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  1. Damon_Tor

    What was wrong with Maegor’s private’s?

    Sabotage by the Maesters
  2. Damon_Tor

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    The Hoare lineage has trait that interferes with "magic" around them. Harrenhal was designed to amplify that trait so that it covers the world, suppressing magic everywhere. The Lothstons and Whents descend from house Hoare. Notice the close timing of Lucas Lothston getting Harrenhal and the death of the last dragon. Then notice the timing of Lady Whent losing Harrenhal during the War of the Five Kings and the birth of Daenery's dragons.
  3. Damon_Tor

    End game predictions for all the characters?

    Tyrion is alive. Daenerys's three (human) children are alive, likely all separated, but alive. Sam is alive. Daenerys dies giving birth to #3 in the last chapter of ADoS. Jon is already dead (again) by this point. Either Arya kills Bran or Bran kills Arya or they both kill each other, but it doesn't matter either way. Neither is human anymore even if they live, and both will remain in some form if they die. They are both eldritch horrors and it won't be possible to think of either as anything but when the story ends. Daenerys kills Sansa in Harrenhal in late WoW or early ADoS. This will be understood to be a terrible mistake, as she was the last hope for stopping Fimbulwinter. We won't hear anything about Rickon ever again. Everyone else who matters is dead. The Others win. The last book ends with Tyrion watching the sun rise just barely, set again minutes later, then it's gone for 20-30 years.
  4. Damon_Tor

    The House of the Undying

    At least some of those bloodlines play into the Song. The Starks and the Greyjoys most directly. And not filler: prologue. You misunderstand. The children won't be born and then have an impact on the story. Their birth is the whole point. The story doesn't end when the children do something, the story ends when they're born. They are the story. Christ doesn't have any impact as a child, but we still tell the story of his birth, then we pop back in 30 years later and talk about what he did when he was all grown up. To be clear, I'm not saying there will be a time skip. I'm saying that the story won't end with the Others being defeated. Quite the contrary, the most plausible ending for the last novel is the sun rising, just barely, in the southern sky, peeking over the horizon for a moment before setting again. The last sunrise and sunset in a generation. a generation You notice how that phrase gets used when they talk about the Long Night? Did you never stop to think what that meant? It doesn't simply mean "a long time". A dream. That's the bittersweet ending we're left with: Winter with a capital "W" is upon the world but the prophecy is in fulfillment, and we have a glimmer of what that means. But just a glimmer: a dream.
  5. Damon_Tor

    The House of the Undying

    The point, I think, is that this is a story about the birth of Dany's three (human) children. But a writer is faced with a challenge with that sort of story: if the entire purpose of the story is the birth of three children by a single woman, then the time involved would have to mean that the climax of the story would be split into three parts, at least one of those parts happening fairly early in the story. That's not good storytelling. Instead, hide the birth, reintroduce him to the story soon after child #2 is born. This way all three children get to be revealed in Act 3, and all three get to be a part of the "conclusion" of the story, which can all fit into a span of a year instead of three years.
  6. Damon_Tor

    The House of the Undying

    Everyone seems so sure about that...
  7. Damon_Tor


    Skinchangers, Greenseers and Shadowbinders are people. People aren't inherently magic: they don't need magic to survive. There are things which suggest that the wall does interfere with Skinchanging: Jon loses contact with Ghost while the wall separates them. And to be frank, we don't have any evidence that the Wall stops Others at all. They were able to control Wights in castle black, after all. Odd that the wall seems to block skinchanging but not corpsehandling. If the wall was meant to stop the Others, allowing them to control the dead through the wall seems like a somewhat glaring weakness.
  8. Damon_Tor

    The House of the Undying

    The men listed are the ones who sire children on her. Hizdahr did not, and will not. I don't get why people are so against by this. Daenerys very clearly has "a type". She likes large, strong, violent men. This is entirely consistent throughout the series. When she meets Quentyn she instead eyeballs his large brutish companion and thinks to herself "now, if only he looked more like this guy." Victarion isn't a good guy. Neither was Drogo. Neither is Daario. They're all aggressive, murderous brutes, and that's exactly what gets Daenerys going. And Victarion is about to show up as the answer to her prayers, with a ton of ships to get her forces over the sea, covered in the blood of her enemies. Frankly, I can't imagine a scenario where she DOESN'T fall for him. EDIT: Now, it's entirely possible that Victarion is where she learns better; Drogo and Daario have love to give beneath their barbaric exteriors, and treated her well enough, but at his core Victarion is filled with self-loathing and seems to think very little of women. And I'm reasonably certain that Euron maintains a psychic link with Victarion via the dusky woman and will extend that link to Daenerys when Victarion and she begin have sex. To what end, I'm not entirely sure, and I don't think Daenerys or Victarion will really understand what's happening to them (neither will most readers, for that matter) but having evil magic float around every time you have sex probably isn't good for a relationship.
  9. Damon_Tor


    It's likely the magic simply isn't precise enough to block magic A but allow magic B. Or maybe there's a "whitelist" for magic that's allowed to pass, and dragon's weren't added to it because they weren't really a thing yet. Or we don't understand the wall and its builders entirely.
  10. Damon_Tor

    An evil girl's dark heart

    A Faceless Man becomes the identity he's assuming in a very real way, or at least in a way that's real to him.
  11. Maester Conspiracy. The Maesters have been using selective breeding for centuries to strengthen certain traits and stifle others. Lyanna Stark pretty clearly had the Stark skinchanger trait, Robert obviously has the Durrendon wargod trait. The two might not seem terribly complimentary, but consider that Lyanna is often suspected to be the Knight of the Laughing Tree. If that's true, then despite having no particular strength or experience, she was able to successfully compete in a jousting tournament, presumably by exerting influence over the horses. Imagine if someone had those gifts AND the Baratheon combat competence. It's both. There are two factions at the Citadel, anti-magic and pro-magic. They aren't enemies, they're rivals at best; both do seem to be working towards the same end, the final victory over the Children of the Forest.
  12. You need to establish a metric here. Best hand as in "was best for the Kingdoms"? In the short term or the long term? Bloodraven manipulated the royal family, but to what end? And he wound up a tool of the Children, the ultimate enemy of humanity by some perspectives. Was he their ally (or puppet) even before he became a part of them? As to "what was best for the Kingdoms" that's entirely subjective. To someone who would think humanity should be subsumed by the Children, maybe Bloodraven really is best. To someone who thinks dragons (as the nuclear weapons metaphor) or magics in general are the biggest threat to humanity, then Lucas Lothston gets the gold medal, since it appears to be his bloodline taking residence in Harrenhal that shut down magic to begin with. Then again he took possession of Harrenhal before he became hand, so I suppose there's another question there: do we only count their actions while they're acting as the Hand? Does Bloodraven's tenure as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and then as the Three-Eyed Crow count for/against him?
  13. Damon_Tor

    What was Mirri Maz Duur actually saying?

    I would say so as well, but GRRM referred to it as a prophecy when asked about it. I'm not sure why he'd call it that if she was just being mean.
  14. Damon_Tor

    What was Mirri Maz Duur actually saying?

    I assume she meant Rhaego.