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  1. It doesn't. He lost twice. He's gone up to do other stuff in HW. Losing twice is a near fatal blow to any title shot argument. Even DC admitted as much last time he lost ("if he wins twice there's no rivalry"). And look at JJ: lost twice and had to go off to 125. People seem to be rooting for DC to finally do it and all but he had his chance. Might as well get off this merry-go-round. It doesn't help that, while LHW is thin, it will never stop being thin if no one tries to make fresh matches and they spend their time going off to chase HW gold or rematching the same, decisively settled fights.
  2. She's used to bullying women and got sucked into trying it on the wrong one.
  3. Then Conor still fights Ferguson I guess? That is still reasonable matchmaking If Aldo is at 155 maybe a rematch. If not that division is full of good fights that aren't Khabib. Barboza for example is a good example of a fun striker v. striker matchup.
  4. Tony/Khabib. Conor can fight Nate or Pettis and then maybe come back against Tony if he wins.
  5. To talk about the card as a whole: Lewis is so bad but I can't help but be happy for him. Absolutely absurd case of the more skilled fighter fucking up and losing everything but it was Volkov's own fault. Waterson did great against a stronger opponent, ripping up Herrig from guard like that. Pettis/Tony was great but Pettis once again has injury issues/problems. He's done at the championship level and imo should not even have gotten a Tony shot (but good on Tony for keeping active when his title shot was stolen by Conor). It's always some injury or stylistic problem with him and yet he keeps getting these chances to rocket himself back up there. Conor was actually, apart from the second round GnP (which could have been worse) ,better defensively off his back than I thought. He certainly did better than MJ and Barboza, who were dead on the feet in the third round We once again see what happens when you have dominant wrestling: your striking gets better. We saw this against Iaquinta but we wrote off it happening to as good a striker as Conor. (But it happened to Wonderboy). Yet he got knocked down by Khabib. Who then resorted to one of his worst attacks: the double knee. If he's not careful it's gonna get him KOed one day. Not sure what Conor does here now. This was a horrible fight for him, way worse than the Diaz fight which he was winning till he lost. Nothing can be salvaged. If anything Khabib did him a favor by changing the narrative through his idiocy. To make matters worse: Conor cheated, a lot. Something else that will be lost in the controversy. Herb Dean used to be a good ref. What happened?
  6. Never mind, Conor apparently attacked first? What's going on???
  7. Well, Conor actually did better on the ground than I expected. He didn't get smeshed as bad as Barboza and MJ What happened after was disgraceful though.
  8. Murdering the kids made sense.Murdering Elia was either spiteful or a mistake.
  9. Where? With Shae? Not really. I doubt that that'll be seen as anything other than him Nymeria-ing her-for her own good of course.It's not like the idea of him settling down with Sansa is even slightly credible. Joff? Nah, he's just an idiot there and has always been.
  10. Also the scene doesn't even have to mean that she definitely loves Jaime. It just means that the question has taken her aback and she's now questioning how she feels about someone she hated just a few weeks ago. She doesn't have an obvious answer and she doesn't recover quickly when questioned by his sister of all people. That has to be awkward. Sure, she probably does but that scene doesn't have to be the final word. It's only because Shae is a moron and has been told multiple times that shit won't work out but she's apparently too dumb to hear.You would think that a whore who was a camp follower and then a handmaiden to one of the greatest victims of the Lannisters, one who was poised to see exactly what happened in court to people who came to the attention of Joff or his family would know better. If a guy tells you to leave for your own safety and then you refuse, then he bashes you over the head and forces you to leave then you should know what's up. But no,still not "just". But of course, that doesn't mean it won't happen. I hope not, but it's possible. As someone said above: they could just take her at this emotional time and force her to confess. It's not like she's in a particularly good mood. It's possible she just takes up with Tywin there. Yes. Block by agonizing block. Glad that's over with.
  11. Yeah, I'm not at all sure they'll do it. They're odd, these writers; it's like they have a limit to how far they can go. Kill a baby at a wedding? Sure. But have Tyrion be an asshole...nah, that's too much. I'm actually curious about how this ends now just to see how the writers resolve this plot they've written. She has no justification. You don't get to kill someone (which is what she'll be trying to do) because they tried to send you away to keep you safe. The book reasoning is much stronger: she has no choice or loyalty to Tyrion so fuck him. Hopefully we don't see vengeful Shae though. Christ, this plot is already melodramatic and tired enough.
  12. Good episode. Beyond the Shae bullshit that is but then, that's been around for a while, like a bad smell you grudgingly get used to.
  13. Except that the theory was probably influenced by book viewers' own theories about Jeyne. And even so...so what? They'll end up being proven wrong. This happens. Tough shit. And all it would take to disprove this notion is Tywin uttering a few lines. Clearly an insurmountable problem. While I think it's sappy as all fuck (and even more emotionally manipulative than usual-or at least more hamfisted at it) FLOW's concerns about the time constraints and the audience swallowing the cultural dissonance probably weighed more on the minds of the producers.
  14. Have you watched Community? You don't have to be smart to have moral convictions. I wasn't talking about intelligence as much as certain ideas that are common to that group.
  15. The moral convictions of a liberal university student? Of course he could have insulted them both but personally ,it was more interesting to me to see him attacking Robb's so-called honor there. Talisa only matters in the sense that she's occupying space that belongs (or should belong, as Frey sees it) to him. Making her squirm is probably of lesser importance to him.
  16. Causally she's possibly responsible. Not morally though. Robb is a grown-up,he chose to be illogical and selectively ignore her advice in a situation where he knew that she was damn well right. He doesn't insult Talisa because he doesn't care about Talisa. He would much rather insult Robb, the person he really has a problem with. Well, he kinda does insult Talisa by reducing her to a pretty body but it's more to fuck with Robb. Slightly disturbing how a few reaction videos have people actively calling for her to kill that poor woman.
  17. How did you feel about last few episodes then? Personally speaking I simply shut down wrt Robb and Talisa during Season Three. They seemed to be blatantly trying to make them likable and tragic and it seemed so obvious that I just switched off. I don't like seeing the puppeteers hand,
  18. One of the more baffling aspects of Western culture tbh. I wouldn't have minded him getting an axe to the head. Honestly, considering that a pregnant woman just got stabbed in the fucking stomach I'd be really disturbed if that was their main motivation for not showing it. I'm wondering if we'll see Grey Wind's head on Robb's boy or Cat thrown naked into the river. The latter seems more likely. The former...too gruesome for even this show? It'll take them about three lines to do so when the time comes.
  19. Well, it is deliberate, I just don't know if she believes them like Cersei or she thinks they'll get through to Jaime. The former seems more realistic but I'm torn.
  20. This is the second episode where Brienne has made a comment about women being weak. The first could be seen as striking at Jaime's pride. Here? Internalized Misogyny? Deliberate? Unfortunate? I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it.
  21. The Jaime/Brienne fight was hilarious. I guess there was no way to plausibly make it closer. And Jaime should suffer from a lack of stamina.
  22. Tyrion and Shae is just pathetic. I couldn't stop cringing.
  23. I'm pretty sure the Boltons had things in hand before Stannis the Wildcard jumped in. Of course Tywin cares about preventing deaths. Just not across the board, I doubt he gives two fucks what happens to his enemies. And no, I don't think that Tywin ever ordered a single "senseless" massacre. Except that this was always the plan. Cat was to be captured. Capturing Robb is a dangerous game. What if he escaped? On top of that, unless he dies the North will always have hope. The point is to establish a new regime in Winterfell, that's best done by taking out the current leader. Robb had no value as a chip. Everyone thought that all his heirs were dead and that Sansa was with the Lannisters. What are they going to do? Surely they're not going to trade him. He was a traitor and there was nothing to gain from keeping him alive. The things in bold happened after both Stannis and Robb had lost their major battles. The Starks went to war first to free Ned and then for revenge. Stannis went to war for his claim. That's that. Honestly pretending that there's some greater cause here for Robb is strange. He's not trying to put a better person on the Iron Throne, he's doing his best to make it irrelevant and thumb his nose at the concept. As opposed to Robb going to war because Ned was put in prison by what he knew to be the rightful king at the time based on really questionable evidence? Renly admitted his guilt, a trial is only an issue in such times when the person denies their guilt and/or isn't trying to swing a sword through your head. You really think that all kings dealt with their enemies with trials? Renly was planning to kill Stannis and claim his throne, Stannis killed him first. C'est la vie. And so were the Targs when they fought their Blackfyre cousins. Such things happen in war. Why should Renly be spared because he happens to share some common DNA with Stannis?
  24. That last scene with Tywin and Loras bursting in and the Rains of Castamere cover basically justified this entire show.
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