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  1. Go G-men!! And he’ll yes Daboll should get COTY.
  2. I enjoyed it as well despite being slightly put off by the the first episode. I wasn't expecting the quirky, almost eccentricity of Armand's character (along with some of the symbolism) in the first episode but he and the Three Pines community grew on me as a whole. I wasn't totally satisfied with the Season 1 ending even though it's not quite a cliffhanger but doesn't leave you with the full resolution either. I'm hopeful for a season 2.
  3. holy shit was that Modok? I hope they don't kill him off in this movie and save him for more.
  4. I meant her first Mission Impossible role. And yeah, Hoffman was a good villain. I did like the plane / interrogation scene where he learns Ethan’s name and then threatens his loved ones.
  5. No that was (the dreadful) MI2. MI3 was the one with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Michelle Monaghan in her first role.
  6. I finished it a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was alright. It has quite a few quirky characters and sometimes almost a Django Unchained like feel. The landscape scenes are absolutely beautiful and there are plenty of them throughout the series. The editing was sometimes a little choppy. The ending was a little too Disney-ish and didn't quite make logical sense why some character's did what they did. Rafe Spall as Melmont was a solid character. Overall grade for me was a B.
  7. I didn't see it online (though I didn't look very long) but do we know who the villain of this movie is?
  8. I wanted the remake where Danny McBride was Porthos.
  9. And I was expecting the Niners in the NFC championship..
  10. The 4th quarter felt like a playoff game. Very fun. Great performance from Luka, and I do agree, it's a wonder how someone who has a slow shooting motion (at least compared to someone like Curry) can score at will like that. Also have Bucks/Celtics in the ECF and Giannis for MVP but still early in the season.
  11. You need to copyright this quickly. It could be a whole new Monster universe franchise!
  12. Ryan should have ran for the first and they should have used their timeouts better. The Saturday coaching did not impress sdespite the second half comeback.
  13. I caught up to Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder. I think I enjoyed Dr. Strange more because Thor: Love and Thunder needed a more fleshed out villain as usual. I felt like far more time should have been spent on Bale and the Necrosword and less on Thor the dumb jock jokes or the cheating on his hammer stuff. Far too stupid and at one point I was thinking this was an insult to the comics character. Russell Crowe's greek accent was hilarious to me though and I thought that was fun. I wonder if any Greek people were offended by it. I also recently finished the Mandalorian and the first episode of Obi-wan Kenobi and I have to wonder if Disney is mandating a child actor in the main role for all of it's productions.
  14. I didn't get to watch the game but Doc is the next coach getting fired right? Or am I underestimating the Hawks?
  15. What kind of powers does Namor display? I don't care about spoilers but you may want to tag it..
  16. I was going to ask as I haven’t even gotten to Season 4 yet but that is very disappointing to hear about Gomorrah.
  17. Bloodline Season 1 was superb (and worth watching despite the later seasons). It starts to go downhill about halfway through Season 2. Season 3 is just a total mess.
  18. Back to the Future is the greatest trilogy ever made. I don’t know what #2 is but it’s not close. (For a fantasy board poster, I’m not as high on LotR as many though it probably is second on my list).
  19. Assuming USC wins, Bama drops out of the top 10 right?
  20. Yeah I definitely give credit to the Magic on that one. Warriors led most of the game (granted only by like 10ish points instead of the 30 by the end of the 3rd that was their previous formula) but Magic really did come strong in the 4th particularly in the last couple minutes. Defending champs will have that target on their back. Magic deserved that one but I'm still not rushing to judgement until another 10 games. Next 2 games are Kings and Cavaliers at home. I'm curious what the rotation will be for the Kings as I don't think Kerr will treat it as a must win. Cavaliers will be very interesting.
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