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  1. As I recall there is also a reverse bullshit invented motive for Aragorn, where he is told Arwen's life is literally tied to the One Ring and the defeat of Sauron and the fate of Middle Earth. That bothered me at the time the films came out. It was typical Jackson; even if the stakes were already high, he always felt the need " to up the ante" with inventions. And of course the dreaded " character arcs" that Aragorn and Gandalf both suffered from compared to the book versions.
  2. No, Elrond sets sail for Valinor together with Galadriel, Cirdan, Gandalf. Arwen remains and goes to Cerin Amroth ( woodland hill) to die after Aragorn has lived out his years.
  3. These 3 characters are said to be from the Far East and one of them wears a necklacer with the Eye of Sauron on it. Seems to be Priests of Sauron. The interesting thing is that they are tracking the Stranger, rather than Sauron. TBD as to why that is exactly. Its interesting that he could be sent by Yavanna specifically, but of course can also be sent by the Valar in general. He does control the elements but of course we have yet to see if that is specifically because he has control over elements or because he is an Istar and has more abilities than that. The meteor crater looking like the Eye of Sauron was a red herring it seems because as with Halbrand, they are doing everything they can to mislead the audience and keep the identity a secret. Yes he is. Elrond Peredhel is how he is known, means half elven. His brother Elros is the first King of Numenor and lived about 400 years. After him the Elvish line in the Kings of Numenor became naturally more diluted by breeding and the lifespan of the Kings, though still very long compared to normal Middle Earth men, got increasingly shorter.
  4. What can they do about it now though? People will speculate endlessly. They could release the name of the person he had this relationship with , but what if that person doesnt want that to happen (which we can easily imagine reasons for). But indeed, the unfortunate side effect is that the magnifying glass is then extended to all the women in the staff.
  5. True. I have just read those Reddit posted spoilers you linked to and considering they were posted 3 months ago, they are shockingly accurate. I am glad to read later seasons will feature Ents because I have been waiting for them this season and nothing yet except that short glimpse when Meteor Man crashes. Glad to hear The Stranger is indeed an Istari.
  6. Anarion is certainly weirdly absent this season. But apparently alive, I think we catch a brief glimpse of him in episode 2. Or they talk of him. As for the rest, Halbrand as Sauron is still an option, would be one hell of a twist at this point though. There have definitely been hints, plenty in fact, but he also seems firmly established as this King of the Southlands dude who experienced big tragedy at the hands of the Orcs/Adar. Then again Adar says he split open Sauron and certainly doesnt recognize Halbrand, even teasing him about his traumatic past. I dont see how he really is Sauron to be honest. The other thing is that they are setting up some kind of romance between Halbrand and Galadriel, especially at the end of this episode. I thought that was quite well done too, not as unlikely as I would have thought at the start of the show. Interactions between Celebrimbor and Halbrand could still come in the 2 episodes of course. The show clearly plays very fast and loose with distances haha.
  7. Because Halbrand is not Sauron, he is this show's Aragorn. Sauron has just been awakened, it seems. That was a big Orc, looks just like the Uruk Hai in Lord of the Rings films or Bolg in the Hobbit. Not a troll, which we have seen earlier when Galadriel fought one. The whole " how on Earth does Sauron tie into the forging of the Rings" thing is completely unclear at this point. This season seems to be all about " who is Sauron and his actual return" while season 2 will be into the forging of the Rings. I was pretty much bored throughout the entire battle for the village, I think its all very bland. Much more interesting did it get when they started chasing Adar and the reveals that followed after ( note Adar has escaped btw). So he says that he split open Sauron, and also reveals a story that Sauron went to the North but that " a shadow of dark knowledge eluded him" and while saying that, we see the face of a Balrog on screen. Curious what was meant by all of that. On another note, we as the viewers are asked to take an enormous leap of faith here to believe that neither Galadriel, nor Halbrand, nor Arandir even looked at what was in the cloth package? No one is even curious to see whats in it? Only Theo when its too late? Galadriel interrogates but does not even take a look at the package she recovered from Adar, which Arondir told her must not stay in Adar's hands at all costs? I didnt like how the supposedly legendary Elendil was brought down by a few orcs and lay there defenseless to be slain until Halbrand saves him.
  8. Nice, I wonder what the fact that these are now being announced means for the release date, it says on IMDB its been in post-production for quite some time.
  9. Saw this when I researched the 3 new Sauron priests. https://www.newsweek.com/lord-rings-rings-power-white-cloaks-identity-revealed-dweller-ascetic-nomad-bridie-sisson-1745630 Show producer says the character of the Dweller is from the far East, so probably Easterlings. They are tracking the Stranger, but of course this could mean they think he might be Sauron, or because he is a danger to Sauron or their plans. As pointed out by Nerd of the Rings in his episode breakdown ( everybody should be watching these, he picks up tons of details), The Ascetic charater is carrying a shield which has a constellation on the back of it, the same as the Stranger was highlighting in earlier episodes. Another little nugget is the Stranger speaking Quenya. He says " Cala" when his arm is in the water freezing up, from Calaquendi. He also seems to say " healing" in Quenya. So its interesting that he would speak Quenya but does not recognize the tongue of Middle Earth. All stuff in support of an Istari that has just been embodied. But, we dont know yet.
  10. He might, but we are certainly not there yet. I think he's still the number one right now. I just saw him thrash Tiafoe 6-1, 6-3. And he shows no signs of decline at all.
  11. I was listening to the Ryan Russillo podcast on the Ringer and he was saying the same thing, there is more going on he says, and the public has not been told. Yeah there really is an amazing string of contenders right now. I keep waiting for the Lakers to actually do something that could also make them contend, considering this may be LeBron's last year at the very top level. Bogdanovic just signed elsewhere already, options are getting slimmer, and considering how little the Jazz got back for him its clear the Lakers could have had him as well.
  12. I watched Federer's last game last night. There were some takeaways from the game but not many really as it was a double's game. At some points he looked understandably rusty, at others he showed tremendously quick reaction time at the net and some nice shots, though as it was a double's game it was radically different from a single and hard to judge how he would have fared. It was just great to finally see him in action after last week's news about retirement. But the farewell afterwards, I was honestly shocked by how emotional it was. Him crying, Nadal tearing up and later even Djokovic not being able to hold it together anymore and saying Fed's goodbye was one of the most beautiful moments of his life...it was genuinely incredible. Him thanking Mirka, his parents, his Laver Cup friends, the knowledge as he said earlier this week, he would have loved to gone on and played for 1 or 2 more years but due to the state of his knee he simply doesnt feel like he can anymore, it was very sad. For me, definitely the most impressive farewell I have ever seen, in sports or outside of it. Made me cry Its the end of an era, and his forced retirement is likely ushering in the retirement of Nadal and Murray in the next 2 years at most I suspect. Djokovic is in a different phase and state in my opinion.
  13. I'm glad to see others are bemused. Are the Celtics gluttons for self punishment or is this a holier than thou thing? So apparently he was involved in a consensual relationship with a staff member. And they are talking about suspending him all year? In other Celtics news, after Gallinari being out for the year, there is now yet another Robert Williams knee surgery expected to keep him out for the first 2 months.
  14. I dont think we have seen anything that leads us to believe Annatar is already at work in Eregion. That might still come, but as I recall they did say in one of the interviews that the first season is about the return of Sauron, so I do expect we will see him at the end, either as Sauron or as Annatar. I also expect that in the other 4 episodes we will see a lot more on the Stranger and it would be nice if the character could move past the mumbling amnesiac stage and take action in some way. Ring forging yes, also expect to see that towards the end. I would add to the speculation, whats up with the Mithril in Khazad Dum which is clearly an important part and will we see a Balrog towards the end of this season? It feels like it, and I would like for that to happen.
  15. Likewise, I dont think we have seen Sauron yet. But if we have, Halbrand clearly is the candidate that makes the most sense. But I dont think thats what his character is, despite the fact that he is very smart and manipulating others and that they made a point of showing how much he loves the forge, even having the character say there is no one on Numenor with more skills at it. Also him advising Pharazon from behind his cell is a clear Sauronesque hint. However it would mean Galadriel has been tremendously duped by him, and since they have decided that she is front and center of this show and incredibly good at anything, that seems unlikely. Its obviously not the Stranger, that is very clear after episode 3. I also dont think its Adar, that really seems to me to be an invented Dark Elf character, which is potentially interesting in its own right. Nothing about him says Sauron to me.
  16. Ah, didnt see that, should have posted in the other thread. My apologies.
  17. I'd say the Bulls are firmly in that second tier with the Nets, Heat, Cavs ( definitely a force now), Raptors, Hawks & Sixers. Obviously depends on Ball's progress but this is potentially a very good team IMO. Thing is though, there is a lot of very good sides in the East.
  18. I'd be massively bummed if I had shelled out for the tickets and he didnt't play, thats for fucking sure. Ive bene reading about the tickets for the Lavercup a bit and apparently there was already outrage when they went up for pre-order in the Spring because even then they were wicked expensive. Obviously now you'd wish that you had paid 300 for a session but still, that would have been tough to swallow at the time as well.
  19. Very, very sad. Didnt see this coming, the story since Wimbledon last year has been that he would return and clearly wanted to do 1 or 2 seasons to round off his career. Recovery seemed to be going well this Summer, him also posting encouraging videos. This comes totally out of the blue I have to say, massive disappointment. Tickets for the Laver Cup this weekend going for 1500 pounds and more per session...
  20. Her new book The Witch King releases March 30.
  21. The US does have a few nice players now, Fritz, Tommy Paul, Tiafoe. These 3 especially and Canadians Shapovalov and FAA are good top 25'ish players. So its not super unlikely that any of these reaches a final in the next 2 years IMO.
  22. Watched some of that game back and it was an incredible game between Sinner and Alcaraz. Massive. And then Alcaraz went to 5 sets against Tiafoe again, he's had a tough road to the final for sure. Casper Ruud was really superb against Khachanov btw. He's playing so well. Its likely to be an incredible final tomorrow.
  23. That was a super interesting read on why the Sixers window was so short after winning in 83. Watching Winning Time season 1 was very much worthwhile in the end. Even Jerry West gets redeemed. It made me think about 80's NBA, what the best teams were, and how the Lakers and Celtics hold gradually dissolved because of Jordan, leading the next generation. It also made me think about the stars in today's NBA. About the real big men, can any of them do what Kareem did with the Lakers and Bucks did and be that dominant? I'm thinking of Embiid here, as a similar giant human, but also Jokic, and as a much newer prospect, I wonder about Mobley. Towns? Davis? Ayton? We do have a really large amount of potential big stars in the NBA right now, as they often say, the league has never been remotely as deep as this. But who will actually build a massive legacy and multiple titles. Is there one more chance for LeBron ( and AD), or 2 more for Durant? Or will team basketball dominate over individual superstars. I'm gonna list my tiers for this season here: West: Tier 1 ( aka the 6 contenders) : Golden State, Suns, Clippers, Nuggets, Grizzlies, Mavericks Tier 2: Timberwolves, Pelicans, Lakers Tier 3: Trailblazers, Kings Tier 4: Rockets, OKC, San Antonio, Utah East Tier 1: Bucks, Celtics Tier 2: Cavs, Bulls, Heat, Nets, Sixers, Raptors, Hawks Tier 3: Knicks, Wizards, Hornets, Pistons Tier 4: Magic Tier 5: Pacers
  24. Sinner vs Alcaraz tonight, 2 of the biggest talents in the last few years. I'd be excited for it, if I wasnt sleeping since it starts at 3am.
  25. Quite surprising that Tiafoe caught him but he does have those exceptional days sometimes. Looking forward to Alcaraz vs Sinner.
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