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  1. Charles Stuart

    Daenerys the Terrible?

    Could the past season have been better with a few more episodes? Sure. But the only people truly unhappy with the ending appear to be Daeny fans. In regards to the OP, leaders who massacre their own people are rarely remembered with much favour.
  2. Charles Stuart

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    So lets say Jon and Daeny went to another city afterwards, say gulltown in the Vale. Daeny gives her speech about breaking the wheel and the city says nope, not interested before Daeny proceeds to torch and/or sack the place. Do you expect Jon to sit there and not do or say anything about it? What right does Daeny have to expect that of anyone? Only a tyrant expects such blind obedience.
  3. Charles Stuart

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    What is a conversation actually going to achieve when a person refuses to accept responsibility for wiping out a city of innocent people and instead blames it on Cersei? Daeny’s fate was sealed when she torched KL. There was no way she was coming back from that or being allowed to live. Jon or someone else would have done the deed. Heck, Davos even, we all know how he feels about people who burn children...
  4. Charles Stuart

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    In hindsight, attempting to kill Daeny is a pretty shrewd move on Robert’s behalf. Failing to actually do the deed can be considered one of Robert’s major failings.
  5. Charles Stuart

    The Perils of a Reluctant King

    I suspect if Jon had become king after killing Daeny, he likely could have ended up much like Robert. Maybe not as extreme but Jon is essentially broken and in need of much healing, much like Robert was at the end of the rebellion. Need to remember Robert wasn’t all that bad in his youth. Lyanna’s Death, the circumstances of how he became king and his reluctance to play the role of king amounted to his failures. Failures I see Jon as repeating in all likelihood.
  6. Charles Stuart

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    If she had not gone north the realm would have been lost all the same when the nightking showed up at KL with a vastly bigger army. That was the whole point of going north, to save the realm, it wasn’t to just help Jon.
  7. I think the summarily performed execution without any sort of trial or recourse is itself the missing piece of the jigsaw which makes sense given her later actions and particularly her speech to Jon about only her having a say in the new world she intended to create. Daeny has a mindset that whatever she does is good and right therefore anyone who stands against her is automatically wrong by default. She doesn’t entertain any notion of doubt in this self-justifying narrative and she has the final say in what is good or bad so why bother with a trial by combat which could only offer doubt in this regards. Basically, why bother with a trial by combat to determine guilt if she herself has already determined who is guilty based on the notion that all who oppose her are automatically guilty as only she knows what is good or bad.
  8. How many states did she march through, conquer and then abandon in the east? She destroyed everything she touched and left little of value to replace or even improve the lives of the people she claimed to be liberating. That indicates that she never was interested in truly improving the lives of these people but more so interested in imposing only her own vision of what "better" was. She utterly refused to work with the status quo and sure, we can justify it by saying " oh, they were the horrible slavers or mean Khals who meant to do her harm" but there is a steady escalation of destruction and self-justification which eventually at KL just becomes nonsensical. She justified torching KL and killing probably hundreds of thousands by basically saying "sorry Jon, no time for mercy, Cersei forced me into it, hold my beer whilst I spread the liberation even further now". I've seen people mention that her actions during episode 5 were out of character and then in their very next post state Tyrion is somehow to blame since he held back Daeny back from taking KL in season 7. By doing do they fail to see the implications of the point they are making. If Tyrion did anything it was curbing Daeny's natural inclinations towards destruction. If Tyrion hadn't stepped in , she likely would have torched KL during season 7, plus dare we mention her execution of the Tarlys against the advice of her advisors as being testament to her natural inclinations? The last two episodes of season 8 aren't examples of Daeny suddenly turning for the worst and going against her own character. The odd episodes which stand out are the majority of season 7 and front half of season 8 when her megalomania was being curbed by her advisors for most of the time minus executing the Tarlys. The last two episodes of season 8 are entirely in character with her actions during seasons 1-6. It's as mentioned previously , most of season 7 and the front half of season 8 which are out of character.
  9. Charles Stuart

    A season of Jons betrayal

    It wasn't just his battle though, it was her own too. If she had taken king's landing and told Jon too bad, all daeny would have ensured is that she would be sitting on the throne when the NK inevitably showed up at KL with a far bigger army which she wouldn't be able to stop. She needed to go north as much as Jon did. And again, her burning down a city , the capital city she intends to rule from is not in her own interests. All she will do is ensure an insurgency of people rightfully angry at her rule and eventually her own assassination. Much like what happened in Mereen. Questions of good and evil aside, you don't destroy the city and population you intend to rule. Especially in the name of liberation from tyranny. Ned probably would have reluctantly beheaded Jon for the act of disloyalty to his queen, but Ned probably would have approved of the act of disloyalty itself too. Duty is the death of love after all.
  10. People always resist. History is full of cities which resisted both in our own and in GoT's history. Plus, even if they did surrender, what would happen if some insurgency arose after she left and people naturally resented her rule? Maybe even kill a few of Daeny's advisors ? We have seen what she did to an entire city of innocents after the death of one advisor already... Really think she wouldn't do it again? I don't regard her as evil, more so totally sold on her own delusion that she is the sole bringer of justice and that all who oppose her are evil and that any act she does in the name of justice is correct regardless of the cost. A megalomaniac is how I would label her
  11. How is it beyond dishonest to say her goal is to kill people? She just torched a city in the name of her better vision, do you think it would be any different anywhere else when people with their own ideas naturally resist her "better" vision? She even said that other people with different ideas have no choice, she gets to decide. What do you honestly think she is going to do if people disagree with her? Her own actions over 8 seasons indicate death by fire. Let's also, she made this speech of global liberation to an army who had just sacked a city. You would be a fool to think she was going to spread this global liberation by asking nicely. A war of liberation regardless if people asked for it or needed it, she decides that you need to be liberated and she is bringing an army and a dragon along to do it. No one else gets a say because it's her vision and you don't get a choice in it. So yeah, she will bring death and destruction, much like she did for 8 seasons.
  12. Charles Stuart

    A season of Jons betrayal

    I can agree in regards to her being disappointed in Jon. She wanted a loyal lackey who supported her every whim and command and to stand by and support every massacre she committed in the name of her apparently "better" vision which only she could see. So yeah, I can understand if she was disappointed that Jon had other ideas and priorities.
  13. Daeny would have repeated the massacre of KL all over Westeros and the rest of the world. It would have been a betrayal of Jon's own character to stand by and let her perpetuate some sort of revolutionary liberation jihad across the world leading to the deaths of millions. They literally just fought a battle against the night king to save everyone. Do you think he is going to stand aside just to let daeny commit massacres all over the world in pursuit of her own vision?
  14. Charles Stuart

    A season of Jons betrayal

    So go straight for the throne and disregard the safety of the entire kingdom from the looming white walker threat? Just proving how unfit she is to rule even more so. Even stannis knew better than that.
  15. Charles Stuart

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    Bobby B didn't actually start the war. Lyanna ran off with rhaegar leading to Ned's dad and elder brother heading down to KL to get her back. Aerys did his usual mad thing and executed them and then sent a message to Jon arryn to execute Ned and Bobby B who were under the care of Arryn as his wards. Arryn refused and that's what kicked off the war. As to Jon's character , he pretty much sacrificed his own freedom, life and love for Daenerys to save the realm from Daenerys' own madness. He surely knew killing her would lead to not so pleasant things for him personally in the aftermath but he did it no matter the cost to him personally. If that isn't heroic then I don't know what is.