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  1. Does Drexl Spivey not count? Because that’s probably my favorite Oldman performance. That one scene was so mesmerizing. I re-watch it often. Edit: I’ve seen True Romance, as a whole, twice and it’s been a few years but my reaction is generally “I can’t believe Tarantino didn’t direct this.”
  2. Actually I do like that tying along with the Daddy issues faced by Butcher, Homelander and Ryan. It just didn't click in the moment so I might have missed something I can catch on re-watch.
  3. Just finished it. I wasn't as down on the finale as the rest of you it seems, though I agree it was the weakest of the 3 season finales and it does set the story back to square 1. At the beginning, Butcher's motivation to keep going after Homelander right from the get-go didn't quite for me, and even moreso that that the rest of the Boys followed. I did like that Butcher became the same, almost indistinguishable asshole that Homelander is. Soldier Boy's motivation to kill Homelander and beat up Ryan didn't jive with me. If it was supposed to be due to PTSD-style paranoia and machinations... well it didn't come off that way and his heel turn was basically the writers needing a new Stormfront in order to preserve Homelander in the finishing act of the storyline. Felt like they could have done something less predictable.
  4. Just watched it a few weeks ago. If you like Heat or any Michael Mann movie, you should like it. Edit: It's streaming for free in the US on Tubi.
  5. I've only seen Westworld S1 which I absolutely loved. I understand Season 2 went off the rails, but how was Season 3?
  6. You might enjoy Invincible, the animated series on Amazon Prime (US), if you haven't checked it out yet.
  7. Ok I finished the first episode. That's quite the start. I was glued and giggling throughout a lot of the scenes. Anthony Starr killed it as Homelander. He's really coming into the role.
  8. I thought it was funny that even in a Top Gun 2 movie there was the full screen shot of Tom Cruise running. He didn’t do that in the original or in any of the 80s movies or even the original Mission Impossible movie. Feel like he’s now just always trying to push limits in a scene even when it’s not entirely necessary.
  9. I don't know how I totally missed the "Thank you" message but I did. Was it basically text on the screen or was it actually Cruise on camera thanking the audience?
  10. Oh he's still doing his own stunts. Pretty sure the whole Top Gun cast were inside the actual planes (though not actually doing the flying). In the last Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 trailer, there's a shot of Cruise riding a motorcycle off a cliff. That's most likely him doing it considering he clipped himself to the outside of a plane that was taking off in one of the previous movies. MI: Dead Reckoning Part 2 appears to be the final film of the Mission Impossible franchise but studios aren't going to stop making Cruise-led action movies especially with Top Gun 2 being his highest-earning movie in his career.
  11. I’m curious when exactly he’ll end his career given he’s been doing action movies for the last couple of decades. At some point he’s going to get too old for the stunts he does but he doesn’t appear to be slowing down at all. I wonder if he’d even be interested in going back to dramatic roles like he did in the 80s or like Jerry Maguire.
  12. Yeah I went to the 7pm Sunday IMAX showing and it was 90-95% full. It was also my second time in theaters since the pandemic started.
  13. I feel like Disney is on a roll in churning out all kinds of content. Maybe this is just me re-adjusting to the post-pandemic period. Also, I can't recall when I last saw Willow but I wonder how it holds up in adulthood.
  14. I want to see a camel chase down of running Tom Cruise.
  15. Yeah.. it basically looks like Jason Bourne 17 or Captain America: Winter Soldier 2. And that might be exactly what it is. Hoping the action/fight scenes are at least good enough to make up for a beaten-horse premise. Also, yeah, this trailer doesn't compare at all to the Mission Impossible one that came out yesterday.
  16. Nothing new as far as next summer action movie goes but Russo Brothers, Evans and Gosling should be enough for me to check it out assuming I still have Netflix when this is released.
  17. In addition to Danger Zone, I'm also looking for another rendition of Great Balls of Fire.
  18. Mud? The movie with Matthew McConaughey? Not a bad movie, I'd probably give it a grade of B. I'm astonished that someone would applaud the movie for 18 minutes.
  19. Ok I love this. Edit: Also, Zach Snyder's tweet:
  20. My 2 guy friends want to go topless, oiled up, wearing sunglasses and jean shorts. No homo.
  21. I wasn't planning to read any of the short stories since I don't quite like to go "back" to past events after finishing a series.. but shoot, ya'll have tempted me. Just put a hold on Memory's Legion.
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