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    How would you rate episode 210?

    This barely can get a 6. I liked the dragon/other CGI,I also liked Jaqen,and the King's Landing plot. But still,they could have showed,if not all the shade-of-the-lsd visions,at least the Undying and their rotting heart. Pyat was only a warlock,not an Undying itself. And if they used the ''dracarys'' thing,how the hell will they pull out the Astapori storyline?And locking Doreah,as far as i recall,Dany herself sent her to whore around. In the books,she was the one who taught her how to please Drogo and Dany held her hand as she died of a wasting disease. They could have easily replaced the cheesy-weesy Dani-Drogo and Robb-TalisaSharkFinNose with something better. And I am still confused about Dagmer. Roose previously mentioned that his bastard is on his way to Winterfell,so Dagmer can't be Ramsay. I guess the ironborn just handed Theon to the Dreadfort army. I looked forward to this episode,but it was kinda dissapointing.