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    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    I am normally not a sucker for love stories. I like me a good battle, lots of blood and gore and retribution.But this had me at "I dreamt of you". My womanly heart sighed that blasted love sigh. I know George is fabulous at dashing our hopes and shocking us with killing people off and such, but the.one.thin.I.want is for Jaime and Brienne to find some small happiness together. I think Brienne is trying to save Pod but she also wants to see Jaime. She loves him whether she wants to admit it or not. I think UnCat will go to hang Jaime and Brienne will throw herself in the midst to save him. I am all for a cheesy Pocohontas/John scene. I am hopeful that Brienne will be able to convince UnCat to see Jaime is worthy to their cause and I would damn sure love to see Jaime kill Cersei. This is all highly unlikely, I know, because Martin doesn't give a fig what we want lol. But, we can dream lol.