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  1. Yeah this is actually the first time I've seen Pugh in a movie. She didn't blow me away in this but didn't do poorly either. I just couldn't get a good enough sense in this particular role and this type of movie to properly gauge her.
  2. I watched Fighting with my Family about WWE diva star Paige, her relationship with her wrestling family, and her training and entry into the WWE. Feel good family movie with some (on the more adult-side) humor that surprised me with how well it landed. Nick Frost and Lena Headey were the best parts of the movie in my opinion.
  3. I'm not sure a second season is really necessary from a story perspective but I will most certainly watch one if produced. In addition to the costuming and the set design, I also really liked the classical music soundtrack (particularly in the last chess scene and the walk through the park). Also, the depiction of the Russians was great particularly in the current world climate. They rose above petty politics and it felt respectful and sincere and was a nice message of unity. The park scene was also great in that it didn't feel like there was some Russian or American divide or distinction. Everyone is just a normal person that happens to enjoy the same game.
  4. Slogged my way through the first couple of episodes of The Umbrella Academy (Season 1). Not a good show to follow-up with after the Queen's Gambit. I think I'm still in the mood for a non-action oriented period piece. Might finish Lady Bird or start Enola Holmes to see if it satisfies my system.
  5. Finished The Queen's Gambit. Great production and nice story. Anya Taylor-Joy knocked it out of the park as beautifully gifted and flawed Beth Harmon. I'll be rooting for Beth come awards season. ETA: The final episode of the season, End Game, is a very solid episode start to finish.
  6. I can't believe I recognized McLovin and upon verifying it on the Internet, realized the main actress is Carey Mulligan.
  7. My first 2 reactions were: "holy crap, James Earl Jones is still alive?" and "Eddie Murphy looks pretty good for someone closing in on 60." I got a Kiss the Girls vibe. Or maybe the Bone Collector. It might be the pandemic but I feel like it's been awhile since a slow-burn crime movie (meaning not focused on action) was released.
  8. Yeah I had a feeling that Ohio State would have a comeback. They generally have our number and I was not impressed by Northwestern's play vs their season ranking earlier in the year.
  9. Excellent movie. Haven't seen it in years but I remember thinking how great it pulled off tension for a movie with very little action and violence.
  10. I just discovered that The Adventures of Brisco County, JR is streaming (with ads) on Amazon Prime in the US . It's been 25 years or something like that since I've seen that show. Time to take a trip down memory lane..
  11. December as in this month? Covid is trending in the wrong direction here so I highly doubt that's happening. Are any theaters even open in the US? In California we just shut indoor dining back down altogether but we're among the most conservative states wrt to Covid.
  12. Whoops. Thought I was in the Lit thread for some reason. You may want to edit your post where you quoted me.
  13. I had indeed partaken in a few beers and some fine California herb. No regrets.
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