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  1. Equilibrium

    Board Issues 4

    Just to get back at you, Now it seems to work fine, it didn't log me out.
  2. Equilibrium

    Board Issues 4

    Same here
  3. Equilibrium

    Board Issues 4

    Didn't know that, thanks a lot.
  4. Equilibrium

    Board Issues 4

    Thanks for the info. Just I am almost certain it worked better before, is it about version of the forum software or something, why would they change it for worse and less comfortable.
  5. Equilibrium

    Board Issues 4

    When I go to "Followed Content" and click on topic, it puts me on OP, it's bad, it would be better to put me at last unread, last of mine posts or at least on last page. There was previously listing of pages so I could click on the one I want, but now there isn't. Also it would be nice if threads were sorted by last active, not by the time I started following them, so now I have active threads in 2 or third page, while some inactive ones are on first. Please see what you can do.
  6. ^What he said, so much stuff was set up I was looking forward to S4, only to find out it got canceled.
  7. Equilibrium

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    He is still awesome, I just don't like him as I did before. I never thought him to be morally good or even gray, I knew he was bad. I found some of his actions deplorable but it was him revealing utterly psychopathic and sadistic underlaying persona that put me off. But to tick off your questions just the same. (a) We didn't know he raped his brothers, it was far from certain, it's easy to pretend now it was obvious all along. (b) We still don't know he raped Victarion's sister, he most likely didn't, as he could as well seduced her, come on would it be difficult for Euron to do so. It would much more fit his modus operandi as Victarion was the target there and it would be much more devastating move. (c) Actually not bothered by this, they most likely knew what was going to happen when they joined and were more then compensated for it. If all of his crew were mutilated by force someone was bound to give him Mexican necktie, you can't be pirate captain if all your crew hates you. (d) He didn't rape or order a rape. Come on they are Ironborn it's not like the rest of then are choir-boys, it would be extremely unpopular decision to actually stop them from raping. Actually scratch this one completely, whole scene was Falia's idea. (f) Another one I don't see all the fuss about, Euron was declared king in as fair as manner as it could happen and the Baelor decided not to acknowledge him, treason if there is one, dismembering him afterwards would be a thing English law would prescribe up to 19th century. Only the first one is a thing that could make me really reproach Euron and it was FAR FROM CERTAIN, yes, there were few vague hints, but nothing certain, and look at the boards before the chapter, lots of people didn't think he was raping them.
  8. Equilibrium

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I actually like both, Victarion, dumb brute he is, he is pretty stand-up guy, and Aeron. I can't not like Aeron because I identify with him so much as I have gone from being 24/7 party animal to being deeply religious, luckily with much nicer childhood before all that. And of course their chapters were far from boring, there was so much going on and tracking Ironborn political leanings is a great fun. But Euron, while I never thought he was a good or moral guy was so magnificent and charismatic with his nonchalant playing of hop-scotch with the line separating madness from greatness. There were some clues as to his true nature but they were either deeply subjective (Vic's wife), uncertain and hazy (rusty hinges) or rumors, and I say again he was so awesome that few unsavory things can be ignored for me to like him, like with say Roose or Littlefinger, who are great and likable while antagonists while say Ramsey, Gregor and Vargo are not, well Euron is far more awesome then either Roose or Littlefinger. Euron is brilliant and totally amoral in every sense psychopath sadist, kind of which if they ever exist in such condition outside of movies, make infinitesimal percentage of psychopath sadist which in turn make very, very low percentage of either psychopaths of sadists. He is more cunning and more evil then Hannibal Lecter, psychopathic cannibal who is fictionalized and GREATLY EXAGGERATED version of a pretty one of the kind guy who is real life psychopath and doctor. So he brilliant, amoral and cruel on the scale that is probably not possible in real world and he is fucking magical to the booth. His alien world-view and disregard for anything coupled with his pervasive sadism and all the Lovecraftian themes and references associated with him makes Euron more like Eldritch abomination then bad guy. I literally felt deceived by Euron, and in extent by Martin, which was certainly his goal in viscerally making a point. Euron is now even more awesome and the exact type of character needed to illustrate changes happening in the world of ASOIAF, he is past realistic because he doesn't need to be realistic, there are dragons and zombies, with magic as potent catalyst which can change everything and everybody, but he is far less likable and almost impossible to actually root for. He cannot be viewed as cool and charismatic albeit slightly unhinged pirate, and that is because it finally is revealed to us that he was never just cool and charismatic albeit slightly unhinged pirate, he was always absolutely brilliant and totally amoral psychopathic sadist.
  9. Equilibrium

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    This was very, very effective chapter, maybe one of the best chapters in the series in my opinion. Why? Well because it played me. No correct that, it showed me how previous chapters played me. See thing is, I really liked Euron, not necessarily wanting him for buddy, but he was awesome character, the kind of villain you really root for because he is awesome, like evil Jack Sparrow or every good Magnificent Bastard villain. To put it in story context character I viewed him similarly to Littlefinger, but Euron is as brilliant as Littlefinger, plus flamboyant and slightly unhinged, and also much more awesome, come on he is baddest and most badass pirate coming from the society of badass pirates while Littlefinger smirk, schemes and swoons over underage girl. And of course look at Euron's quotes, he has best awesome per word ratio in the books, every second line is pure genius, Roose or Varys can get even close, not even Tyrion or Jaime. You absolutly turn a blind eye to the few more unsavory things for a guy like that. And then it turns out that he is slightly more evil than that, and by slightly I mean incomparably more. We actually either see this or hear it from him or Aeron, it's different than some rumors, he really is that bad. He just jumped to the first place of evil dudes in ASOIAF and there are pretty evil dudes in ASOIAF, but they are boy scouts compared to Euron, whatever was their worst act Euron does it twice a week and adds some stuff that would make Ramsey flinch. He is also only character so far to be both master player and passionate sadist. He is as evil as human can be, given the hints of his magical abilities, it's almost can be said that he is evil more than a human can be. Shift in characterization is that he is not end-justifies-means kind of guy who uses cruelty and oppression to gain power, Euron sees power as a vessel to enable him wider array of cruelty and oppression on wider scale. That is a thing, this chapter has showed me that I have been played, as Ironborn have been played, to like Euron because he is awesome and larger-than-life while ignoring the clues pointing to the fact he is evil beyond comprehension. And clues were there but were minor, ambiguous and uncertain, and were overlooked because of Euron's charismatic flamboyancy. "Maddest of them all" is the one I remembered immediately, I thought that referred to his unconventionality and eccentricity but now I see it does not, he really is the maddest and not just of Greyjoys. Stakes are upped with other stuff, he probably was in Valyria and he has Valyrian steel armor, which is something new so far, and as much as I heard people complaining about Martin pulling it out of his ass as we haven't heard one mention of something like that even existing so far, it's not like Euron pulled out Valyrian steel Desert Eagle 0.50, it is plausable and it establishes Euron as the next level guy and it is insignificant compared to his blood-magic powered fleet which is bound to start increasing religious adherence in Westeros any time soon. Euron is still far more likable then every outright villain in ASOIAF, even as he is far worse. But now it's pretty hard to root for him, he is not doing it for some greater goal like say Tywin did, he isn't harsh but just, he wouldn't even care for "peaceful land, quiet people". On a side note, Greyjoys were always giving of that Lovecraftian vibe but this chapter takes it few steps further, but then agian, Euron seems like the kind of guy to be in cahoots with Gol-goroth.
  10. I don't really care if anyone considers me a racist, I stopped caring about that shit. What means something to me is that people like you are able to see through what other, dumber and narrowminded ones, don't. Thank you.

  11. Equilibrium

    Board Issues 4

    Since this new forum took effect I am having a problem. When I post, there is always blank space worth couple of lines in the end of my posts, I checked multiple times, it is not my fault of pressing Enter or deleting something. Edit: Probably to spite me it hadn't happen this time. It doesn't happen always but it is regular enough for me to notice Edit 2: It appeared when I edited the post and I know I didn't press Enter or mess with the copy/paste or quoting or deleting content, so fuck it, if it disappears after this edit I will know forum gained sentience and is doing it on purpose
  12. Equilibrium

    Board Issues 4

    Yeah, I am having issue with this new look, it is ridiculous Is there a skin or something for it to look like the old one. Also it's like it narrowed the width in which text is shown.
  13. Equilibrium

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    Well, I thought, this is surprisingly competent and with the lack of fucking up, maybe this is the first episode this season to deserve some higher rating, like 6 or even 7, Emilia's acting next to Peter is not comparable and Sam's scene was pointless, but Cersei, Tyrion and Arya scenes where pretty good, and then fucking pointless badly choreographed CGI skeleton battle, serves me right for getting my hopes up. 4/10
  14. Equilibrium

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    Ah, I remember like it was yesterday. I have kept hearing some offhand remarks about the books here and there from my fantasy loving acquaintances and friends, I was big fantasy fan myself of course but I never have run into the books myself, it was before they got really popular. Then one night at the party I talked with a friend of mine and we somehow broached the subject of fantasy and after few minutes he asked me have I read Martin, I said like no, I heard about them, are they any good. He said they are amazing and I will certainly like them, further more he had the books and said he will bring them to me tomorrow night, I was like sure, bring me the first one, I will take it easily and we will see about the rest. We meet tomorrow and he brought me A Game of Thrones. When he said I will like it, oh man was he right. I got home late and got to bed, tired as hell, it happened to be few nights of consecutive heavy partying, thinking I will read a little to help me go to sleep. I got to the Bran being pushed and then I got up from the bed, made some coffee, got the cigarettes and got back to reading almost shaking because of the who good book was, or maybe from the all the coffee. Of course I read the rest of it in one sitting, it was dawning and I sent message to the friend to meet me and bring me the other ones as soon as he is able. I read all four of them in few days, thinking about them pretty much all the time, I even was with a girl on one party but I couldn't wait to get home to read the books, so I made some excuses and left. I don't think I slept much until books were finished. Man, do I love telling this story, I get warm around the heart every time, books really did hook me in, it was a hell of the adventure reading them first time. And each time after is adventure of itself
  15. First time ever that I am not in the 15% users that gave lowest ratings. This time I am not even in the 30%. I gave 4, because it's shit but it's most interesting of this shit so far this season. I never give 1 btw, visuals are often good even though they mess up the scenography (it's inconsistent and not faithful to books) and there is always someone of the cast and crew that does the good job that week. Good to see people are coming to their senses, I considered show shit after 10 minutes of S01E01 even though everyone raced to say I'm wrong.