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  1. On 5/31/2024 at 12:05 AM, Isis said:

    No, not Furiosa, it's a black and white version of Fury Road, which they are calling the 'chrome edition'. Apparently it's how Miller wanted it to look. I mean, possibly it's something slightly more nuanced than simple b&w but I'm waiting to find that out when I go. We had always wanted to see this version but just hadn't gotten round to it yet. So when I saw it was on at the IMAX I jumped. 

    I'm very curious on how you would compare the two. Fury Road is a very beautifully colored movie.

  2. The trailers do seem a little off for me having only watched them on my laptop but Fury Road was the best theater experience for me in the 2010s, so I’ll definitely be watching this in IMAX with a group of friends. I’ve never seen Spotlight but I’m not sure how that movie could be considered a better film than Fury Road.

    Miller has earned my money for this one so hoping for the best.

  3. On 5/11/2024 at 12:17 PM, l2 0 5 5 said:

    Finished season 4 of The Shield last night and watched episode one of the next season. 

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    Glenn Close was great as Captain Rawling. I mentioned before I watched the first five seasons about ten years ago and never finished it for no particular reason. I forgot how good she was. Live by the seizures die by the seizures. I respect her backbone though. Had her people's back which is quite the opposite from the weasel Aceveda. His approval rating for me right now is like 10%, holding onto a small amount of the empathy I had for him after his run in with Juan in season 3. I've largely hated him throughout. 

    Anthony Anderson was great as Antwon. He kind of flounders out as the season goes on but what are you gonna do. 

    I respect Dutch's decision at the end of the episode when he turns down the Captain job, though after seeing who gets the job in 501.... wow that's painful. Complete doofus. 

    Forgot how unhinged Forest Whitaker was in the new IAD role but got a small taste of it in the first episode. Complete lunatic and such a good character. Excited to relive this. I remember what happens at the end of the season with Lem, so that won't surprise me, but everything after will be brand new territory for me. Love this fucking show. 


    Keep going.

  4. I watched Red Rocket as it appeared to be leaving Amazon Prime (US) soon. Good drama in the same vein as (and from the same director of) The Florida Project. The story follows a washed up ex-porn star who returns to his hometown of Texas City, TX to get his life back together by basically manipulating people with his confidence, charismatic storytelling and outright deceit. He enters into a relationship with a seventeen year old girl that is disturbing in it's rightfully pedophilic creepiness. However the relationship comes off very natural, in that, it's exactly the stereotype I imagine of a washed up porn star from LA. Both leads kill their roles in making this realistic. The actress, Suzanna Son, is entirely believable as a high school girl from a podunk Midwestern town who would begin a relationship with an older man and is pretty much exactly how I think every porn actress got their start and moved to LA. The film is also set against the backdrop of the industrial oil refining scenery of Texas city which is mesmerizing in it's own way. Recommended.  

  5. 4 hours ago, Ran said:

    Also rewatched Asteroid City, which I enjoyed as much as I did the first time, and a recent podcast discussion of the episode made me pay attention a bit more about some of themes of the film which I thought was worthwhile.

    Planning to watch this soon. What’s the podcast/episode?

  6. Just finished episode 5 and am holding off on 6 to better pace myself because I am absolutely loving this show. I’m subscribing to Hulu as soon as I get home so I can watch the rest of the season (as I’m currently at an AirBnB where it’s on On Demand).

    For the book readers, how does the overall pacing of the show feel given that the 10 episodes cover the entirety of the novel?

  7. Finished Deadloch which is on Amazon Prime (US). Decent show. I wouldn't nominate it for any Best series of the year awards but I was entertained enough to the point where I was looking forward to the next episode. The show is a murder mystery in a small Tasmanian town. It's very similar to Three Pines where you are dropped into a very small town with a lot of the community's characters as a backdrop to the main crime. Unfortunately, one of the co-protagonists is very irritating and over the top with her behavior, so much so that she is unbearable to even the audience for at least the first half of the season. As the crime solving progresses, her character does mature and becomes milder but it's very grating and possibly a deal breaker for some in the beginning.

    Now I'm on episode 3 of Shogun while on vacation. Absolutely excellent series so far and shaping up to be my #1 show of the year (though admittedly I haven't really been keeping up with many of the more acclaimed series currently broadcasting). Love the political tension and landscape as well as the season starting strong with the Japanese cultural embracement of death. It's difficult to imagine it continuing for the whole season. Blackthorne’s parts are the weakest but I expect that to improve. I am really motivated to go pick up the book and read it alongside the episode viewing and I might just do that when I return home. I assume it can't actually be chapter for chapter even if the novel is broken up that way. I can't recall reading a book alongside watching a show before so I might try it if I don't binge the whole season first.

  8. 19 hours ago, Ran said:

    I've never read the novel, but I wonder if they language was quite so salty as it is on the show. I'm thinking not, and they decided to roughen it up, and I've no problem with that personally but it did make me wonder.

    So far, so good on the show.

    The novel has been on my to-read list for several years now. I’m torn between watching the show beforehand or reading the book as the book will be a slow read for me and the show will outpace me.

  9. 19 hours ago, Knight of Ashes said:

    Rewatching Daredevil Season 1 mainly 'cause it seems Born Again will be closer to it in tone and I won't have to feel too much pangs of longing for the Netflix series when it finally arrives .  Also, Bullseye.

    I've seen contradictory reports as to whether Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson will be back -and if they are, it will be in a limited capacity(?).  

    I guess it might be too much to hope Marci will be back as well but I am hoping nonetheless ('cause I keep thinking of her in those pumps).

    Seeing Kingpin again in  DD S1, and the somewhat altered version in Hawkeye, and the one in Echo , I find myself a bit tired of him but what the hell, he's still better than some of the fingers of the Hand.

    That reminds me, I wouldn't mind seeing Madam Gao again.

    Oh wow, I didn’t realize Jon Bernthal and  Wilson Bethel were returning as Punisher and Bullseye. I’m far more interested now..

  10. 7 hours ago, TheLastWolf said:
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    Ok don't tell me the co-op went with the 10 mil deal. I mean there was still Slim->Avon->Sergei and/or Slim->[Prop Joe]->Greeks or fuck it, its a buyers market and no self respecting drug wholesaler going to be sitting on his hands with tonnes of 'roin, more on the way hungry market . The meet either just happened by mutual need or Avon set it up or Slim did finally get around to the Greeks from his time as Joe's right.



    The problem with that is it’s outside of the character they establish with Slim. Slim’s a simple, rough and tumble kind of person. He’s not ambitious or a scheme maker which he admits to when he turns down Marlo as being the East side contact for the co-op (“I ain’t cut out to be no CEO”). He’s basically a high level soldier, built to follow orders but not make strategic decisions and he knows it.

  11. 47 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

    Idk, from what little I've read about the lore Bane is typically a super elite henchmen. If anything I thought they portrayed him pretty well, especially since the character is pretty silly in general. What I didn't get with TDKR is why the mask hurts him so much. Pretty much every other version shows him with a ton of tubes connected to it that indicates he needs it to live. In the film it's just a mask that maybe as some cartridges on it? 

    All-time gutting way to end a great story. 

    In the TDKR, Bane's mask provides a constant painkilling gas (due to some mysterious physical injury which he suffered in the Pit) which is supposed to explain why none of Bruce's blows in the initial fight seem to physically hurt him. Only till one of the pins in his mask comes loose in the final fight is when he begins to feel the effects of the fight. 

    In the comics he injects himself with a highly addictive substance called Venom, which acts as substance which artificially increases his strength (and is basically the ultimate performance enhancing drug).

    31 minutes ago, IlyaP said:

    And then motorcycle guns kill him. 

    An infuriating ending to the character. The movie built up this dramatic role for Hardy, only to kill him in the most uninteresting way possible. "So we couldja just shot at him a lot?!"



    I believe that method of death was intentional. At that point, Bane is revealed to not be the mastermind behind everything and is literally Talia's bodyguard from childhood. So he's killed off like any other henchman.


  12. Nolan tried to do way too much in TDKR and it felt very rushed -- especially at the end. Also, trying to take a city hostage and leaving it's police force alive in the sewers as a form of imprisonment is just-in-your-face comicbook silliness. And everyone and their mother knew Marion Cotillard was Talia Al-Ghul. I didn't actually mind that Bane turns out to just be a bodyguard in the end but Talia's reveal just didn't do it for me.

    ETA: I didn't think it was a bad movie but it's certainly the weakest of the 3 and could have been fixed with better sound and editing.

  13. Has anyone seen Three Body on Amazon? Is it any good? The IMDB episode summaries are terribly translated (which I vaguely recall to be a criticism of the book so maybe it's just being faithful to the source material :P ). 

  14. 5 minutes ago, dbunting said:

    Bosch Legacy S2, was pretty good. If you like Bosch you'll like it. Little too heavy on the Maddie for me.

    Still in the middle of the season but Maddie being such a major focus feels like they want to do a spin-off or something. I’m a little disappointed with the way they wrapped up last seasons cliffhanger but I’ll wait and see. I do like the focus on Honey Chandler and her (Mimi Rogers’s) character which feels like a natural progression.

  15. 1 hour ago, TheLastWolf said:
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    Deep down she knew all along, just came to terms with her denial



    I did get that with the owl visions that Mollie had appearing before visits with Ernest. But the final confrontation was a little too indifferent in my taste.


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