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  1. So I feel like GoT has built up a considerable feminist fanbase, much of that because of Daenerys. So what happens now? This episode reinforces the worst stereotype of women as leaders: that they're prone to emotional, irrational decisionmaking with potentially ruinous consequences. The idea that a female President or Prime Minister would order a nuclear strike because she's "on her period" is a very real problem with how we see women as a society, and here we have Daenerys, ordering the Westerosi equivalent of a nuclear strike because she's having an irrational emotional response. Also, Brienne breaking down sobbing when Jaime left her. WTF was that? Is that the last we see of Brienne? Is that the conclusion of her character arc, getting pumped and dumped by a Chad and weeping about it? REALLY?
  2. If it's made more clear that the body if Bran is being inhabited by a hostile alien intelligence and that the "winner" is a gestalt entity created of the Children of the Forest and the "losers" are all of humanity who are now unwittingly enslaved by the Children, then it's an ending I can get behind.
  3. "Gently?" No. Keep in mind Bran was in control of the information about Jon's lineage and chose to share it, even pushed Sam to share it with Jon. He could have warned Jon not to share it with Sansa and chose to allow him to tell her. Without the estrangement this information caused between Jon and Dany, and without Dany's newfound insecurity about her claim to the throne, she wouldn't have felt the need to burn King's Landing to inspire fear. D&D were clear on that last point in behind the episode.
  4. Damon_Tor

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    We're assuming they're really dumb, remember? Jon's sword is in his scabbard, the dragon can't see any of the steel, it's just a weird leather-covered stick.
  5. Damon_Tor

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    Or C, they're so dumb that it sees the pointy metal in Dany and destroys the rest of the pointy metal in the room.
  6. Damon_Tor

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    We have no idea how smart they are. We have no reason to believe they understand cause and effect the way we do, or that they have any level of deductive reasoning. So the dragon seems to "feel" that Dany is dead and comes to investigate. It sees her lying there dead with a piece of metal sticking out of her. There is a large pointy metal object there as well. Her mate is also there. While an intelligent creature could conclude that Jon killed her, but a less intelligent creature has no way to draw that conclusion. Drogon may have simply concluded that "pointy metal = bad" and acted accordingly.
  7. Except for when he forcibly took over his friends' body because he was bored and wanted to go splunking. An act he acknowledged filled his friend with horror, an act directly compared to rape. He is totally detatched from humanity: lives are meaningless to Bran. What does he value anymore? Do we know? The Tree-Eyed Raven isn't human: Bloodraven had been a human before he took on that mantle, but at some point that entity was formed by the Children of the Forest. It is an alien intelligence to which Bran is simply a host. And he even admits he is not Bran anymore. And if you rewatch the past season, the only way to interpret some of his actions (specifically insisting Sam tell Jon who he really is precisely when Sam is angriest at Daenerys, and also making sure Jaime was alive so that Tyrion spends time in prison to "reflect") were to ensure this outcome, him in direct control of humanity. And since D&D were clear in behind the episode that Daenerys would not have gone mad without the estrangement and anxiety between her an Jon, we have to conclude that Bran knowingly caused the destruction of King's Landing in order to come to power. This is Seven Times Never Kill Man. Classic GRRM ending, where the evil alien intelligence successfully subverts human culture to take control.
  8. Damon_Tor

    I thought Greyworm was justified

    The unsullied were raised to be killing machines. No guilt, no remorse, just to kill and die at the command of their master. Emotional response to Misandei or not, nobody should be surprised when they're on board with Fire and Blood.
  9. Damon_Tor

    Thoughts on Arya possibly dying/failing to kill Dany?

    If I were Daenerys I would kill Arya first chance I got. At this point a rogue Faceless Man is the only real threat to her. Like, as soon as the battle was over Daenerys would pull Greyworm to one side and tell him what he has to do. They surround her with a few dozen unsullied and stab her to death with their spears. She probably takes down a bunch of them, makes a good show of it, but dies all the same.
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    Mourning Dany

    D&D's error wasn't that they made a twist they shouldn't have made, their error was not building up to her madness more obviously, in such a way so as to ensure the average viewer could see it coming. For example, a few scenes here and there of her talking to a hallucinatory Viserys would have clubbed it over everyone's heads nicely.
  11. Damon_Tor

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    That's a part of the calculation, but it's far from the only thing that matters. An actor's salary is reflected by how indispensable they are to the production, that's true, but you also have to factor in how in demand those actors are, what other offers are coming in for them, what projects they'll have to turn down to play a given role. Two actors may be just as important to the production, but one demands a higher salary because they have big offers coming in from other projects while the other doesn't.
  12. Damon_Tor

    This is all Jon’s fault

    Eddard's parents were first cousins.
  13. Damon_Tor

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    The idea came to me by working backwards from the House of the Undying prophecy, particularly the line nobody else has a good explanation for: "From a smoking tower, a great stone beast took wing, breathing shadow fire." Other lines the the prophecy show past events, so it occurred to me that this one might as well. Harrenhal is the best candidate, and because we have reason to believe house Hoare survived via the World of Ice and Fire and the story of Harren the Red it seemed to make sense the prophecy is telling us what happened to them. So I figured it was using heraldry, as prophecy often does. The name "Lothston" is apparently fictional, an invention of GRRM not based on a real-world family name as far as I can tell, and it appears to mean "Hateful Stone" or "Reluctant Stone". Their sigil is a bat. Hence "Stone beast takes wing". "Shadow fire" could be a reference to house Blackfyre, Damon Blackfyre and the other Great Bastards born from a lust cultivated in Aegon IV by Lucas Lothston. Admittedly, it requires some leaps of faith, but it holds together well enough, and accounts for every word of that line of prophecy. However, it's requires no such leap to conclude that house Whent is descended from house Lothston: the Whent coat of arms is a clear derivation of the Lothstons', something that usually implies a cadet branch. And of course there's the geneological evidence GRRM seems to like so much: the red hair. Red hair which, incidentally, brings us back to Harren the Red. Why was he called that? It's not clear, but it feels like a bread crumb to me. That's true, which is why important genes can pop up in unexpected places and people we might expect to have certain genes might not. But the gene still needs a way to get from its point of origin to the person in question, and furthermore, the author will feel obligated to explain the lineage. "Oh, this one Blackwood must have had Hoare blood and nobody knew it" is reasonable from a genetic perspective, but not from the point of view of a narrative.
  14. Damon_Tor

    Tyrion's Face was Priceless

    There was a reason I used 120 IQ instead of 100.
  15. Damon_Tor

    Tyrion's Face was Priceless

    There are a number of problems with that: not every cast wants to do the same show for 15 years, especially not when several of the GoT actors are now finding really plush roles in film. A show like GoT is a massive time commitment, eating up time when they could be taking on new projects and growing their brand. Their contracts were not infinite, and so they would ask for more money as the seasons went on. Either the budget would balloon or they would be forced to kill off characters they would otherwise want to keep.
  16. Damon_Tor

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    Only because we're never getting ADoS. But no, Daenerys as a villain has been clear from the first novel. It's even clear in the leaked synopsis to his publisher that she's meant to be a villain. If the show departed from the novels on this front it's because they downplayed her villainous nature making the face-heel-turn harder to swallow. Further, elements cut by the show (fAegon chiefly) likely cost them an opportunity to show her ramping up to becoming what she was meant to become. If we had seen her commit some moderate atrocities while defeating fAegon it would have felt more reasonable when she finally decided to set fire to a million people.
  17. Damon_Tor

    Tyrion's Face was Priceless

    It's a rather bitter fact: writers can't write characters much smarter than they are themselves. GRRM wrote characters like Tyrion and Littlefinger well because he's an intelligent man. But as soon as the show left the books behind all the characters in the show with an IQ above 120 or so became regular jackoffs because the writers just couldn't handle it.
  18. Damon_Tor

    Bran seen it all?

    I think it's pretty clear he didn't only know what was going to happen, but he planned it. It's the only reason he could have to push Jon as Rhaegar's son when he did. He wanted Dany to lose her mind.
  19. Damon_Tor

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    No man has an atrocity on this scale in the series. This is the worst thing anyone has ever done, book or show. Ramsay has done nothing this bad, or Joffrey or the Mountain or Tywin or Roose Bolton or any Khal. The Nightking himself doesn't likely have this kind of body count.
  20. Damon_Tor

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Mostly I'm trying to provoke a conversation. Devil's advocate, so to speak. I'm actually pleasantly surprised by the face-heel turn in a show I had thought had run out of twists, though I have quibbles about the manner in which it was done.
  21. Damon_Tor

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    So the last positive female characters we have left are: Sansa? ... Anyone else? Someone's going to say Arya, but this is still the person who thought it was okay to bake a man's sons into a pie and feed them to him, then poison every male member of his family.
  22. I don't think we understand him well enough judge how evil he is or isn't. We don't know his methods, and many of the actions attributed to him (ie, raping his brothers) are based on conclusions drawn from fragmentary memories that might not mean what we think they mean.
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    Part of the problem here is how often words change meanings during an era where literacy is quite rare. Blacksmiths were not a profession likely to be literate, and so there was no definitive text to define terms. A blacksmith was taught by his master from memory, and so terms we're likely to mutate as those masters forgot and reinvented what their masters had taught them. Maybe "Morningstar" at one point specifically referred to the method by which the Smith's made the spiked ball itself, regardless of whether the ball was to be mounted to a mace or a flail. As time passed some smiths began to call a spiked mace a Morningstar while others used that word for the flail. That's just speculation, but you get the idea.
  24. Damon_Tor

    Predicting and Gambling

    Rhaego is alive. I'd bet less because of how sure I'm right and more because of how sure everyone else is that I'm wrong. The payout would be huge.