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  1. Gendry should compete in the Westeros Triathlon. We know he's definitely got rowing and running down pat, but what would the third event be?
  2. Oh, I know--I get what you're saying. It just seems odd to me that after dragons being gone for so long, that we don't see someone raise the question of how she got her hands on them/where they came from. As for the Dany and Jon moments, I agree. But, remember--Doreah did tell Dany way back in Season One: "Love comes in at the eyes" Hopefully, we'll get things filled in when the books come out...(errrrr....if they come out!)
  3. Not sure if it was mentioned here not not, but I found it interesting that Dany brings up to Jon, Ser Davos mentioning he took a knife in the heart for his people. He replied that Davos gets carried away, and she asks if it was a figure of speech. Jon doesn't answer, but looks uncomfortable and they are interrupted by Jorah returning. Could this be a hint about anything....not sure. It just brings to mind all the Nissa Nissa theories, which of course is a topic for another thread... Also, I'm kinda surprised that while Dany asks Jon about the knife, that NO ONE has asked how Dany got her dragons. We don't see anyone on screen ask that. Does anyone (other than Jorah) know they were born through blood magic?
  4. Did anyone notice that Arya's speech to the Frey woman, after the men had been poisoned, sounded a lot like Tyrion's speech to the "Magistrate's" of Mereen in S6's episode "Battle of the Bastards Part 1"? Last night Arya said: "When people ask you what happened here, tell them "The North Remembers". Tell them, Winter came for House Frey." Last year Tyrion said: "Tell your people what happened here......... Remind them what happened when Daenerys Stormborn and her dragons came to Mereen."
  5. Wearing an icy crown and kissed by fire.

  6. Unfortunately, I have to absolutely agree with you on this FB. :frown5:
  7. It's probably a Highgarden version of a ladies sideless surcoat. (I don't care for the interpretation :ack: ).
  8. We come from the land of the ice and snow....

  9. You said it Maroucia! I totally get that they need to change things for the show, but their translation is losing something. They also axed the part in the beating scene when Joff tells Sandor to hit Sansa, then Ser Dontos intervenes. After Boros starts doing the job, Sandor tells them "Enough". They left all that out and only had Tyrion intervene. Come on! :angry: I guess we should be happy they didn't cut out the cloak part as well.... :mellow:
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