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  1. Back from a trip to France so was able to catch up on a few movies and TV shows during the long flights. Guardians of the Galaxy v3 - this was not the movie I was expecting. I thought we were going to get some kind of closing arc to the Guardians but I didn't get that feeling at the ending. The soundtrack carries the movie (again) and I was surprised that I didn't feel burned out by it. John Wick 4 - Ok, you know what you're getting when you go into this but I'm not sure I consider this movie to really be the best of the whole series. The thing that bothered me most was JW and any henchman character being practically Superman-level bulletproof (or in many cases, car-hitting proof). I almost got bored of some of the shooting scenes since they were treating bullets almost like blanks. Not bad but didn't live up to my expectations of entertainment. Avatar 2 - Nothing new here again but I enjoyed the movie quite a bit and didn't feel the runtime at all. I really regret watching this on an airplane headset TV instead of in an IMAX theater. I'm making a note to watch the next one in IMAX no matter what. The Last of Us - I was amazingly able to get through episodes 4-9 on a single flight. While I enjoyed this show, there wasn't much new here either. I also don't think it's worthy of a best drama nod for awards season and I wasn't really blown away by Pedro Pascal's peformance. Bella Ramsey was better in her role. It's a good show but not great. As I haven't really been keeping up with TV shows in real-time (and always seem to be catching up with older shows), I wonder if the field is weak. Bosch: Legacy Season 2 - this dropped recently on Freevee (Amazon's free streaming service). I'm 2 episodes in and it's your typical Bosch formula. Depending on where they go in episode 3 and beyond, I may be a little disappointed with the current storyline but I'll save commentary for later when I finish the season.
  2. I like the upbeat and humor of this trailer even if it's completely against Fargo's general bleakness.
  3. I can't believe it, and I wish they didn't but.. https://deadline.com/2023/10/michael-mann-heat-2-next-movie-adam-driver-neil-mccauley-ferrari-1235568226/ Has anyone read the book? Is it any good? I cannot fathom how Mann can pull this movie off successfully. And I still hate the title "Heat 2."
  4. Goddamn, the Giants O-line is the absolute worst.
  5. The Great got cancelled. Never saw it but I know it's highly regarded on the board. https://variety.com/2023/tv/news/the-great-canceled-3-seasons-hulu-1235708497/
  6. Bosch: Legacy Season 2 returning October 20. Looks like we get the return of Jamie Hector too.
  7. Was planning to check out The Peripheral at some point. Does the first season end satisfyingly?
  8. Hmm I saw those Deadwood games right when I started watching CR Campaign 1 and was intrigued a few months ago. Shame about the backstory, I had intended to pick it up after watching it. I also lost interest in the first few episodes of CR due to the sound and general production. I resumed Campaign 1 at the latter point of S2 Vox Machina (somewhere in the latter 30ish episode numbers). I got hooked there. The friendship and dynamic of the group is charming, oft hilarious and leaving you want to be a part of them in real life. I’m on episode 112 now nearing the conclusion of the overall story and fully intend to go through Mighty Nein and Campaign 2 next. It’s saved me some money not having to subscribe to HBO and Netflix for a few months. I am amazed how many hours I have naturally put into it given they’re 4 hour episodes.
  9. Incredible. I didn't even know a movie about Napoleon was being made much less one being made by Ridley Scott and starring Joaquin Phoenix. That trailer felt 30 years long. Wonder what the runtime will be. Surprisingly, I don't think I've ever seen a movie with Napoleon in it. And thinking back on other historical figures with incredulous lives, I don't think I've ever seen a movie with George Washington in it either -- as a matter of fact, I can't even name one. Makes me wonder why that is.
  10. So the final season of Jack Ryan came out today? Caught me completely by surprise. I don't remember seeing any trailers for it and I feel like I watched the last season a few weeks ago.
  11. Curious, who would you cast for Kraven? I’m never one for a person that looks like a character physically whether it be Wolverine, Tyrion, Eddie Brock or Jack Reacher. I’ll take a theater actor every time over a big name Hollywood one. I do think Aaron Taylor-Johnson has a lot of potential but you’d ultimately have to pay me money to see a Sony Marvel flick.
  12. Plodding along with Rings of Power. I still don't care for any of the characters including Galadriel but HOLY COW, the first eruption / birth of Mt. Doom was absolutely spectacular. That scene alone made the journey this far worth it. Even on my crappy 13" Windows laptop, that scene looked like a 4K masterpiece. I wish I could have seen that on the big screen or in IMAX.
  13. Wait, I’ve lost track here but why are they dropping an entire season into 2 parts a month apart? So people don’t binge it all and then cancel right away?
  14. I'm late to the party but I'm 4 episodes into The Rings of Power. It's visually stunning and the high quality of the production is very apparent. I love the absolutely gorgeous scenery and cities, costumes, races, and the (visual) depiction thus far of magic. Unfortunately that's about as deep as it gets. I don't find my self caring for any of the storylines, and I'm not sure I even know what the story is beyond "there is an evil rising." I don't find myself really caring for any of the characters even though I want to root for a show that appeared to spare no expense except perhaps in the writing department. Literally the only reason I keep playing the next episode is because of the eye candy of it all. I plan to finish the season and I hope it grows on me more as it goes on.
  15. I do recommend the book if you haven’t read it.
  16. I bought the Nintendo Switch during the pandemic solely for Breath of the Wild. First console I've owned since N64 and first game I've owned since Halo 2 back in college. Even though I've beaten the game, I still have one last section of the map to unlock which I had been saving until Tears of the Kingdom was released. Welp that day has come. I definitely got my money's worth out of it and am looking forward to TotK. Also, I bought Skyrim (for Switch) a couple of months ago and have played it like twice. It just hasn't grabbed me. The mechanics and camera tracking feel so clunky and I can't fight for shit. Anyone else have that problem when they got started? Feel like I should power through it since I paid for it but I'm probably just going to jump right into Tears of the Kingdom.
  17. I too was skeptical but there’s no sex in the movie and the age gap is a central premise with the female character being highly aware of it. We also see her background life and experiences with men of her age and older and the overall development of her character does feel natural. YMMV.
  18. I watched Licorice Pizza on Amazon Prime. I really liked this movie despite being skeptical about a coming of age drama that focuses on the relationship between a sheltered 25 year old woman and a suave and confident 15 year old teenager. The movie really immerses you in 1972 San Fernando Valley and includes a couple of great character performances from the 2 leads and an excellent soundtrack. I totally bought into the culture of the era and into the possibility of this kind of relationship blossoming amid their unique lifestyles. I recommend.
  19. I didn’t have that issue. Maybe it was the screen the image was being projected on?
  20. I genuinely thought this was a video game trailer.
  21. Man even though I've seen The Batman, I'm still amazed by that make-up job. Definitely got Sopranos (crossed with Al Capone) vibes.
  22. Yeah this looks just like a Netflix movie. I also wonder why Evan’s even left Marvel if he’s going to do projects like this. Surely being Captain America pays better than this dreck.
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