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  1. Rorge is the one without the nose (in the books anyways. he still has it in the show), Biter is the guy with the messed up teeth.
  2. Did you really hate Theon BEFORE he ends up taking Winterfell? Relax, he may seen like a protagonist now but obviously that will surely change by seasons end. Plus, making him sympathetic to the audience now, will only make it that much worse when people see what he does. And couldn't agree more how excellent Alfie Allen was in that scene with Balon. His speech was very heartfelt and an amazing addition by the writers to add this.
  3. Hot Pie Guy

    How would you rate episode 201?

    I'm gonna try and keep with the overall "theme" of this thread so far while giving my opinion on the episode: "NEEEEEEEERRRRRD RAAAAAAAAAAAGE" :drunk: Oh, and I gave it a 9. enjoyed the episode and am just glad the show is finally back.
  4. Hot Pie Guy

    How would you rate episode 201?

    In case anyone was wondering, that was Gilly in the scene at Craster's keep, who talks about how "their husband protects them" or whatever.