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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chekhov's_gun "Remove everything that has no relevance to the story. If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it's not going to be fired, it shouldn't be hanging there " So, indeed if there is a faceless man we should expect he's there to kill someone, if there is a merchant we should expect he's there to trade with someone and if there is a Kingsguard we should expect he's there to guard a king.
  2. lomiller

    Last One Standing

    If I have to chose just 1 I guess Jon, but Dany is almost certain to survive as well. I also have high confidence that Bran, Arya Theon and Sam will survive
  3. No. They swear to server the crown, not "blind obedience to random court officials ".
  4. Again, apples to oranges. The overall political an military situations are different circumstances. The notion that the Kingsgaurd must behave exactly the same in response to different situations is silly. They are fully capable of exercising judgment about the overall political and military situation, in fact it's part of the job.
  5. So by you own admission they go to whom they believe to be the new king... Aeryes is dead, Aegon and his sister were killed when Kings landing was lost, and it's only a matter of time before Dragonstone is attacked. You think that is "safe"?
  6. I can't think of one. Certainly the ones you are offering don't make any sense giving the events of the time. Also if it was a mundane as "just following orders" why bother to include it in the story at all? It's a waste of pages and something deserving of being removed in editing if this were the case.
  7. Using their judgment as to how best serve the new king (whoever they think that is) is the diametric opposite of being an automaton. Apples to oranges. This doesn't occur at the end of a bloody civil war where the entire power is in flux. I'm sure there are many similar cases where a king died, there is no reason to expect any disruption in the succession and the Kingsguard in question is doing something deemed vital to whoever the new king is. This could not be more different than the Tower of Joy where you would have us believe nearly half the Kingsguard decided to stay in the middle of nowhere while the new king was a child in immanent danger. Their purpose for being in the middle of nowhere is apparently to prevent a man from seeing his sister and a child who according to you is unimportant. It makes no sense that they would behave that way let along fight to the death.
  8. This isn't plausible IMO. The Kingsgaurd are not automatons mindlessly following their last instructions. On finding out that the king is dead his final orders to them are meaningless. Under these circumstances they would probably go to whoever they believe to be the rightful new king.
  9. You have no evidence for that. "Well established" is a stretch. Regardless, no one anywhere supported Viserys for the throne. There were Kingsguard with Jon and none with Viserys, this suggests to us why they thought the rightful King was. This is true regardless of anything Aerys may or may not have done.
  10. And why would that be, If Rhaegar was the father, a male child would be second in line of succession (after Aerys is dead, anyway.)
  11. lomiller

    The iron bank will go bankrupt

    An interesting thing about banks is that most of the money they lend ends up back in the bank (or at least a bank) the even though the debt still exists. Something similar likely happened here. Most of the money lent by the Iron Bank probably ended up in Braavos via trade, and the Braavosi most likely deposited it in the Iron Bank, invested it in the Iron Bank, or used it to pay back loans with the Iron Bank.
  12. There is not theory that "one of the Kingsguard must be with him at all times. " At present, the only plausible explanation for presence of Kingsguard at the Tower of Joy at that time, with all that had happened and was happening is that they believed Jon to be the rightful King. The quote from Fire and Blood in the OP does nothing but support the notion that in the absence of other concerns or orders the Kingsguard go to where the King is, and at least some of the Kingsguard seem to have believed that place was the Tower of Joy.
  13. lomiller

    For the record... and posterity!

    Rhaegar and Lyanna are Jon's parents. Suggesting otherwise seems silly at this point so I'll go further and say that Lyanna went willingly, Rhaegar married her polygamously and Elia was fine with the situation and perhaps even assisted/supported them. I'll even go a bit further into speculation that Oberyn met Lyanna at this time and either admired her or fell in love with her himself and raised his daughters somewhat in her image. Even if true I doubt this is something that would ever be directly addressed. Tyrion is a Lannister and there are no "secret Targs" in the family. This would make zero sense from a storytelling perspective. The "Evidence" for it is questionable, there is nothing in the larger story that demands it and it weakens the storyline of multiple characters. Ramsay wrote the pink letter. It screams his voice, it's a projection of all his insecurities. That said, something must be triggering those insecurities for him to pour them into the letter that way so while most of it's contents are things he believes to be true there is something big that he's upset over and leaving out. Arya-Jon-Dany (Marriage/romance/whatever) will happen. Arya will ride the 3rd dragon. Sansa will side with Littlefinger and will realize her error to late and end up being killed as a result.
  14. lomiller

    How would you rate episode 306?

    Gave it a 7 due to a couple good scenes. It was more of a 6.5 though. Worst episode of the season IMO
  15. Gave it a 7. The packing felt awkward with them introducing so many story lines without having time to do much with any of them.