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  1. Best episode so far, gave it a rating of 8. Reasons for liking it The death scene for Renly was great, although we had a certain missing armor piece The fealty scene with Cat and Brienne was very well done and meaningful Stannis and Davos's discusssion about the Lady Mel, shored up the reason for not taking her to 'Battle of Blackwater'. Although it does seem odd, 'Admiral Davos Seaworth' The site of Ghost stand fiercely in the background at the 'Fist of the First Men' The Halfhand's introduction, already a legend Phat's introduction, that's one creepy you-know-what Dany beginning to communicate with your fierciest Dragon, the CGI was very nice Any battle of words scene with Tyrion and Cersie Oh heck, I'll give it a 9, for said reasons
  2. The best episode so far, mind you we only have two others to go on, but otherwise very nicely done, especially with the switch of Tyrion to Pycelle to Varys to Littlefinger scenes. In adition Brienne of Tarth is amazing, her towering presence is just like the books described her. Now some say she is still not as ugly as she should be; but recall that her brudish ways and gangly appearance also play into people looking at her as an 'un-Beauty'.
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