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    Board Issues 4

    I don't know if anyone's mentioned this yet, but checking through my activity, I noticed many of the posts imported from the old boards are truncated after the first quote. There are some replies that begin with a quote which have no other content, though I can't say whether this content's lost or just hidden because of a formatting issue. It's very reminiscent to me of a problem the Jedi Council at TheForce.Net had, still unresolved, with cut off posts after the big move from IGN. While this doesn't seem to affect new posts, I hope a solution can be found, as otherwise it's really hard to follow the discussion when (re-)reading past threads. On a different note, does BBCode still work? I prefer using a plain text editor so I can do all the fancy coding myself--indents, which appear to be broken, and the like--but I don't see an option for that anymore. And finally, as a general suggestion, it might be helpful to sticky a post of known issues, with updates on the progress of fixes. That way people don't keep asking about the same things.