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  1. Wait I've forgotten a lot about Season 2. Hughie works on Neumann's staff but what is his role and why is he getting news-worthy attention?
  2. It looked like the prison girl had general telekinesis abilities but the congresswoman has specific head popping abilities. We never see the congresswoman break someone's neck or anything else. She could have made the religion guy's death more suicical looking but nope -- pure head popping. I assume they'll adjust her powers however they like.
  3. Yeah I'd probably give the edge to S1 over S2 for 2 primary reasons. 1) Being personally new to the story, the initial shock and novelty of the violence, scenes and story in Season 1 provided a great deal of suspense for me. No other scene beats the 'holy shit' moment of that S1 Airplane episode. Come Season 2, I'm just used to most of the superhero actions and am not as surprised or shocked by Stormfront being a murdering Nazi or having heads suddenly explode in the middle of a scene. 2) Season 1 had more humor as I recall. Most of Deep's scenes (dolphin breakout, trying to save the lobster at the grocery store, diversity hire) were hilarious. I was cracking up at the therapy scene with the guy whose penis broke off after getting frozen. Season 2 was generally far more serious due to the nature of the plot progression. Also, I think I just enjoyed a couple of the character storylines more in S1 (like A-train and Hughie/Starlight's interactions and romances) compared to Season 2.
  4. I don't really see a problem here. The MCU has already built up public backlash over the Avengers.. multiply it and carry it over to mutants. Particularly mutants qho aren't isolated to the Avengers HQ and might be your neighbor's kid qho doesnt know how to use their powers. The remaining Avengers today in Phase 4 are more space oriented so they can deal with extraterrestial threats instead of Earth-based conflicts. The Black Panther franchise can focus on problems internal to Wakanda wherever they go with the franchise. Not sure Hulk, Winter Soldier, Falcon is even considered a part of Phase 4. This leaves the X-Men to deal with earth based conflicts and the Fantastic 4 to sort of straddle the 2.. or deal with other dimensions with Dr. Strange. There's a lot of opportunity here in my opinion. The biggest issues is rejuvenating storylines and characters disastrously used during Fox's run.. not around the premise of civil rights and segregation.
  5. I was going to subscribe to HBO this month so I could finally watch the Deadwood movie but this might hold me off. Really want to watch Succession based on what I've heard here..
  6. AVOID THIS FORUM AT ALL COSTS. DO NOT LOOK AT ANY ASPECT OF THIS SITE OR ANY OTHER ASOIAF RELATED SITE. Seriously. DO. NOT. COME. BACK. Until you've finished A Feast for Crows. Until then, I welcome you.
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