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  1. Mud? The movie with Matthew McConaughey? Not a bad movie, I'd probably give it a grade of B. I'm astonished that someone would applaud the movie for 18 minutes.
  2. Boston can’t make a shot for the life of them and are getting killed in the paint. It’s amazing how inconsistent and unpredictable they can be. One minute they look like they’re playing great basketball and the next, absolute trash. They have to be an absolute frustration of a team for the fanbase.
  3. Ok I love this. Edit: Also, Zach Snyder's tweet:
  4. Eh, I haven't watched much TV lately where the love interest gets killed off so I'm not so burned out on the concept. I cannot recall much of what Karen was doing in Season 3 which tells me her storyline was at an end for the writers. I remember Foggy still having some runway (particularly with his supportive wife) and him being more of the reason Matt doesn't become Daredevil full-time. I could probably accept either as a major character death which solidifies Bullseye as being Daredevil's #1 enemy (over the priest which was an inadequate substitute in my opinion) but I feel like Karen was the less interesting character at the end there.
  5. I'm very skeptical but this is still good news I suppose. I do hope they bring back Bullseye as I never felt like he was Daredevil's greatest nemesis in Season 3 of the Netflix show. Killing Karen would have been perfect to establish him as Matt's archenemy. While Disney will probably not do that, I do hope they can make their rivalry more personal.
  6. Celtics not missing a beat without Horford or Smart. I’m officially rooting for a Warriors-Celtics final. That would be a fun series. In the regular season they split their 2 games but the Warriors win was before the All-star break when the Celtics started going on their run, and the Celtics win was an off night win with Curry leaving the game in the first half. Really want to see how they’d match up now. merit: Aaaand this game just went night and day in the 3rd.
  7. Oof. Covid protocols means Horford is out for 5 or 6 days so he's missing 2 or 3 games.
  8. My 2 guy friends want to go topless, oiled up, wearing sunglasses and jean shorts. No homo.
  9. Yeah wtf. Down by 30 and didn’t even score 30 in the first half at home. Just embarrassing.
  10. Yeah was not expecting a 40 point blowout.
  11. Celtics playing some good basketball right now.
  12. Yeah, more bad luck about injuries. Grizzlies played competitively without him but definitely feel like we're being robbed of entertainment with his absence.
  13. Damn, wasn’t sure Boston was going to pull off the win today but they eked it out. Good series.
  14. I wasn't planning to read any of the short stories since I don't quite like to go "back" to past events after finishing a series.. but shoot, ya'll have tempted me. Just put a hold on Memory's Legion.
  15. Yeah that was a fun game. Klay 5/19 FG and 2/11 from 3. Curry not so great either (11/25 FG and 3/11 from 3). No bueno. Edit: In hindsight, kind of impressed the game was that close with those stats.
  16. Yeah too many whistles but fun game overall. Dubs being able to squeak out a win without Green does not bode well for the Grizz.
  17. Yeah, flagrant 1 sure, but flagrant 2? Too many foul calls in general so far if you ask me. Still only a 6 point game which might as well be an even score for halftime.
  18. Yeah had deja vu again in that game. the KAT 3 was entirely unnecessary and did not like the Beverly one either though it was a little more understandable. I basically would have let only Edwards or McDaniel shoot from 3 in the last 2 minutes. Grizzlies definitely have a chance against the Warriors. I think the Dubs lost twice to them in the regular season but they are playing much better basketball now with rest, health and momentum. I’m going to try and go to a game before the series is over. I did not recognize Latrell Sprewell at all.
  19. Damn what a shame. Google tells me he's had an orbital fracture before (in 2018). Anyone know how much time he missed then?
  20. Only reason I see a need to actually watch the draft are the eye candy arm pieces.
  21. Terrible reffing now against the Celtics. Tatum gets his 6th and Nets get a 5 point swing off 2 bad foul calls.
  22. Interesting take from Udoka just now -- Durant has had 8 different defenders on him so far this game and they're going to continue with that strategy.
  23. Yeah, I was sort of rooting for the Nets for this reason at the beginning of the series but the Celtics have been playing some fun and beautiful basketball. I’d much rather watch them in the next round than whatever the Nets might put together with Simmons.
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