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  1. Delmas

    How would you rate episode 305?

    gave last weeks a 10, this one was better. Can I give it an 11?
  2. Did you notice the shifty eye barriston gave when jorah said Rhaegar was dead? :dunce:
  3. I thought it looked like a piece of quartz tied to a rope, like a cheap necklase or something.
  4. All I can say about this episode is I am gonna be one happy camper when Tyrion chokes out Shae.
  5. WoW Yoren scene's were awesome, went out like a G. Yara/Asha has something about her, I find her plenty attractive, likely will even more so when she is command of 30 ships. Was nearly in tears during the Yoren/Arya scene. Bran/Maester Luwin scene was good, helped explain his dreams with little wasted screen time. Brienne was perfect imo. coulda done without the loras/renly scene but I understand the ladies might have enjoyed it more so then us men. All in all great episode, am I the only one who feels like these episodes last like 5 mins?!
  6. The only thing that woulda made this episode better is Sallador Saan woulda tried to fuck somebody, 9.