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  1. From his conversation with the pyromancer and Bronn I am assuming there won't be one nor will they be flinging wildfire with catapults(it probably would have busted their meager budget). I think what will happen is they will use the pots more like mines than bombs-this will be Tyrion's idea-and fling hot coals from the catapults.
  2. No, Shagga broke down the door with his axe, but Tyrion told him to cut off his manhood and feed it to the goats in order to freak out Pycelle. The only thing that got cut off was Pycelle's beard.
  3. Actually the books implied the relationship and left it for cleverer readers to figure out. Dudes making out is overt, and will be as poorly received as it was in TrueBlood.
  4. Handsome and free...the wildling life's for me.

  5. That line isn't until after Robb's victory at Oxcross.
  6. It would have served as a powerful contrast between Ned Stark's Hand of the King Tourney and KING Joffrey's nameday tourney. When I read the book, i sensed a grievance nursed by Joffrey that the king's tourney wasn't as good as the hand's tourney. He took further insult when his dog called his tourney a "tournament of gnats." To then see Ser Dontos half-naked, flopping around and too drunk to get on his horse drove him mad with rage. I would have rather had fidelity to this scene and had them cut out the scene between Joffrey and Cersi in the throne room if they were worried about time constraints.
  7. I took the opposite viewpoint regarding that scene. I understand Cersi's PoV - where power is power and there is nothing like it in the world, and you can stick your knowledge up your ass and scurry away you little rat- but I don't get it from Littlefinger's perspective. He is much too clever to let something like that slip from his tongue around Cersi, to whom no slight is too small to cruelly repay.
  8. Too late. They did. This was another unwelcome change.
  9. If I had never read the book, I'd say it was great, but there were so many little changes that didn't seem like they needed to be made. A partial list: 1.) Changing the nameday tourney to a melee instead of a joust. 2.) Having The Hound fight in the tourney, when in the book he didn't, referring to it as a "tournament of gnats." 3.) Ser Dontos' acts which cause Joffrey to call for his execution were far less farcical than in the books-and it was on HBO, so there is no excuse not to show him flopping around, trying to get on a horse. 4.)Failing to have Joffrey's AND Cersi's first words to Tyrion be "You!" Which allowed the reader to see into how J & C truely felt about Tyrion, and allowing Tyrion to reply to Cersi, "I see where your son gets his courtesies." 5.) Having Janos Slynt kill the suckling bastard instead of Allar Deem. None of these had to be edited out due to time constraints. It was as if the script writers had gone no farther than brushing over the Cliff Notes before writing their own script.
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