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  1. This isn't what we signed up for. When "Game of Thrones" premiered eight years ago, it was instantly clear that the series was something different. It was a story that broke the conventions of the fantasy genre, not one that was a slave to them... But that's not the show that aired its finale Sunday night. In the final episode, "The Iron Throne," the show was unrecognizable. It was hacky; it was cliched. Every character left standing received a saccharine coda. Closure is one thing, but pandering is entirely another... "Iron Throne" is an episode that will go down as one of the most controversial series finales of all time... It didn't gracefully swerve into another lane, it careened off a cliff. And looking back at the series will never be the same. https://news.yahoo.com/apos-game-thrones-apos-series-025617185.html
  2. So it wasn't a fantasy... and it wasn't history... it was just... what. The dullest thing. Long periods of nothing happening. Like a dozen bits of dialogue total (mercifully since it's so bad, but super lazy). All the drama and life sucked out by reducing everyone to one forced note. No one would watch this again, all the journeys were pointless.
  3. Yeah, they gave her the tiara she wanted in the beginning. Queen Barbie. That's all she is to them. And it turns out breaking a weirwood promise is just something to make a dress out of.
  4. And so they wiped out the entire series with the final season...
  5. So they threw Sandra a bone for turning her into Jeyne. And she ended as she began. And in a weirwood tree dress after breaking a weirwood tree promise.
  6. Oh, that is priceless. The truth will out. And these truths are self-evident.
  7. Weiss, on how he and Benioff came up with how it ends: It wasn’t like something where five years ago one of us said, “I think this has to happen and I know this is right.” [The storyline was] something that gradually unfolded with neither of us wanting to plant a flag in the ground right out of the gate. Because what if you’re wrong? What if there’s a better idea out there and you planted a flag on the second- or third-best idea? So it was always more a “What if…” conversation than an “I think that…” So by the time we got to the place where we were outlining we already knew most of the big things. https://ew.com/tv/2019/04/09/game-of-thrones-season-8-showrunners-interview/
  8. It's likely not even Dany who burns the city, but Jon Connington. These characters are all so swapped up and memed out, this is all quite meaningless. The showrunners called it a "spirit of the books" ending, which says it all, given they have no clue what that is.
  9. Dany: Jon didn't give Dany the D so it turned her evil. The one who locked up her dragons because they burned a child has turned to burning children on the streets. Jaime: Had a redemption arc. Decided to retain his honor. Help Brienne. Turns out he just had a hair up his ass and wanted to get laid, then went back to Cersei and died like an idiot. Hound: Talk about forced. One of the worst regressions of character. We had the buildup and redemption just to go back for fanservice with a side of nihilism, completely meaningless. So many characters who redeemed themselves willing to just walk off to their death. Also here's a good comment: If subverting expectations becomes the norm, then perhaps we will go back to subverted subverted expectations, AKA logical progressions of plot and characters.
  10. Really interesting too that he didn't read the scripts for season 8. The show is in every possible way an invalidation of the book story. When they said they were diverging, they weren't kidding.
  11. How did I miss this, it's hilarious! Pointlessbowl! Daario has a picnic! Suck it, Maggy the Frog! All of your expectations have been subverted!
  12. It really is funny! You got me laughing. I was mostly just listening, I couldn't watch, it was like, I never did like cheesy monster movies even when I was a kid, I'm not going to watch them now! It was like one of those really bad ones, with people running and screaming, and over the top melodrama, and so many awkward dull spots. You couldn't take it seriously. And yet... it was the destruction of a book series I loved, so my first response was not to laugh. But I'm definitely getting there now.
  13. They gave Cersei a great death, too. Comforted by someone who "loves" her and over quickly. They love the villains. The victims, like Sandor, they take away everything they are, and say well, the trauma was good!