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  1. Interesting article, Dave Porter talks about the instruments he uses for each character: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/better-call-saul-composer-score-152725717.html He also talks about the music for the season 2 border crossing teaser (interesting, they said they did that in a continuous shot like Hitchcock did in Rope, picking back up when someone crossed the camera):
  2. Back to the cinematic Citizen Kane teaser that opened the season, where the pictures told a thousand words about how Jimmy had been living as Saul, and one small, seemingly insignificant thing at the end, rosebud (for Jimmy, the stopper), meant more than any of it... There's a bottle in the preview for next week, as well as the black book from the teaser (the showrunner said that would show up again, among other things in the teaser; people are speculating it belongs to the "shady vet" who may give them the card of the disappearer):
  3. Good way of putting it. And then there's Gus, who was devastated by what happened to Max, and yet does his "full measures" of killing people who get in his way, which is ultimately revenge against the Salamancas. Thinking about Spooge some more, I remember when they showed Jesse caring about his son, who was the ultimate victim of it all. I think redemption was on their mind with Jesse, too (as we saw play out in El Camino).
  4. Yeah, I liked that, too. It set up the stakes of Lalo as an adversary to Gus, in case anyone missed that he's not a typical Salamanca. He can present a very different front to the world, just like Gus does in his restaurant, to the community. And then by not killing Werner's wife in her home, that also showed this distinction. Lalo is a cold-blooded killer, but it's a very deliberate sort of thing on a situational basis, which is even scarier than with Tuco or the Cousins. Also they are showing the victims, of Gus and Lalo and the drug cartel. Having the audience get to see what Werner's wife's everyday life is like now (lonely, at a loss, and now a potential victim, too) shows that this isn't just a game. (I also liked that Lalo called the dog the man of the house, it was a nice touch that showed the loss of her husband yet again, as well as Lalo's ability to deceive. And I noticed people were afraid he'd kill the dog, too.) I think the matter of redemption for Jimmy is in their minds, as they conclude his story. There have been several references to Fred from the travel bureau this season, too. And then there's the disapproval of his buddies at the courthouse. If Jimmy is on a hero's journey and has lost his way, how does he find his way back? If he does at all. What becomes of the people like Fred's family, Werner's wife, and Wendy? We saw Spooge, and know where he's headed, too. I think they want us to think about this.
  5. Yeah, same here. For me, that's the draw of the show, the way they delve into character so deeply. I was just reading a book where Hitchcock talks about the scene where the detective comes into the Bates house in Psycho, and he's going up the stairs, and it's all in how the story is told. Human beings are always going to be doing human being things, like going up stairs when they hear a noise, but telling a good story is all in the details, and this show excels at such things.
  6. The actors love the quiet, character study scenes that the showrunners and other writers write for that purpose. They talk about them a lot on the insider podcast, they really get into how to play them. Last time Jimmy thought Lalo was after them, he wanted them to be extra careful. He tried to get Kim to stay at the hotel until it was safe, but Kim insisted on going out after cooking up the Howard scheme. I suspect that's why she's not telling him now, she wants him to keep his eye on the Howard scheme. She's manipulating him, and since it's a plot point that she's keeping it from him, it's probably going to backfire.
  7. If there's already a complicated plot (and there is), then taking the time to establish why everyone is doing what they are doing in simple ways is good. The calm before the storm. Ah, someone has listed all the episodes like this one: Into every Better Call Saul season an exposition-heavy, downshifted episode must fall, and with “Black And Blue,” we have reached that point in the show’s final run. Like similar ones of the past—“Alpine Shepherd Boy” (season one, episode 5), “Bali Ha’i” (season 2, episode 6), “Sabrosito” (season 3, episode 4), “Talk” (season 4, episode 4), and “Dedicado A Max” (season 5, episode 5)—this episode pushes the storylines forward in ways we can only guess, but it also gives us a sort of breather. It allows us to sit back and think about where our characters are and where they might be headed. And this is especially a luxury now, given that those characters have such a short time left before Saul ends and, for some of them, Breaking Bad begins. https://www.avclub.com/better-call-saul-review-season-6-episode-5-black-and-1848902818
  8. I liked that it showed us the after-effects of what Gus did, by having Werner killed. We see the loss his wife went through. And then to have Lalo (the other Cartel guy, Gus' counterpart) about to do the same to her... And it showed us Lalo's patience matches Gus's patience - they are well-matched adversaries.
  9. I liked the Lalo scene, I was pretty worried throughout.
  10. I hope Lalo doesn't kill Kim. Yeah, what she's doing with Howard is wrong, but Howard and the others are taking advantage of the old people (the law firms just want more money for themselves) so he's not blameless. It seems like they are showing Kim is worried about Lalo (as is Gus). The only one not that worried is Mike! If Kim died as a result of a mess Jimmy got into - and he's the one who brought Lalo into their lives - it would mess him up in ways we just didn't see with Saul in BB. He'd be much darker, not making jokes all the time. It seems like Jimmy got more Saul throughout the course of BB, by his association with Walt.
  11. I think Lalo figures Gus is behind the hit, and out to get him. Nacho couldn't have pulled that off by himself, and Jimmy was clearly afraid, so he's not the mastermind, either. Lalo is going for Gus. I'm wondering why Kim doesn't tell Jimmy that Lalo is alive. So he doesn't get upset? Well, he's sure gonna get upset when Lalo comes around again, and this way he's not watching his back. Lalo's fate is a significant gap in the Breaking Bad storyline if he dies during that timeline. So I'm thinking he must die before the BCS timeline meets the BB timeline. When Walt and Jesse take Jimmy to the desert, Jimmy seems to think Lalo is still alive (maybe Lalo was dead at that point and Jimmy just never finds out his fate). But after that, Gus tells Hector all the other Salamancas are dead, and they both seem sure. Gus never seems worried about Lalo throughout the BB timeline.
  12. The part where his buddies at the courthouse turned on Jimmy was sad. He always bent the rules but they still liked him. Now, he's gone too far. Bill: You scammed the court, you scammed the judge, and for what? To get a murdering cartel psychopath back out on the street? It's just wrong. Also here's a peek at next week... Francesca! https://decider.com/2022/05/06/better-call-saul-season-6-episode-5-exclusive-clip/
  13. Peter Gould said the bottle stopper (Rosebud!) in the season opening scene is to show that Kim was still on Jimmy's mind. (There's also Gene's KC Royals lunch bag.) PG: We were definitely thinking of Citizen Kane. MM: The general approach to opening this season has a lot in common with that great sequence ending in the Rosebud reveal... PG: I think we wanted to kick the season off with something that would allude to that relationship specifically. One of the questions you always ask yourself is, Saul Goodman — does he still have a thought about Kim? Is Kim in his life? And the teaser certainly says that she’s still on his mind. https://www.vulture.com/article/better-call-saul-season-6-opening-making-of-easter-eggs.html
  14. Insider Podcast episode 3 up: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/better-call-saul-insider-podcast/id966297954
  15. In terms of Kim, I like that they made her break a bit bad (so far she hasn't really done much). It wouldn't really be a story for her if she was just there to keep Jimmy on the right path. "Be good, Jimmy!... Jimmy, if you aren't good, I will leave you!... Jimmy, I'm leaving you!" is not a story about Kim, it's a reaction to Jimmy. I like that they showed this other side to her. In the latest episode, they showed Kim and Jimmy getting frisky with the word "audacious"! I think they are definitely playing with fire, but it makes for good drama.
  16. Kim suggested other options to Lalo: a wire transfer, a shell company, the Cayman Islands (just watched that scene again!) Lalo had no real reason to think he could trust Nacho.
  17. I think I hoped that Nacho's papa would have evolved at some point from his naive worldview, to where he saw that Nacho was trying to save his life, and going to the police would not save him. It's the stuff of tragedy, but leaves them without that closure. This way, not knowing the truth, his father doesn't have his illusions shattered and yet... he should know the reality that his son had to face. (I guess they may be setting something up to mirror what Mike went through, in that the father will blame himself for not listening to his son? Nacho was trying to tell him but he wouldn't listen.)
  18. That was my impression, too. He's off his game, still shaken up by what happened in the desert, and he's reminding himself not to be a sheep. We know he's going to go more in the wolf direction, so I think that's kind of a remembrance of a choice he made as a kid, too. Now, I don't think any of this is as black and white as wolf or sheep, that there's no middle ground. Kim was fighting for the old people the Kettlemans were ripping off. And Jimmy has always had a soft spot for them. The gray area can be drawn on if there's to be redemption.
  19. Gus breaking the glass was a nice touch. (Oh and I have to say, the way he fluffed the glass off with his handkerchief, that was such a Gus thing to do.) Mike is going to go the mat to protect Nacho's papa, I think. It goes back to what matters to him, which is what happened with his son. This hits home. FYI if anyone is interested the Insider's Podcast is up: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/better-call-saul-insider-podcast/id966297954
  20. I find Betsy Kettleman to be terrifying. It was fun watching them go at it, I was rooting for Kim but not sure which one would win. I wonder if we've seen the last of them. Nacho seems a little like Jesse, he doesn't want to kill anyone, but he's done bad things. I wonder if he got away? It seems like he did, watching it again.
  21. Oh good, that at least sounds like he has a chance. The show invested a fair amount of time in Huell, so maybe he interacts with Gene (who I guess we will call Jimmy again!) at some point. Jesse I do want to see again, but I don't want them to mess with his El Camino ending.
  22. Do we know what became of Huell, or will the show address that?
  23. I was just thinking, we just maybe got another sign that Jimmy is still remembering Kim sentimentally, no matter what went down that we don't yet know about. They showed us that Gene bought a Kansas City Royals lunch bag (Kim's team). And now we see Jimmy had what is likely the same bottle cap Kim went back for that in her desk when she quit the law firm. That kind of completes the Citizen Kane vibe. The clearing out of the gaudy expensive possessions (complete with statues), and then there's Rosebud... The bottle cap seems to be Jimmy's Rosebud. One more sign Kim is on Jimmy's mind... the Ice Station Zebra reference (Kim's movie).
  24. I think the cash is what was Jimmy's cut of the bail money from Lalo? Good point about how Mike tried to save Nacho's dad. Also Jimmy still has that soft spot, that Gene still seems to have, too. The way characters who are in so deep try to draw lines to keep something of the person they once were is fascinating.
  25. Yay, loved it. Just bought a season pass on Apple so I can watch again without commercials. There were a couple of things that I was confused about at the time and want to see again. One was Mike putting the letter with Nacho's hotel number in the safe, I guess because he had to (he's in the game and that's what Gus wants)? And the other was Jimmy giving the Kettlemans the money after Kim played her hand so strongly, I guess because he thinks she played it too strongly? "Wolves and sheep." Kim was a wolf (telling herself it's on behalf of the sheep). Jimmy seems to still be wavering a bit between wolf and sheep. Interesting change in the dynamic, and was it always there? Just hidden by other things, perhaps. Going back to their childhoods (her mother, his father). The opening was beautiful, reminded me of Citizen Kane... and now I'm thinking about the bottle top by the curb... the fun is over, and now... what became of Viktor and Giselle?
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