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  1. episodenone

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    If you don;t want to be spoiled... why in the world were you in this section of the forums? He's only giving it away to those who choose to read it.
  2. The word is "Hanged" No person can be "hung" by a noose. When a person is put do death via hanging -- the proper word usage is "Hanged" -- never and not "Hung" http://unenlightenedenglish.com/2009/05/hanged-vs-hung-yes-theres-a-difference
  3. episodenone

    [ADWD SPOILERS] Guide to the POVs So You Know Where To Post

    Now that I have found this - I am so awestruck I feel like I need to re-read the entire series with these threads or I've read nothing at all...
  4. episodenone

    How would you rate episode 204?

    I'm with you - and now I don;t feel all alone about it. For the record - I think the "1" vote was a mishit by someone.
  5. episodenone

    How would you rate episode 204?

    I gave it a 6. The new Mountain was a disappointment. Some of the scenes were a little slow - as well as Joff. Tyrion earned the show back some points -- But then Littlefinger comes across as such a buffoon -- and in the books I got the impression that he was so sly. Robb was great - and I loved how they contrasted him with Joff. Even more interesting was how he reminded us all he is his father's son... doesn't mind fighting a war -- but doesn't want the spoils -- a la the Iron Throne. And then it seemed to end before it started.
  6. Me to - but I'm half way through ADWD - and really - this can be pulled off without them. I like them a lot -- but I think in the end i can live with it. Maybe they'll bring them in later? Is it totally out of the question?
  7. It's been a while -- but I remember Loras having a strong influence on Renly -- and I don;t remember him supposed to be as Large as Robert. Am I just hazy on those memories? And they certainly set up Renly last season with the being squeamish and hating to hunt - so this is clearly the direction they intended. Not just something that happened in this episode. Aslo - maybe it's hard to notice -- but I do think Renly acted in the show as though he realizes how stunning Marg is -- just doesn;t really want to go there. I mean - a moment ago Loras says he's gonna go get his sister, she turns up half naked - and he seems to be impressed with her -- yet maybe is just scared to upset the apple cart with his lover?
  8. ah - I see. perhaps there is that difference in the book vs the show. i guess i may have overlooked that. it would be subtle i assume. and the show does have loras say "they are sniggering.... the queen is still a virgin" which could be the sentiment that renly is gay... or just a scaredy cat himself
  9. and of course -- there are warriors we will see down the road that are the best of the best so they say... Like I said earlier -- I think most are missing the point. Being Gay in Westeros is not necessarily a bad thing at all -- it's the fact that he isn't making a Baby [read: Son] that is the problem.
  10. Asha - I totally disagree -- I think her mannerisms, body language - eye-language [if there is a such a thing] is excellent. I think it's part of what is making Theon so flustered. I happen to think she is doing a fantastic job despite her not being the picture of beauty many seem to wish she was. They've done such a magnificent job of casting - hard to believe GRRM and D&D missed this one as badly as many have posted. There isn't much "curious" about the actress name and a character with some name that is distantly related. The book was written 15? 20 years ago? Long before the actress was involved methinks.
  11. Obviously. My point is - if no one knows you're gay -- and if no children come from your marriage as king - then the perception would be that you are physically unable rather than simply not being attracted to your wife. which would then be a sign of weakness in medieval cultures such as this.
  12. I'm not sure the Gay element has anything to do with weakness in this civilization. Not having the ability to Father children might be a sign of weakness and probably is. And if it's by choice -- no difference. A King needs a son in Westeros - for the most part - this is a quite important part of the culture. Being Gay is probably fine with the vast majority of the population of Westeros and Essos.
  13. Who cares about the guy on guy scenes? We've come too far to feel like we need to mention them. ESPECIALLY if you are a guy who loves the girl on girl scenes. Just deal with it. To lighten the mood on this topic-- My wife walked in during that scene -- doesn't watch the show and doesnt read the books... She stands there for a minute - then asks me how often do i truly watch gay porn? What could I say? I still dont know if she was serious! Eh - it was like 20 seconds of a 56 min show. Move along.
  14. Yea - that would definitely be too funny and rough on poor hodor. he already has his work cut out for him... a 100 pound kid is a heck of a lot easier than a 150!
  15. nice catch on the "word" for book readers. and i think its arya that is obviously growing too fast as opposed to sansa. bran still looks ok to me as does tommen and myrcella. but i fear for that aging child actors thing -- always worried they'll bring in sam from diffrnt strokes when the older kids aint as cute as they used to be.