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  1. We're definetely free on Tuesday (20th August). Maybe on Monday too for a bit, depending on what's still going on at the Con. Thank you for organising!
  2. Hello, I'd be interested in Howth and Glendalough. These stairs of doom have always intrigued me, I missed them last time. :( I remember that hike in Howth in 2009... must have been the first time I met most of you.
  3. Hey Pebble, We have memberships for both cons We'll see about the other stuff.
  4. Hello, BF and me will be attending WorldCon and EuroCon I've been a bit out of the loop with BWB stuff lately, but I really want to reconnect with you all *hugs*
  5. Alytha

    Heard about this Game of Chairs...

    Oh yeah I remember that thing.
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