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  1. Oh looks like the feds are drugging the detained children up to 9 pills at a time without any parental permission
  2. oberonus

    Screw the banks

    So you just spew bullshit because you are too ignorant to listen or understand. You still haven't addressed my recommendations to avoid those needless overdrafts. Or you know another way to avoid them? How about you use cash and stop using an overdraft. Or do you still want to advocate check fraud (knowingly writing bad checks) Oh that's right you don't want to hear the very logical and easy solutions that are there for you to use to avoid those overdrafts. Where did I say banks we're good with money? Where did i say that they are charging these feeds because they are trying to disincentives monetary practice? They do it to make money on 1) people who can't manage their money * 2) people who have horrible credit (because they can't manage their money). * 3) people who are to stupid ton understand how bank accounts work *Yes there are things out of your control that can wipe out your accounts (loss of job, health emergency, etc) however most overdrafts are fo bullshit purchases that people shouldn't be buying if they could manage money (going out for coffee going out to movies/lunch/etc). Those are the habitual overdrafters. Example: member at my credit union (early 70s) and her son helps her with her banking. Since November mom has had over 40 overdrafts on her account. Why? Bullshit purchase like going out for coffee, McDonald's, etc. I've reversed , 12 fees for her. I've begged her and her son to set up a 1000$ credit card for overdraft protection and to turn off the debit card overdraft (since our credit union has pre approval we know she's already approved). She refuses to turn it off because then she can't buy stuff and she doesn't want a credit card. I've showed them how much she has lost. Nothing. Should I feel sympathy for those who don't want to help themselves? This conversation was about individuals overdrafting their accounts because they are stupid and don't know how to manage money. I gave numerous options to avoid most overdrafts and instead of anyone listening to my suggestions they instead chose to insult me or demean my lack of experience on this subject matter.
  3. oberonus

    Screw the banks

    So let me get this straight. You knowingly choose to opt into allowing debit over drafts to happen, you know how they structure pending transactions, and then you complain when you get hit with fees. That's called poor money management skills. It's cute you think I don't know what I'm talking about after 10 years in this field. Protip: Once again if you're maxed out on credit cards or too poor credit to have credit maybe you shouldn't be buying that coffee on the go and risk overdrawing your account (as in Larry's comment from earlier) Also I'm going to explain this again one more time. There are 2 types of overdraft you can set up. Debit card overdraft and account overdraft. You can opt out of debit card overdraft and still allow checks to go through even if you don't have money in your account. So in the example provided it will come out the exact same way you wanted to if you set up your account the way I recommended because you would write a bad check (which by the way is technically illegal knowingly writing a check that doesn't have enough funds to be covered) for 115$ when you only have $100 in your account. You mail out the check and then you go ahead and buy your groceries and your gas. Because you made those purchases before your check was attempted to be deposited your 2 purchases will not cause you to get hit with overdraft fees. So your account will just be negative. Your check will then go through and then you will get hit with an overdraft fee. You say it's a crooked system and it needs to be brought low how would you change it? They were forced to change it with the card act back in 2010 and that was by allowing you to choose not to allow your debit card to overdraw, but you choose to be ignorant of how the system works and are allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. Once again if you do the advice I gave you can avoid most overdrafts. Now if you guys were complaining about the NSF ACH fees that they run 3x for one attempted payment those are 100% bullshit and I don't like them one bit. I reverse those fees for my members all the time because I don't agree with companies being allowed to attempt mulptiple times for one payment overdrawing each time without the payment going through.
  4. oberonus

    Screw the banks

    Nothing wrong with financing a car. Just don't go overboard if money a month is tight and make sure you get GAP coverage if you aren't doing a large down payment
  5. oberonus

    Screw the banks

    You seem to have a shitty attitude and no have no personal responsibility. Go ahead and get that coffee on the go, but if you don't know how to balance your account it will cost you $35 if you ignore the 3 pieces of advice I gave in my post that you ignored (use a credit card instead of a debit card and turning off debit card overdraft using bill pay instead of writing checks). Take responsibility for your actions don't blame others. As far as credit union being 40 min away credit unions are all part of the co op and shared branch network. You can go to any credit union ATM to deposit/withdraw money, you can use mobile deposit for checks. If you use your bank because it has locations all over the place guess what.. that's why you choose to pay the monthly service fee on the account then, so that you can go to any of those locations. Or you can find a place that is a bit further with less locations and not pay the fee. Seems like you're just making excuses for your piss poor money management
  6. oberonus

    Screw the banks

    Go to a credit union then. Most banks when you do a check deposit will make the funds available the next business day. Saturdays aren't considered a business day, they are considered as Monday. So when you deposit it on Saturday that check won't post until Tuesday. Most credit unions on the other hand however when taking a check deposit will make funds available the same day it's deposited (including Saturday) so when you make the deposit funds are available like cash (unless it's a larger check they place on hold) All banks and crediy unions have to give you the option if you want to allow debit card overdraft to happen. Opt out of it and you won't have as much of an overdraft issue that you are having. This won't stop you from overdrafting with checks but it will prevent the issue of someone holding checks for a few weeks, you making debit card purchases, and then overdrafting on those purchase when they finally decide to cash the checks. Or use cashier checks or use bill pay (the equivalent of a cashier's check) to avoid your account going negative. Stop using your debit card for purchases if you have a habit of overdrafting your account. Use a credit card instead. You won't get over drafts that way and even if you aren't able to pay it off in full if you're a habitual overdrafter, the interest you pay on your credit card will be less than your overdraft fees. Why are you paying fees on your account? Most banks have ways of keeping your checking account free (have a direct deposit or a certain balance or a certain amount of purchases on your debit card a month) if you can't do any of those then start looking at what I said earlier, a credit union, a lot of them have complely free accounts or super easy ways to get free accounts. I work in banking for 9 years and most people who complain about Bank fees/overdrafts have no one to blame but themselves. "Oh woe is me I'm getting hit with OD fee after OD it's not fair waaaaaa" . You want to know why you're getting hit with fees? Because you have piss poor money management skills that's why. I see people who say they're broke and can't afford these fees. when I look at their accounts they're just going to Starbucks or some other waste of money blowing their cash on unnecessary stuff. I sometimes feel bad for the auto pay OD that happens but shit, you set up the auto pay, you know what date it's going to happen, it happens the same time every month, know how much money to have in your account. And if you can't do that don't set up the auto pay
  7. oberonus

    The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

    Wert, I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog and your posts and so far have enjoyed that vast majority of books that you have rated 4 stars or more on your reviews. If you like it from my experience I usually like it as well so I'm eager to check this out after I catch up on my backlog (which happen to be books I just bought last week from your completed fantasy book list you posted a few weeks ago on your blog) Thanks for all of your amazing reviews
  8. Sounds like to me he only wants to read a book series not for the enjoyment of it but rather so he can pitch it to be developed I to a TV series, especially with his last post saying he read broken empire but alas it's already optioned. Basically he is to lazy to do his own research on what book tv options have been sold and wants to be told what's out there so he can try and pitch it
  9. oberonus

    Bakker LIII - Sranc and File

    Wert, your summary is a more enjoyable read and more informative than the 7 book series itself at least it was for me
  10. oberonus

    Oathbringer: Stormlight Archives 3 (Spoilers)

    odium will be mid boss conclusion of book 5. books 6-10 take place some time in the future and will be about the rest of the shards recombining or something
  11. oberonus

    Here's Sanderson's recent update to Stormlight #3

    i paid 16$ on amazon for the hardcover
  12. oberonus

    Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    Blurb for the new book doesn't even get the name of the character right in it
  13. oberonus

    Recommened me a fantasy sword and sorcery medievalish book

    Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan Farseer trilogy Robin Hobb Mistborn trilogy Brandon Sanderson Stoemlight archive Brandon sanderson
  14. oberonus

    The Unholy Consult post-release SPOILER thread III

    So in the grand scheme of things his entire plot was pointless besides some nonman world building. That's kinda what I figured What ever happened to kelhus' grandson at the end of TGO? Just running around somewhere to be used in the next series?
  15. oberonus

    The Unholy Consult post-release SPOILER thread III

    Finished the book yesterday and just like how I felt with great ordeal. I like the "story" but have no idea with what is going on because of the way he writes. Only reason I have even an understanding of what happened in this series is werts fantastic recap and these forum threads I think if there is another series I'll just wait for wert to recap it again. I do have a question. What was the purpose of sorweel exactly? From my understanding he is tasked by a god to kill kelhus and is immune to being unmasked by kelhus. He is sent with Sera and serwa and moenghus have sex to make sorweel jealous so he can do something for Sereally after they escape ishterberinth Was his purpose to fall in love with serwa so that serwa has a "darkness" like kelhus (esement)? Then kelmomas slits his throat as kelhus was approaching sorweel (was sorweel actually in the position to kill kelhus at that point because from what I gathered he had truly become a believer king at that point?) And then when sorweel gets his throat cut it does something to serwa that allows her to be the person she needs to be to kill the dragon? Or am I just completely wrong