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  2. Winter Wasnt That Bad

    How would you rate episode 205?

    I like the Brienne character in this show. But the Renly death is not so good, almost boring to watch. Thought that would be done better. Needed more physically darker and creepy atmosphere. Also, was this the episode that had the Knights "Cage Match"? (or maybe it was in the previous episode). I just have to say that scene was totally lame. That is one of the best scenes in the book, and also introduces a main character. But the show only has Brienne and Loras fighting? And pretty awkwardly at that.
  3. Winter Wasnt That Bad

    How would you rate episode 206?

    This episode was the best of season 2 for me. Really like the guy who plays Theon, he is the perfect Theon (in way over his head at Winterfell), plus the guy can flat out act. The riot scene riveted me. I thought it would be a letdown, like Renly's death was. But I was wrong. You could really sense the menace in the crowd, and the fear growing in the royal entourage. Ncely done.
  4. Winter Wasnt That Bad

    How would you rate episode 204?

    Liked it! Although, I would have expected , its clear the writers here are dragging out the biggest scenes in the book. After watching season 1, I read the entire series. The good news is that the series is everything (and more) than I heard about it. Some of the books (book 4 mostly) drag at time, but overall it is an awesome read. It's probably been about 10 years since I read something this engrossing. The bad news is that the books are much better than the show (drat). Don't get me wrong, I still like the TV series, it just doesn't quite measure up to Martin's writing. Some of the new characters are really inspired choices (Davos and Stannis). But others just don't remind me of the written characters. The most obvious is Asha Greyjoy. Sry that ain't her on screen. Read the book and you'll understand. Not sure about Mel either. I'll give her a little more time to develop.