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    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Roose made a comment about Walder needing a new young girl to marry and I couldn't help but think of fake Arya. I know that wouldn't happen but something about that scene made me wonder.
  2. I assumed that the Shae/Sansa scene was for some future purpose and did not think Sansa was bratty at all but acted appropriately for her situation. I was wondering if anyone else noticed in "the more you love" trailer that it looks like Shae grabs Sansa roughly and looks really pissed off. Is it possible that they would have Sansa engaged to Tyrion at the end of this season? Who knows, the shot was so quick it may not even be Sansa that she grabs, but thought maybe this is why they are introducing Shae to Sansa so early on.