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    Hi! I'm (kind of) new here. I've been a lurker for years, but just recently actually registered. I'm excited for the new season and thought this was a good time to join in the discussion. I've been a huge fan of ASOIAF since way back--I read the first book in hardcover while looking for something to satisfy me after finishing Tad Williams' "Memory, Sorry, and Thorn" trilogy. I read somewhere, may have even been from Tad Williams himself, that "A Game of Thrones" was a worthy next book ... and the rest is history. I'm also a fan of the Kvothe series, but other than that, ASOIAF, and the occasional Tad Williams' re-read, I haven't found too many new fantasy series that meet my interests. I'm from Boston, Massachusetts. Glad to be a (soon to be) contributing member of the boards!