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  1. WarGalley

    Trailer Thread V

    Yeah that trailer has me hyped. Definitely watching this in IMAX. My only fear is that the first movie's trailer was also awesome but the movie itself didn't quite deliver. Not bad but not great. King Kong in the next movie almost feels anticlimactic. I wonder how they intend to pull that one off.
  2. WarGalley

    MCU - X

    Yeah based on that sole trailer, it does appear that Ant Man & the Wasp should be viewed before Endgame. My sentiments on that movie are much like @briantw and found it a light and fun comedy that you shouldn't take too seriously. I'll spoiler this just in case but I hope Scott Lang's appearance isn't
  3. WarGalley

    MCU - X

    Gosh I'm going to miss Chris Evan's Captain America. I really do hope we get one last confrontation between him and Red Skull though that seems like it might be anti-climactic for the scope of this movie. Also, it'll be interesting to see how they treat Thanos in this one. He doesn't need to be as much of a main character as in part 1.
  4. Yeah that has to be the craziest stunt ever performed for a movie. It's so incredibly dangerous. There's no harness or contraption in the world that I'd consider safe enough to keep me strapped to that plane. And how could you possibly top that stunt.. fight wild animals? Use real guns? Float tetherless in space? It would take something akin to those Red Bull spectacle stunts that are just sheer lunacy. I love the 3rd one. Not just because of the addition of Samuel L Jackson but also because of Jeremy Irons and McClane having to solve trivia problems while fighting guys all over NYC. It's more 'fun' from the seriousness of the first movie.
  5. I watched a couple of movies. Ant Man and the Wasp was enjoyable enough. I normally tune out the violations-of-the-laws-of-physics when it comes to comic book movies but I couldn't help it with this one and its predecessor. They double downed in this movie and went straight up into magic. Still enjoyable but I kept wondering if little kids would buy into this stuff as if it were actual science. The highlight of the movie was watching Evangeline Lilly kicking ass. I could see her character becoming a leader of the Avengers. Also watched Mission Impossible: Fallout. I was entertained enough though predictable and unengaging. I didn't fall for any of the twists and I've seen this movie before between the predecessor movies in the franchise and the Fast and the Furious movies. The movie was worth it for the action scenes though. Tom Cruise's high altitude skydive is crazy.. can't believe studios let him actually do that. Reading about how they made that scene is entertaining itself. A couple of the fight scenes and and car chases were also pretty good such that I was almost disappointed in the final fight. Also, Henry Cavill's mustache was glorious. Dude should just keep that thing full time.
  6. WarGalley

    Daredevil Season 3 [SPOILERS - Page 3 and beyond]

    Yeah I think that hurts the most. I'm not signing up for a 3rd streaming channel for the possibility of having shows on level with this version of Daredevil. More likely that channel is going to cater to being some kind of electronic babysitter for young children than what Netflix has produced. Yeah I'd classify Banshee in the comic book / graphic novel level of TV categories. Outside of some of the storylines in the final season, it contends well with Daredevil.
  7. Definitely stay out of that thread until you finish the whole season.
  8. It might be late but can we update this thread title to include Season 3 spoilers? I definitely learned of a couple of character deaths reading this earlier. I finished S3 and enjoyed it just as much as the other seasons. Not sure I'd say it's the best as I had a hard time remembering a lot of the previous storylines and history of Uhtred's adventures and tragedies. I feel like I needed to have a better primer going into the season but maybe thats just me because I kept wanting to watch the next episode, so mission accomplished for the writers and actors. This pretty much mirrors my thoughts. My main reaction to this season as a whole breaks down to 1) the antagonists and 2) Alfred. I think I've read more about English history on wikipedia because of this show than because of any school assignment as an American kid.
  9. Man I was hoping Michigan would beat OSU last weekend so they would have a rematch with Northwestern in the B10 championship. We only lost by 3 to Michigan during the regular season and I thought we'd have a chance.. but after that beatdown by OSU, I'm just hoping to cover the spread. Right now it's only 14 points which surprises me. Anyone watch any of the Notre Dame games? I only saw one of their games this season and I remember thinking that was one of the better ND teams I've watched on both offense and defense.. but that game was against Michigan as well so now I'm not sure how to judge them.
  10. @Triskele Yeah, I waffled between ranking The Gal Who Got Rattled and Meal Ticket as being the best story. I'm going to watch the whole movie one more time (probably in parts) as I think I missed some themes on a couple of stories. For example, Speaking of.. caught 10 minutes of Blade Runner 2049 on HBO during a break in a wedding I attended this weekend. Instantly sucked me in with the sheer beauty of the cinematography. I also immediately felt like I was watching a timeless classic. I know this movie and the original can feel slow or sleepy as it unfolds.. but their depth makes up for it. I also love how the themes and plot connect so well to the original. Villeneuve really knew how to pay homage to it. I haven't really thought about the films since the 2049 theatrical release but I think I'm going to watch the original and 2049 again back to back at some point to see how my experience has changed.
  11. WarGalley


    You should finish that one out...
  12. I finished S2 of Patriot on Amazon. I loved it though I think the first season was better. This is certainly a candidate for best drama or best comedy TV series this year in my mind.. maybe more toward the comedy category than drama for this particular season. It's deadpan humor, music, and outright ridiculous moments in serious settings hit my funny buttons pretty well. I truly do recommend this show for fans of the Coen brothers films.. and it's a shame that I fully expect Amazon to cancel it. And speaking of Coen brothers films, I seamlessly moved right on to The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. I loved it. The Gal Who Got Rattled was my favorite story followed by Meal Ticket. The last story was a little deflating and boring coming right off of The Gal who Got Rattled but the entire movie as a whole was enjoyable in a morbid way. Spoilers: Meal Ticket
  13. WarGalley

    Daredevil Season 3 [SPOILERS - Page 3 and beyond]

    Gonna spoiler it just in case.
  14. WarGalley

    R,I.P. Thread

    Noooo. Damn. That man's imagination was a large input of my childhood. RIP.
  15. Woot!! First Big 10 West title! I'm hoping we face Michigan over OSU for the championship game.