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  1. I'm very skeptical but this is still good news I suppose. I do hope they bring back Bullseye as I never felt like he was Daredevil's greatest nemesis in Season 3 of the Netflix show. Killing Karen would have been perfect to establish him as Matt's archenemy. While Disney will probably not do that, I do hope they can make their rivalry more personal.
  2. My 2 guy friends want to go topless, oiled up, wearing sunglasses and jean shorts. No homo.
  3. I wasn't planning to read any of the short stories since I don't quite like to go "back" to past events after finishing a series.. but shoot, ya'll have tempted me. Just put a hold on Memory's Legion.
  4. Only reason I see a need to actually watch the draft are the eye candy arm pieces.
  5. There’s a sentence on the back of the Kansas team shirts. It looks like a quote of legislation or the Bill of Rights or something? Anyone know what it says?
  6. I would have designed the play for Manek to take the final shot (and felt like he should have taken more shots in the 2nd half in general).
  7. Yeah that is way too far back. I've sat in the upper section, very last row of the Chase Center for Warriors games, and they're much closer than that video. Decent seating, and I don't mind the upper section at all -- though I do prefer the corners or the sides. It is comparable to watching a game on TV but the experience is a lot different, especially when you're going with friends.
  8. My buddy and I were trying to figure out if that was team fouls or a mistake.
  9. Yeah some of those calls looked bad and seemed to always favor Arkansas.
  10. Still thinking on it but I wonder if Holden exists in Amos’s mind the way Miller did in Holden’s.
  11. Finally finished it and thoroughly enjoyed the conclusion and send-off of the characters and story. I really liked bringing Miller back and having the references to Julie Mao and Eros. That happened so long ago it was almost refreshing to see it tie back so far. The final chapters had a nostalgic longing that I feel when I know a good story is coming to an end. Jim and Naomi's final conversation was endearing and the events that followed felt completely in-character. I was worried that there weren't going to be enough pages left to address the goth situation but upon reflection, I feel they provided a good enough explanation for them and the romans. @karaddin's summary post earlier in this thread was a great cliff notes version of it. I agree that the Kit chapters seemed pointless and the dreamers chapters were difficult given it was almost meaningless, poetic exposition. So a very good finale that had me thinking about it for hours afterward which is a great sign. Will definitely be looking forward to a future re-read in a couple of years, as well as any of the new content Abraham and Franck come up with.
  12. I'm reading Leviathan Falls right now and all of Amos's dialogue is in Wes Chatham's voice. For some reason that doesn't happen with any of the other characters and I cannot undo it for Amos.
  13. Wow, I thought it was just going to be a straight up cameo role for a spinoff, not a full continuation. Won't be the same without Boyd but I'm wondering if they can create an equally compelling villain out of this Oklahoma Wildman.
  14. George isn't very critical of his own properties though so I'm not sure how to take his review. Nothing wrong with that as I see him as trying to be a positive and supportive figure for younger writers and content creators/adaptors, but he's obviously not an impartial judge. I'm skeptical personally about this show since I haven't read Fire and Blood because its more like a history chronicle as opposed to an engaging story which I think creates more work for the writers (which may or may not be a good thing).
  15. Also, I will point out that Amazon releasing it at 12am GMT on December 10 means it drops in an hour for those in the PST or EST timezones (~4pm PST / 7pm EST).
  16. I haven't read Strange Dogs and likely won't before S6 or Leviathan Falls. Is there anything revealing in it? Also the trailer has me super pumped for Friday. I forgot that the show is dropping one episode a week instead of all at once. Streaming has spoiled me.
  17. Yeah, this is certainly a series where reading the books and watching the show are both worth it and I'm very curious about the reaction of the show-first viewers in contrast to the readers. I think even moreso than ASOIAF because this series is still lagging behind the book storyline even upon it's finale. Ashford is by far the best contrast and the show pulls his character off so much better than his book counterpart. Same with Drummer though with less disparity/ conglomeration of characters. I give the show writers a lot of credit there.
  18. Avasarala is always a significant character by nature of her title and role in the story. I'd say the show gives her the same amount of screentime as the books do. Her presence does diminish later in the story but we would get into book spoilers in order to explain. The battles are tough to depict -- even in the books they get chaotic and especially so as the writers keep to the real physics of space combat and strategy. I think the books do a better job in describing them due to the technicality of a lot of the ship maneuvering and I also feel like the books had more space combat scenes in general (though it's never really military sci-fi). You should definitely continue the books. I think the series gets better past the first 2 novels, it's different enough from the show that you might appreciate the perspective, and it will have more content than what the show has and can cover.
  19. Yeah the timing is really curious. Sucks for the players.
  20. I don't watch every Iron Bowl but when I do, it never disappoints. Edit: though the game has been a little sloppy with some of the penalties. Was hoping Auburn would hang in there and keep the lead in the final minute. Edit 2: oof.. Heartbreaker for Auburn. At least they didn't have NC aspirations this season I suppose.
  21. Created by Taylor Sheridan. Looks pretty good but yet another streaming service with something of interest.
  22. Wait I've forgotten a lot about Season 2. Hughie works on Neumann's staff but what is his role and why is he getting news-worthy attention?
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