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  1. Just finished it. I wasn't as down on the finale as the rest of you it seems, though I agree it was the weakest of the 3 season finales and it does set the story back to square 1. At the beginning, Butcher's motivation to keep going after Homelander right from the get-go didn't quite for me, and even moreso that that the rest of the Boys followed. I did like that Butcher became the same, almost indistinguishable asshole that Homelander is. Soldier Boy's motivation to kill Homelander and beat up Ryan didn't jive with me. If it was supposed to be due to PTSD-style paranoia and machinations... well it didn't come off that way and his heel turn was basically the writers needing a new Stormfront in order to preserve Homelander in the finishing act of the storyline. Felt like they could have done something less predictable.
  2. Just watched it a few weeks ago. If you like Heat or any Michael Mann movie, you should like it. Edit: It's streaming for free in the US on Tubi.
  3. The Warriors trading for Durant, despite almost being guaranteed at least 1 more ring, rubs me so wrong. It sends a bad message to the younger players and to the “homegrown, winning” culture that they espouse. I’d rather keep Poole, Wiggins, Kuminga etc and make a run at it again even if it’s the harder road. They’ve proven they’ve got what it takes and if they eventually have to go through a Durant-led team in the West, then so be it, let the better team win. Boston’s trade for Brogdan was the best move this off-season imo. Thought they’d try to shore up on Horford and Williams due to age and injuries but I imagine Ime will make this work. Gonna be a fun team to watch next year.
  4. I thought this was finally going to be a boring offseason after the last few years. Nope. I'm giggling in my chair that Kevin Durant left Steph Curry for this bullshit. And God, is there any actual fanbase that would actually want Irving on their team? I wouldn't take him if I were a Kings fan.
  5. I had to google it. It’s soda mixed with cough syrup (containing codeine) and soda. Apparently it provides a high that is popular in the southern US (mostly for teenagers I’m guessing). Edit: on phone and don’t see the latest replies either…
  6. Well apparently he's doing it to re-negotiate his contract and give the Sixers more financial flexibility to pursue players that will give them a better shot at a title. Sixers fans appear to be stoked.
  7. FYI, Harley Quinn on HBO Max has Season 1, Episode streaming for free on Youtube. I need to hurry up and jump ship to HBO Max.
  8. I've only seen Westworld S1 which I absolutely loved. I understand Season 2 went off the rails, but how was Season 3?
  9. Lol. I thought it was funny though Natalie Portman looks out of place by her stance. Thor is looking like Lord Krishna.
  10. Yeah home court advantage is key to the series I think. I expect Boston to win inGame 6 despite a good Warriors showing. Had the Celtics won tonight, I would have expected them to win Game 6 and close it out. That’s why you play the game.
  11. I also watched No Time to Die. It was okay I guess. There wasn't really much special about this movie though I'm hesitant to call it bad. It was certainly the least misogynistic Bond movie ever made though that is certainly the lowest of bars to clear. I liked Rami Malek's acting though I agree with others, he could have been fleshed out better. What I didn't like was:
  12. You might enjoy Invincible, the animated series on Amazon Prime (US), if you haven't checked it out yet.
  13. I finished Spin by Robert Wilson Charles. I give it a 5/5. It's one of those stories that will stay with me for awhile. I think reading it after finishing the Expanse was also a stroke of luck even though the stories are very different. This was a Forrest Gump style character drama, a first person narrative that felt more like contemporary fiction than sci-fi for a lot of parts of it. Tyler Dupree, and his childhood best friends Jason and Diane, witness the stars go out one night, when an artificial shield encapsulates the Earth from the rest of space (stars, Moon, Sun). Humans learn that time passes much faster outside of the shield, to the point where the Sun will die in a few decades. We then follow Tyler's life over the course of the ensuing decades, and his relationships with genius Jason (a major figure in the human scientific response to the "Spin" event) and Diane who becomes involved with the religious cult formations that cascade the world as a response to the "Spin." Wonderful story, and good build up toward the end. I've never seen The Leftovers (TV show) but I imagine it carrying the same themes and level of drama.
  14. I want more minutes for Poole. While I understand the impact to the defense, he’s the only one conducting a transition offense with any aggressiveness or threat. Force the Celtics to adjust and let Curry find his own opportunity instead of spending energy trying to do it on his own which is what the offense is right now.
  15. I’m seeing a repeat of the last game and that doesn’t bode well for the Warriors. Looney and Green with 2 fouls and Warriors with no answer to Williams. And they have the dumbest turnovers.
  16. Crap.. I'm in the middle of like 3 shows and I just saw that No Time to Die dropped on Amazon Prime US. Will definitely be prioritizing that this weekend.
  17. What the hell.. last game the refs let them be way more physical.
  18. The 3 fouls on Curry are concerning for sure. Warriors need to do better on defense and rebounding.
  19. Yeah in hindsight, more was made out of it than what it was. I think part of it is that I like Jaylen Brown and think he’s an intelligent and classy young player in the league. Also, I watch every Warriors game at my local Warriors bar and we think Green gets some very dumb and unnecessary technicals that stops the game and could be bad for the Warriors in the long run (especially if he gets ejected and then suspended after accumulating too many T’s). He’s very unapologetic for his style of play and mentality which probably is what makes him so good at what he does and the role he plays but… it’s somewhat tiresome after a time, and feels unnecessary for a player with his talent and IQ because we know we need him. I guess it’s the vice of what makes a player good but at the same time frustrating to watch.
  20. Yeah, I’ll pass. I’d rather watch actual basketball rather than Draymond wrestling with Brown or Batman. If you want WWE plot lines, then watch WWE. It ended up stopping the game for the review and burning some boring time for a bunch of bullshit. I get there’s a psychological aspect to the playoffs, and Green was trying to get into Brown’s head, but I just don’t find that aspect of the game actually entertaining— particularly when it stops the game.
  21. Also I would have ejected Draymond for the trip up with Jaylen. This is not the WWE.
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