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  1. lomiller

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    To be fair it isn't really clear how many of the people that died in KL were killed by Dany and how many were killed by the Wildfire Cersei had planted around the city. It seems like they edited out any scenes mentioning it but Wildfire explosions are seen and heard clear as day while KL burned so clearly Cersei was planning to burn the city regardless of anything Dany did.
  2. lomiller

    Varys arc

    With the story finished I was thinking about some of the characters arcs, and Varys wtf. The books have him doing something else but on the show he doesn't have much more that "for the good of the realm", so here is what he does for the good of the realm Robert doesn't want to be king so he does a terrible job so Varys plots to overthrow him Robert dies and the realm gets flung into chaos Varys supports Dany for a long time Varys finds out about Jon and immediately he thinks it's a coin toss if Dany will be dangerously crazy or not He decides to support Jon because Jon doesn't want the throne because this will "make him a better ruler than Dany" except that this was a major reason why Robert wasn't a good king Things that would have been better for the realm the what he actually did. Help hide Cersei's infidelities from Ned so none of the later events occur Helped Ned find Jon Aryn's killer (Littlefinger) Helped Ned after everything started blowing up Supported any of the other contenders to the throne instead of one who would kill hundreds of thousands of innocents on "a flip of a coin" Not helped Dany get dragon eggs Not helped Dany get Dothraki support I would say not get Tyrion to support her, but that didn't end up mattering at all Even not plotting to overthrow Dany may have worked out better than what he actually did. Sigh. To see one of teh true master manipulators from the books become someone who "just looking out for the good of the realm" but everything he touched backfires and harms it.
  3. "x" is more intelligent than "y" turns out to be a very difficult assessment to make. In humans IQ tests turn out to be almost useless for measuring intelligence. In animals standard "intelligence" tests like the ability to identify themselves in a mirror are starting to crack, eg dog's can't do this but that may be more related to their use of smell more then sight in identifying individuals. It turns out when you perform similar tests with smell they do identify their own smell indicating they do have a sense of "self". In many cases it all comes down to the test you use and I expect dragons would not score highly in the tests that rank border collies as the most intelligent dog, as these center around how quickly they can learn and follow new instructions. The problem here is what if the animal understands perfectly well what you are telling it to do and just isn't inclined to do it? I imagine dragons would fall into the category of animals that are not particularly inclined to do what they are told, and therefor would not do well in tests related to learning instructions Are dragons as intelligent as dogs? It would probably depend on the test, but I lean towards no. While they are large and therefor potential have a large cerebral cortex dragons do not really fit the profile of intelligent animals. They do not see like animals suited for large social groups now do they require a lot of intelligence to find a meal. Dogs, on the other hand may be even more intelligent than we realize. For example many facial expressions have been identified in dogs, but it turns out that when there are no people around they only use a few of them. IOW these expressions are not "natural" or subconscious behaviors, rather, it appears they use them as a form of language to communicate with humans. Ultimately though, this is fantasy so dragons are exactly as smart as GRRM decides they are. As to what he's decided, I'm not sure we really know. That some maesters believe them to be very intelligent doesn't mean they are. They may simply be unreliable or perhaps are basing their opinions on work written to butter up Targaryans or Valyria. Anyway. Overall I didn't like the scene, it seemed to contrived based on the level of reasoning wev'e actually seen from the dragons even if they were really supposed to be capable of it all along.
  4. Wrt Bran It would not surprise me in the least if GRRM's plan is for Bran to rule Westeros at the end of the story, after all he has said that Bran was the fisrt character he created and the rest of the story grew around him. Even if it's the ultimate plan, the way the show got there was very deus ex machina. It;s not developed or built to at all, just poof here is the outcome. This wasn't the only example, D&D did this a lot in order to keep Cersei in power as well. If we didn't have the books for context, probably a lot of other things would feel this way as well.
  5. lomiller

    The Storytelling is bad, not the story

    I tend to agree. If/when the books are finished I expect they mostly end up in a similar (not necessarily identical) place but that the story itself makes far more sense.
  6. lomiller

    Have people given up all hope?

    What exactly that means is somewhat vague, it could be a simple as they both end with the Others being defeated and Jon on the Iron Throne of a devastated Westeros.
  7. lomiller

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    Book Jaime seems to be building to a different ending, but a lot of this was not included in the show. It could have gone either way IMO.
  8. lomiller

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    His plan was (and so far as we know still is) to deal with Cersei and the other pretenders to the throne before going on to fight the Others. Since Dany will almost certainly be there for that battle this specific ending won't happen IMO. On the other hand, GRRM does have Dany doing some things she knows will harm a great many people in Westeros without a second thought (eg resettling the Dothraki) It's not my preferred ending but she may be a villain that needs defeating at the end, but it won't get there this way.
  9. lomiller

    Arya will die at the hands of...

    Have you not been paying attention to the story? At this point the only 2 credible outcomes are Jon killing Dany or Arya doing it. This episode was pretty firmly setting it up for Arya to either kill her or play a major role in her death. If Arya does die it would be in the process of killing her
  10. lomiller

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    I gave it an 8, pretty good for what it was. It still suffered from all the flaws the show has when the material isn't fleshed out in the books, and I'm pretty sure this is mostly show-only materiel and the last act in the books will be the Others not Cersei
  11. lomiller

    The underlying logic of the GoT TV show: surprise

    D&D do tend to make stuff "just happen" with little plausible reason for it playing out that way. Seriously how the **** can ships ambush a dragon. Sometimes it's about surprise sometime's it's about their desired dramatic effect. Credit where it's due, they DID build to Arya killing the NK, but it's one of the few things properly built.
  12. lomiller

    Is Arya naturally right-handed...?

    Arya is left handed, but probably reasonably ambidextrous. Maisie Williams is right handed but tried to do the scenes left handed wherever practicable, but there probably needed to be some exceptions.
  13. lomiller

    The books are not going to end like this

    How was it a "twist"? They basically announced what was going to happen in the scene with Melisandre earlier in the show. Yeah they distracted you by showing everyone else but even then you should have realize they were showing everyone but Arya.
  14. lomiller

    The books are not going to end like this

    James Hansen's watershed testimony to congress in 1988 took awareness of climate change out of academic circles and into the public sphere, so climate change was definitely a thing by 1993. There are many influences in ASoIaF, it's a mistake to dwell to heavily on any one of them
  15. lomiller

    The books are not going to end like this

    IMO The overall story structure is probably different. On the TV show the throne is the final objective and Cersei is the final enemy, while the books seem more likely to have the iron throne as a stepping stone. All the game playing and politics need to be cut through in order to unite Westeros for the final, real, battle against the Others. If the objective is to unite Westeros it needs to still be divided with multiple forces still actively competing for the throne. Griff, Littlefinger, Dorn, maybe even Stannis represent the competing forces the heroes need to overcome before they can march off to the real fight. They are not needed if the Others are stepping stone and defeating Cersei is the final act.