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  1. Celtics not missing a beat without Horford or Smart. I’m officially rooting for a Warriors-Celtics final. That would be a fun series. In the regular season they split their 2 games but the Warriors win was before the All-star break when the Celtics started going on their run, and the Celtics win was an off night win with Curry leaving the game in the first half. Really want to see how they’d match up now. merit: Aaaand this game just went night and day in the 3rd.
  2. Oof. Covid protocols means Horford is out for 5 or 6 days so he's missing 2 or 3 games.
  3. My 2 guy friends want to go topless, oiled up, wearing sunglasses and jean shorts. No homo.
  4. Yeah wtf. Down by 30 and didn’t even score 30 in the first half at home. Just embarrassing.
  5. Yeah was not expecting a 40 point blowout.
  6. Celtics playing some good basketball right now.
  7. Yeah, more bad luck about injuries. Grizzlies played competitively without him but definitely feel like we're being robbed of entertainment with his absence.
  8. Damn, wasn’t sure Boston was going to pull off the win today but they eked it out. Good series.
  9. First episode was.... fine. It didn't blow me away but it also didn't appear to detract in quality from the original series. True to the trailer, it basically picks up where the last season left off substituting the LAPD Detective office plotlines with more focus on Maddie. There was only 1 short commercial break midway through and it was for some kind of IMDBTV game that I guess you can play with people to determine the next show to watch. First 4 episodes have dropped. Edit: The end of the first episode has one of those "This season on Bosch" montages. I don't recall those in the original. It's a little too spoiler-ish about the bad guys and upcoming conspiracies than I would have liked. I would recommend skipping that part.
  10. Been binging Cowboy Bebop the anime. But I just now saw that Bosch: Legacy is up on IMDBTV with ads (although I'm streaming off Amazon). Think I'll take a break and check it out.
  11. I wasn't planning to read any of the short stories since I don't quite like to go "back" to past events after finishing a series.. but shoot, ya'll have tempted me. Just put a hold on Memory's Legion.
  12. Prefer we just do a separate thread personally. This thread is already a mix of spoilers from the various TV shows.
  13. Yeah that was a fun game. Klay 5/19 FG and 2/11 from 3. Curry not so great either (11/25 FG and 3/11 from 3). No bueno. Edit: In hindsight, kind of impressed the game was that close with those stats.
  14. I think the general consensus is that it's shaky in the mid-seasons but generally gets stronger at around Season 4 through to the series finale. Kurt Sutter, creator of Sons of Anarchy, was also a producer, writer and director on the Shield. And Justified has Goggins and is also an FX production so I don't think it's too lazy to have those feelings. If you like those 3 shows, you may also want to add Terriers to your watchlist as it's from Shawn Ryan (co-creator and writer for The Shield) and is very similar in vibe.
  15. Yeah too many whistles but fun game overall. Dubs being able to squeak out a win without Green does not bode well for the Grizz.
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