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  1. I like this explanation. I am sure GRRM had some input on what needed to be shown in the HotU, and he probably wanted to spice things up and create new visions to show to the fans. Perhaps he was trying to tell us something about the ending of the story, in a vague and uncertain way. Those scenes could be taken multiple ways. Dany is going to first burn kings landing with her unruly dragons? Dany will then head to the Wall and die defeating the Great Other? Dany will reunite with Drogo when she dies? Dany will meet Jon and Jon will become her new Khal Drogo? The Starks will rule the seven kingdoms? Jon will take over the Iron Throne? The Iron Throne is all Dany wants, but perhaps she will never get it? and so on... Maybe the leaving out of Rhaegar and Elia was GRRM's way of trying to finally put an end to the R+L=J theory.
  2. Why were the wights in season 1 running around inhumanly fast, and these wights just look like something from Shaun of the Dead? I'm pretty sure the guy who cackles and cuts off the dudes head in the pilot was an Other/White Walker. The little girl and the other dead wildings in the camp came back as wights because of the Other. So the question is, why did the wear black armor, look awesome, and cackle before, and now they look like a cheesy B horror film monster who roars like a Naz Ghul from LOTR?
  3. I feel yea on the last scene with the Other man. Totally lame. I mean, the white walker on the horse looked cool but he just stared at Sam, and then moved on...stupid. Sam would have been dead right then and there. The wights with the white walkers just looked like something out of The Walking Dead. Also, you are right, the White Walkers only come at night. Mance Rayder says so in ASOS.
  4. I'm sorry but that ending was weak. The White Walkers just look at same and move on? I don't think so. And I felt like I was watching The Walking Dead. Also, the house of the undying sucked. Sure the little scene of her in the throne room was nice, and her seeing Khal was touching for non book readers I'm sure. But other than that it left out huge prophecies for Dany. Three times you will be betrayed? The dragon has three heads? And we waited 9 episodes to see what was behind this mysterious XXD vault...and there was nothing? Pointless. Oh, and Danys handmaiden was sleeping with Xaro? Wtf Jon's slaying of Qhorin was not setup properly in the show. There was no reason for him to completely kill Qhorin in the eyes of a non book reader. It just looked sloppy. Rattleshirt telling Jon to slay Qhorin to prove himself makes sense.
  5. All I can say is the preview for episode 19 was epic. I really hope they make the Battle of Blackwater epic. The only question that remains is...WILL THERE BE A CHAIN!? Seriously, the whole time Tyrion and Varys were talking while looking out at the sea all I could think was how awesome it would be to see a big chain hanging from one wall to the other across the channel. The way the scene was shot almost seemed like they were hinting at it. They kept using angles on either side of Tyrion and Varys, clearly showing the narrow channel between the city. Also, I thought for sure Tyrion was going to mention the chain when Bronn and Him were sitting inside and Tyrion was reading war books. When Varys asked Tyrion what they have got to defend mud gate once Stannis arrives Tyrion looks at Bronn and says "Pig shit". Is this suppose to be a hint at the chain?
  6. This show needs to be an hour and half or even two hours long per episode. Either that, or we need like 15+ episodes a season. I don't think they can continue in this fashion for the next books. There are just too many characters and too much stuff going on. Even this season feels rushed and skipping around all over the place. When you break each episode down into minutes per character its kind of disappointing. We only see characters for like a few minutes a week. WE NEED LONGER EPISODES HBO!
  7. So did anyone else notice during the preview for episode 18, it said only two episodes left? Uh, I am pretty sure there's three episodes left! lol
  8. I didn't even think of this, but I definitely think its possible. For me, I just immediately figured the Warlocks stole them. Quaithe makes more sense now that I think about it.
  9. I loved this episode. The sack of winter fell was something I was not expecting to happen so quickly; but I am glad they stuck to the book and kept the whole scene between Theon and Bran, and Theon gathering everyone to hear Bran say he yielded to Theon. The actor who plays Master Luwin really nailed the character, and gave a powerful performance this episode. It will be a heart renting scene when Luwin dies next season. The way he stared at Theon was perfect. I was okay with the change of Rodrik being beheaded by Theon; it makes the character arc of Theon way more dramatic and harsh. That beheading was brutal! The way they changed the escape of Bran and Co. to having Osha sleep with Theon and sneak out was also a nice change. It just streamlines things. There seemed to be a lot of tweaks and changes from the books in this episode. Cat and Brienne are already at Robb' camp before he returns betrothed to Jeyne. In my opinion, it doesn't matter to much seeing as how we were never introduced to Riverrun; and this way we get to see Cat reminding Robb that he can't fall for another woman because he's still promised to a Frey. It's a smart way to remind the non-book reading audience so when the RW happens it will be more intense. One thing I don't quite understand yet is why we have yet to get Jeyne's proper name and house yet. Why the secrecy? The scenes in King's Landing were brilliant. The riots were not as large scale as I imagined when I read the book but that's understandable because its a TV show. Tyrion was great as usual. Finally, we get to see The Hound save Sansa. I am not sure how they are planning to handle Jon's storyline. So basically he chased after Ygritte a little bit and now he's completely lost from Qhorin? That doesn't really make much sense. In the book he releases Ygritte and they just meet up again when he has to kill Qhorin. It seems they are streamlining this a bit to keep Ygritte on screen more this season. Does this mean she is going to take him directly to Mance? Are they going to cut out Jon having to kill Qhorin? That wouldn't make much sense. I was kind of disappointed we didn't get to hear "You know nothing Jon Snow" tonight lol. So wtf is happening in Dany's world? I understand showing her demand ships from one of the Thirteen, but who stole her dragons? Where is the show going with this change? It's quite a divergence from the book and the only possible answer I can think of is the Warlocks stole her dragons to get her to come to The House of the Undying.
  10. After seeing the scene where they put a lot of emphasis on Sam explaining three horn blasts means White Walkers, I am officially going to back the theory that this season will end with a scene on The Fist of the First Men, three horn blasts, and cut to black. That would be a perfect cliffhanger.
  11. Unless I completely missed it while reading A Clash of Kings, wasnt the whole Xaros vault/Xaros necklace key idea completely made up? While watching this episode a second time on HBO GO there was a special feature clip on the set creation of Xaros vault and they specifically said multiple times that the vault, and what lies inside it, are critical plot elements. Wtf? Does Dany break in and steal something to escape Qarth? Something else I noticed too: wasn't Jorah always against getting ships and sailing directly to Westeros? If I remember correctly, he always wanted to head further east to Assai, or go the Slavers Bay and purchase unsullied.
  12. This was my favorite episode this season by far. No unecessary sex scenes or made up nonsense that wastes screen time. The exchange between Tywin and Arya was brilliant. Maisie is awesome, and that look she gave him as she said "Any man can be killed."! That sent shivers down my spine. I thought the Qarth scenes were very well done, and was thrilled to see Pyat Pree introduced and the House of the Undying mentioned. Renlys death could be viewed as cheesy but it's cgi; what do you expect. I thought it was handled very true to the book. Brienne killing the guards was awesome; and when she offered herself to Cat later was very moving. Theons further embarrassment was amusing. Having Theon not know who Dagmer is doesn't really bother me. He's such a small character it's not important to inform the audience he was previously known. It's kind of disappointing he isn't missing part of his jaw but that's to be expected. I loved how they laid the groundwork for Margaery to come back and become engaged to Joffrey. It was a much need POV from her to see how determined she is to become Queen. It also shows how Littlefinger will be the one to broker the alliance. The wildfire scene was done exceptionally well. For those saying why did they make it Cerseis idea? Well, in the books it is her idea. Cersei has been habing them secretly make wildfire until Tyrionmfinds out and then takes over. They nailed the casting of the pyromancer. The casting in the show is always unbelievably good. I can't wait to see the chain be thrown in there. I'm not sure how I feel about Davosnbeing the reason Melisandre is left out of the battle of Blackwater, but meh whatever. It gives an explanation for him being in the leading attack of the ships. The actor playing Stannis is getting better and better with each episode. The one gripe I have with this episode: The Fist of the First Men. It was not in the middle of the mountains. It was a high hill surrounded by dense forestry. I suppose they made it look like it was in the frostfangs for more WOW factor. It definitely looks harsher and more dangerous. However, it looks near impossible to barricade. I can't wait to see Qhorin and Jon's scouting adventure and the introduction of Ygritte and Rattleshirt. Ok I lied; I have another gripe. Wtf is with making Jojens green dreams come from Bran? And it appears Osha knows about the three eyed crow beyond the wall. This really makes me worry about Jojen and Meera ever showing up in the series. The way it seems it's going we will probably see Osha lead Bran north. I'm not sure what will happen to Rickon then.
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