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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    So fell in love with this series and I've not read the books but I have to admit I've checked online to find the fates of some characters as I just couldn't bare to wait things out. Looked up Loras and Danaerys and happy to see they last. My question to you book readers and the one gripe I had about this episode is that Dany, earlier in the series, runs into her villa to see all the dothraki bloodied and at this stage it seems her entire klan is annihilated by assassins. We get an idea of how many she has with them when she first meets the 13 outside the gates of Qarth. So it seems that all of them were killed except her main companion whose name I forget and one other dothraki protector. So what annoyed me and what I wanted to ask book readers is how all of sudden when she has her dragons back it seems like a ton of dothraki are still with her. Where the heck did they come from??!?! Is this the case in the books too?