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  1. Holy shit! I was a senior at Stuyvesant on 9/11 too! Liz and I had lockers pretty close to each other senior year and I knew a couple of others in the IMDB cast list as well (though not very well).
  2. Yeah this looks just like a Netflix movie. I also wonder why Evan’s even left Marvel if he’s going to do projects like this. Surely being Captain America pays better than this dreck.
  3. Rome has a lot of good scenes but I think my favorite (at least with Vorenus) is “I AM A SON OF HADES!!”
  4. Coming off the Vox Machina binge, I was looking for another fantasy show. So I watched The Witcher: Blood Origin. Terrible. Bad acting, cheap production, stupid character decisions and rushed arcs. It did not satisfy.
  5. Cocaine Bear was a terrible movie. My expectations were already low going in but it was worse. I don't think I laughed for the first 30 minutes and many of the jokes afterward didn't land.
  6. Finished Season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina. Loved it and agree the second season was better, I think because of the villains and because they were able to juggle all of the character personal journeys with the main storyline. It generally felt like one long journey versus an episodic storyline of episodes. I particularly like the high fantasy setting of Exandria (I don't actually read a lot of fantasy these days) and the combination of creatures and settings were great to see visually. The raunchy comedy and some of the dumb humor was also a great entertaining relief amidst the drama and lore being explored. I particularly liked the visit to the Fey realm and the Archfey Saundor. Did anyone else think his (Saundor) depiction was Spoiler S2E08 - Echo Tree
  7. Gotcha. Was Scanlan getting a broom one of those times?
  8. I'm enjoying the second season and have never played DnD. I don't even know how to play. I started watching some of the Critical Role game sessions behind Campaign 1 just to learn more but still have no clue.
  9. I watched The Many Saints of Newark. This was ... not good. After watching it, I was so mystified I had to double check to see if David Chase was actually involved in it's production. The movie tried to shoe-horn in these references to the series that just did not work for me (like the 'makings of a varsity athlete' line). I also felt like they were trying to re-create character ticks and mannerisms for purely nostalgia purposes. Watching the actor playing Paulie felt like watching an amateur night audition. And what the fuck was up with Silvio's hair? I know Chase probably wanted to address the fan reaction to Silvio's artificially-perfect hairdo from the series but if the TV show ending was flipping the bird to the audience, this hairline thing was something on the level of public indecency. It's been awhile since I've re-watched the TV show but some of the events surrounding Dickie Moltisanti didn't feel right even if perhaps the show was meant to mislead us. Rather disappointing.
  10. Man I was looking forward to this one entirely because of Kang and the possibility of him being far more developed than Thanos was going into Infinity War. But 55% on 114 reviews on RT is the worst Marvel movie rating I can remember in quite some time. They're all almost all over 80% fresh despite being very formulaic summer action movies. I was planning to see this one in theaters but now I'm reconsidering.
  11. I'm in the middle of watching Season 1 and I too was quite surprised by how much I've been enjoying this show -- which is weird since it's adult fantasy. I also absolutely love the idea behind it's creation. A bunch of voice actors just started filming their DnD campaign and then turned it into an animated show via crowdfunding. Whole concept is feel good.
  12. Go G-men!! And he’ll yes Daboll should get COTY.
  13. I enjoyed it as well despite being slightly put off by the the first episode. I wasn't expecting the quirky, almost eccentricity of Armand's character (along with some of the symbolism) in the first episode but he and the Three Pines community grew on me as a whole. I wasn't totally satisfied with the Season 1 ending even though it's not quite a cliffhanger but doesn't leave you with the full resolution either. I'm hopeful for a season 2.
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