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  1. Damon_Tor

    Languages used in Westeros and Essos

    It's pretty clear the Andals are an analog for the Angles: as such it would be reasonable to call their language "Andlish". Those in Essos might call it "Andali". But nobody in the novels calls it either of these things, so this is speculation. Apart for the meta-explanation (ie, "GRRM doesn't much care for fiddling with languages") there's not a great reason why a continent the size of Westeros would have a single, unified language. It's the size of Europe, after all, one would expect the languages to diversify about the same amount over time. 2000 years after the fall of Rome and Latin has split into several distinct languages: a Spaniard cannot understand an Italian who cannot understand a Romanian. And we know GRRM understands this, because Valyrian has diversified realistically in Essos after the fall of Valyria, so what's the excuse? The best explanation I can come up with is the influence of the Citadel. A single authority on language, who diligently send out teachers to every noble house on the continent to instruct the ruling class in said language, could have the stabilizing influence needed to combat the natural drift of language toward regional dialects and eventual regional intelligibility. In our world we had only the Church holding on to Latin, and we can see how poorly it fared as a language, but then again the Church's goal was not to maintain Latin as a language, and to some degree the opposite was true: by keeping Latin as a "secret" language for the clergy, it gave them a monopoly on interpretation of scripture. The Citadel, as a secular organization, had no such motive.
  2. It's a bot. Look at the post count and formatting artifacts. Why a bot would be tasked with infiltrating this forum is anyone's guess: it might be relatively benign, doing chatbot research, or it might be establishing a plausible post history so when it spams private messages to users here looking for identity theft victims it seems more like a real person.
  3. There's no reason to believe the Children of the Forest had anything to do with the Night's King.
  4. Damon_Tor

    LF Chewing Mint

    Maybe GRRM gets really annoyed by people who chew gum. This is his little way of making sure he never starts liking Littlefinger. An author that's a plot-gardener has to take certain precautions against those sorts of things.
  5. Damon_Tor

    Is Danys story the reason TWOW is delayed?

    Frankly, I think Martin hates writing ASoIaF now. There are a million other things he'd rather do with his time, so he procrastinates and even when he can make himself sit and write it turns out poorly because he doesn't have any passion for it anymore. So most of the time when he sits to write he's scrapping whatever work he got done the last time he sat to write.
  6. Damon_Tor

    Why was Harrens brother sent to the wall?

    This is the conclusion I've come to, yes.
  7. Damon_Tor

    Another Look at Dany's HOTU visions

    If memory serves, Dany entered the house of the undying during a time when only four Kings had declared. If I recall correctly, it would have been Rob, Stannis, Renly and Joffrey. Balon declares later.
  8. Damon_Tor

    Another Look at Dany's HOTU visions

    If memory serves, Dany entered the house of the undying during a time when only four Kings had declared. If I recall correctly, it would have been Rob, Stannis, Renly and Joffrey. Balon declares later.
  9. Damon_Tor

    How would you have ended it?

    The Others march right past Winterfell, leaving a small force of Others and wights outside to make sure they can't leave. Melissandre shows up at Winterfell to prepare for the birth of the prince who was promised, who she says Dany is carrying, Jon's child. Sam confirms the pregnancy with science. They decide someone has to fly to Kings Landing to warn Cercei about the others, and it has to be Jon because they can't risk the baby. He goes. Davos tries to kill Melissandre and fails because she forsees it. Arya kills her instead because she's now immune to scrying. In the South, Jon arrives on Rhaegal ahead of the Others and warns Cercei. They plan for the defense of the city, but Cercei is duplicitous. When the army of the dead is in the city, she blows the whole city up with Wildfire, while she's safe on Euron's ship, heading for Dragonstone where she intends to wait out the winter. The Night King survives but is alone, with Viserion. Jon sees his opportunity to take him out and persues on Rhaegal. There's a Battle in the sky and the two dragons come crashing down. Jon and the Night King face off. It's an epic battle and it's totally worth everybody's time. Jon wins, and the Night King shatters. Notably, this does not destroy the rest of the Others all over the rest of the world. Jon begins to go north with a handful of survivors. Through the Riverlands he liberates castles beseiged by Others and amasses a loyal following. It takes him months to return to the North. Jon makes it to Winterfell and breaks the seige with the army he's gathered, driving the Others into retreat. He comes back to see Dany in a bed of blood, having given birth to a son. Sam tells her he's done all he can but there's too much blood. The two have some last moments together and she dies. Grieving, Jon goes to the Godswood to pray. Arya approaches to comfort him. She gives him a hug, and as he let's his guard down she stabs him through the heart. She walks away as he bleeds out into the snow. She pulls off her face, and she's the Waif. No explanation is given. EDIT: I had more but I've got a thing to do. That's the important stuff. Everything else is epilogue.
  10. Damon_Tor

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Eh, an aliens gestalt Intelligence taking over the body of a powerful human telepath and using his a abilities to take over the human race via manipulation is a very GRRM ending. It was not presented well here, because it was neither obvious that the Three Eyed Raven (for clarity, I won't be calling him Bran) was in fact manipulating the events which led to his election (he clearly was, but it wasn't obvious to the average viewer, hence the failure) nor was it unambiguous that the Three Eyed Raven was not Bran (though they did beat us over the head with this one, so I'm not sure why people are confused, but clearly they could have made it more obvious somehow.
  11. If it's made more clear that the body if Bran is being inhabited by a hostile alien intelligence and that the "winner" is a gestalt entity created of the Children of the Forest and the "losers" are all of humanity who are now unwittingly enslaved by the Children, then it's an ending I can get behind.
  12. "Gently?" No. Keep in mind Bran was in control of the information about Jon's lineage and chose to share it, even pushed Sam to share it with Jon. He could have warned Jon not to share it with Sansa and chose to allow him to tell her. Without the estrangement this information caused between Jon and Dany, and without Dany's newfound insecurity about her claim to the throne, she wouldn't have felt the need to burn King's Landing to inspire fear. D&D were clear on that last point in behind the episode.
  13. Damon_Tor

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    We're assuming they're really dumb, remember? Jon's sword is in his scabbard, the dragon can't see any of the steel, it's just a weird leather-covered stick.
  14. Damon_Tor

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    Or C, they're so dumb that it sees the pointy metal in Dany and destroys the rest of the pointy metal in the room.
  15. Damon_Tor

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    We have no idea how smart they are. We have no reason to believe they understand cause and effect the way we do, or that they have any level of deductive reasoning. So the dragon seems to "feel" that Dany is dead and comes to investigate. It sees her lying there dead with a piece of metal sticking out of her. There is a large pointy metal object there as well. Her mate is also there. While an intelligent creature could conclude that Jon killed her, but a less intelligent creature has no way to draw that conclusion. Drogon may have simply concluded that "pointy metal = bad" and acted accordingly.