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  1. Kerr's been heavy in experimenting with the rotations so far which is what I attribute most to their current record. Every game, my friends and I are like "What is this lineup?" after a few minutes in the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th qtr and then there's not enough minutes for them to gel (at least in my mind) before it switches up again. I'm okay with it. If you're going to do it, early on in the season is the time. I don't understand the lack of defense overall on the team compared to last year but it's way too early to rush to conclusion on them. I just view it as experimentation and data collection right now. After 20 or 25 games, I'll re-evaluate that opinion.
  2. Having recently finished the last season, I generally tend to agree with the OP. I'm curious for those who watched the show in real-time, where was the break between 6a and 6b? Or rather, which episode was the mid-season finale? Having been able to binge it all in one go, the entire post-Lalo storyline where we return to the present timeline was a bit deflating though nothing was really going to beat the climax of Point and Shoot. Also, the return to the con-of-the-day episodes certainly pays homage to the series as a whole (much like Walt macguyver-ing the machine gun in the trunk of the car) so I didn't mind it too much. But Jimmy being able to shave the years off and then sacrificing himself for no tangible gain felt out of character to me in my very first reaction. It didn't make sense for the reasons already stipulated above. I just didn't feel the transition to redemption personally even if that's what they were going for. Instead of sacrificing himself, maybe Jimmy does get his years shaved down to 7 (which even then I don't believe as it's his word alone as a now known con man). They could have done a better job where Jimmy's tragic loss is never having a life with Kim again which they sort of pulled off but probably could have been done better with some more time spent on Rhea Seehorn (who was practically non-existent in the 2nd half of the season). I think a lot of my impression is because Point and Shoot was such a strong episode that happened so early, it was going to be tough to top it with a transition to what is essentially a new storyline in 4 episodes.
  3. Giants could be 1-5 which was sort of my expectation for the start of the season. So far Daboll gets COTY over Siranni for me though I’m biased .
  4. What no Clubber Lang Jr? They had the perfect setup.
  5. Damn, they even got more than what they asked for (it's 101% funded)..
  6. I was not expecting this to be a series or to have that comical Django Unchained element to it but I am intrigued.
  7. I’m at my local bar and we’re all rooting for a tie.
  8. Yeah this was more of the Giants team I was expecting going into the season.
  9. I'm on the penultimate episode of Season 6 of Better Call Saul but wanted to comment about the episode Point and Shoot (S06E08) which was really good television. I imagine this to be the Ozymandias episode of BCS because I don't see them topping it with 2 episodes left. Major Season 6 spoilers.
  10. Damn.. Amazon's not messing around. I wonder what the budget will be like. Too bad they didn't go for continuing The Expanse if they were going for a sci-fi show. Edit: Hmm.. I've never seen anything by this showrunner. She'll have high expectations to fill after Villeneuve + Deakins.
  11. Holy cow I was on pins and needles for that 2 point conversion for the lead. Go G-men!!
  12. My watchlist has been just all over the place. I'm in the middle of the last season of Better Call Saul. I need to prioritize this as Youtube keeps fucking recommending me major character death scenes. I keep hitting the "Don't recommend channel" and it keeps finding a way to spoil the series for me. Also in the middle of Season 2 Ted Lasso. Also am up to date on Sprung which is a new show on Amazon's Freevee. It's a 30 minute comedy about some convicts released from jail during the pandemic and are now teaming to rob bad people. I started it because Garret Dillahunt is the lead but it's... okay at best (and that's being generous). I'm not sure why I keep watching it actually. The comedy isn't laugh at loud, sometimes slapstick silly (think of a person giving CPR to a squirrel and then subsequently attacked by said squirrel). It kind of reminds me of Weeds. Also watched the first episode of S1 Harley Quinn since it's free on Youtube. Holy shit it was hilarious. The dialogue is sharp and witty, the characters are true to form, and it's a fun time through all 20 minutes. This must be the best DC property since Nolan's trilogy (though I haven't seen The Suicide Squad or Peacemaker). The creative team should be given the keys to the DC universe if not some kind of authoritative role in it. Even though I've only seen one episode and a bunch of Bane clips on Youtube, I'm wondering if this should contend for an Emmy in some category. Finishing it out will be my next priority. Edit:
  13. Yeah I haven't been following CFB news lately but 12 seems to be quite the jump. I thought 8 would have been the next step (basically the football version of the elite 8, final four and championship).
  14. I blew through the first season of Ted Lasso in a couple of days. Lovely show -- it's a nice change of pace from the heavy and dark crime dramas I normally follow. Also, I don't think I've ever seen another show where the central theme is... kindness. It's rather uplifting.
  15. Having not yet read it, I’m very curious how faithful they’ll keep it. I was very impressed with Counterpart which is a good sign. Wonder if I should move the book up in my queue and try and finish it before watching the show.
  16. WarGalley

    Heat 2

    Reviews look positive. I’m adding this to my list.
  17. I watched The Sisters Brothers with John C. Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, Riz Ahmed and Jake Gyllenhaal. Some beautiful scenery as you would expect from a western but overall, I was bored. Kind of disappointed since the director also made Un Prophete (A Prophet). Gonna watch Old Henry next and see if that satisfies.
  18. I watched.... Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death with Shannon Tweed and Bill Maher. I was with a friend when this came on through his (Youtube?) recommendations. I was fully expecting an absolutely terrible, direct to DVD sexploitation experience and went into it with large reservations, expecting to shut it off within the first 10 or 15 minutes. But it was a lot funnier than it had the right to be and we ended sticking with it through the end (particularly once Maher's character shows up). The humor reminded me a little of Blazing Saddles, and I'm sure Maher had some input into the dialogue which carries the movie regardless of how absurd it gets. My friend and I both laughed out loud at several scenes and over-the-top lines throughout the movie (though granted we were smoking a joint along the way).
  19. Does Drexl Spivey not count? Because that’s probably my favorite Oldman performance. That one scene was so mesmerizing. I re-watch it often. Edit: I’ve seen True Romance, as a whole, twice and it’s been a few years but my reaction is generally “I can’t believe Tarantino didn’t direct this.”
  20. Actually I do like that tying along with the Daddy issues faced by Butcher, Homelander and Ryan. It just didn't click in the moment so I might have missed something I can catch on re-watch.
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