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  1. I watched Den of Thieves as I needed an heist film fix. This movie is serious B-grade Heat with some issues in editing. I mean it's so similar to Heat that I was thinking the production crew should pay Michael Mann and team copyright fees. A few different scenes and lines of dialogue are virtual copies, including the opening scene of an armored car robbery. About midway through the movie, the writers start to spin the story in a different way but by borrowing from other heist movies as well. Gerard Butler is a weak point in the movie. I can't tell if it's because of his acting or his character who is the alcoholic self-destructive version of Al Pacino's Vincent Hanna.
  2. Nothing wrong with that. Rome, Deadwood and The Wire all had no name actors to begin with.
  3. There's an awesome shot where McNulty is walking away from the homicide unit, walks by and nods at Rawls, and Rawls stops and turns around with a "what the hell is he doing here?" look on his face that is pretty great. Although one of the funniest scenes in the show for me is when McNulty, Lester and Bunk are at the bar cracking up at how McNulty got the bodies assigned to Rawls.
  4. The camera showed him right after Dallas scored and he had that look with laser eyes and "oh ok, just wait" that strikes fear in me if I've bet against him.
  5. Much closer game than I thought it would be. I was thinking it would be Tampa by 10 or 13 against a 9 point spread. The pushoff was questionable and I'm a little surprised the officials didn't review it since it was within 2 min.
  6. I'm going to laugh if the Cowboys lose because of kicking. Lot of game to go though..
  7. That looks like a movie right up my alley even if the story or parts of the story have been done before. Barely recognized Evangeline Lilly. And I also had to look up the director who has a limited body of work, none of which I'm familiar with.
  8. I wasn't very hopeful about this movie given I have a hard time seeing how they can continue the story. But that trailer certainly intrigued me despite telling me absolutely nothing. Also the sound is definitely the best part.
  9. I liked it. I had to look it up but yes, the guy in the yellow jacket is Paulie. Also, I didn't think Michael Gandolfini was going to get as much screentime as this trailer suggests... don't know why I thought that.
  10. Wow. Woke up to this news after watching Omar clips last night. Pretty much liked Michael K. Williams in everything he was in, even when they were just bit roles. He will definitely be missed. RIP.
  11. All the games I've seen so far have been boring. Hope the Clemson-UGA matchup lives up to the 2.5 point spread.
  12. Dang. NU down 3 TD's to MSU with 1 min left in the first half. They were 3.5 point favorites to win it but not looking good so far. Edit: 2 TDs now.
  13. I would spoiler tag since it's Day 1 of the release and this is the broader MCU thread and not a dedicated Shang-Chi one (which could be created if the discussions really take off).
  14. Didn't mention it before but I love that they went back to the original Spiderman theme song with the Holland franchise. That music gives me the chills every time I hear it.
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