly... but let her live. I think it would be stronger that way, still allowing Tyrion to kill her later, rather than Ros who we would have to watch him completely form a new relationship with (screen time better spent elsewhere). But who knows, maybe you're right. That's just my guess, based off of Shae's reckless threatening of the other maid in this episode. Seems rather obvious that would get back to Cersei.