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  1. Perhaps this has been said? I wanted to read all 18 pages of comments, but alas, I do have to do work while at work :) The HOTU.. I think it was brilliant! Why? Because instead of giving book readers prophecies and visions we already knew about and hashed out to death, they gave us something new to ponder. Like bonus material. Dany walking into a destroyed red keep and a throne room covered in SNOW? THEN walking out onto the wall to meet her deceased husband? So much to ponder. Sure they could have given what was described in the book, but like I said, book readers already hashed out those prophecies to death. So thank you HBO for giving us more material to ponder. I feel like it was a bonus.
  2. I don't watch award shows, but can individual episodes win anything? If so, that episode needs to win the "best fucking hour of televion in the history of ever" award.
  3. Whoa.. easy there. I think he's just throwing out a suggestion. Like "hey.. you love the series? You know what else you might like, these books". Kind of like when you go to Amazon and buy something, they suggest other things you might like.
  4. I couldn't WAIT for my non-book reading wife to freak out about Bran/Rickon. She didn't even flinch. But I think that has to do more with "if I don't see them being killed, then they aren't dead" television phenomenon. I can't remember what I thought when I first read that. I probably read it, looked at the table of contents, saw more Bran chapters, and then breathed a sigh of relief.
  5. Ya Im going to bite on this too, even though Im pretty sure you'll never change your mind. I am not a "fantasy" reader my any means. I love TV, etc.. etc.. But these books, and the rich world within are just about the greatest thing I ever read. The TV show, while highly enjoyable, is not even close to the books. I'm doing my first re-read right now, and I am consistently shocked by how items in Book 1 were foreshadowing events in later books. And the characters!!! I literally mourned them when I finished the last book, and couldn't wait to start all over again. Look.. the worst that happens is that you start the first book and say "meh.. not for me". But, at least give them a go!
  6. Every single excuse I read about why so-and-so was cut, or why this scene wasn't as comprehensive involves this "budget for the Blackwater battle". All I have to say is this – that battle better be mind-blowing. Like 200 giant ships lit on fire mind-blowing.
  7. The cicumstances in which I watched this episode may have tainted my opinions. I was driving home from a hockey game at 10pm when my non-book reading wife called me and yelled into the phone "OMG why didnt you warn me that they would steal her dragons!". I asked her to hang up, because believe it or not, she just let out a spoiler, as no dragons are ever stolen in the books. When I finally got home and watched the episode, I could only focus on the fact they Dany's dragon's will get stolen. Since I hadn't seen the scene yet, nor had the context I was bothered by the idea and all other scenes were through a filter of annoyance. Anyhow, fast forward to Monday night. I re-watched the episode, and what I thought was originally mediocre episode actually turned out to be a great one. It's sometimes hard to turn off the idea that I Know what's supposed to happen and just let it flow. On second watch, none of the changes seemed out of place, nor would destroy any future story lines. That being said, I am still not digging TV-Jon. He's a bit of righteous dummy on the show. I don't know. Maybe it is because I know how things turn out, that I forget the path characters need to take to get there. But come on Jon! Make a decision!! In the near future you will need to defend the wall and make some pretty quick decisions...
  8. I think, and with all due respect, you aren't appreciating that this is an adaptation, not a word for word dramatic reenactment with unlimited time, budget and an audience of just readers. Watching an adaptation means changes. The heart of the story is the same. there have been many novels that I chose to not watch the film adaptation of, because I knew it would break my heart. Bearing in mind that very few, if any, novels get to be adapted into over 20+ hours of film and counting, we are a fortunate group. The only way to recreate the series perfectly would be to reread.
  9. The birthing of the shadowbaby was amazingly well done!! I can't wait to watch the episode with my wife tomorrow...she's never read the books, and I can't wait to watch her reaction. I have zero problems with an adaptation making changes...but please please let people be right and that the Volantis girl is just Jeyne undercover. Joff/whores scene. Really hard to watch, but liked it as an addition. Any questions regarding Joffrey is a sadist (both in the book and the tv show ) can be laid to rest.
  10. ME TOO! I was strangely relived to see it just be used for beating. I think that would be too far...even for HBO.
  11. Ummm.. I'd say until being with Littlefinger in the Vale, she's pretty damn bitchy. It's pretty bitchy to let your sister's little friend take the fall because you have a crush on a prince. And by ally, I don' mean in the way sense. I mean in the sense that she has no friends in KL (at this point), no one to talk to. So instead of seeing Shae as someone who is there to help her out, she yells at her, she totally freaks out. It's so obvious that she was taking out all her frustrations and anger on this random woman come to see her. It's like when your boss at work yells at you, and then you go home and yell at your spouse. It's deflected anger.
  12. I thought Sansa was totally bitchy in the books... and it makes sense that she is being hard on Shae. She has no power, no say, she can't speak her mind, so she is going to explode at someone, somewhere. I thought that whole Sansa/Shae scene really showed how hard of a time Sansa is having... she just yelled at her only potential ally.
  13. 100% my favourite episode of the season. The credits came on, and I gasped, couldn't believe it ended so soon. I watch with my wife who is a non-book reader, and this was the first episode of the season she didn't have me pause to answer a gazillion questions, which I think speaks to how well the first two episodes set up the season for non-book readers. LOVED Margery... (loved her as Anne Boleyn as well). And love that they made her older and more cunning early on. Really great scene. Going to watch it again tonight, missed some aspects of the Bran scene people are talking about.
  14. Renly will be in Episode 3, but he's not going to get killed by the end, right? While for book readers it's a dramatic moment, I think killing a character the first episode we see him (this season), would lose a bit of drama. Also, Im looking forward to the actress who plays Margery. I loved her as Anne Boleyn in the Tudors!
  15. Hi, long time reader, first time poster. It surprises me to read so many negative comments. This is an artists interpretation of a work. No one was promised a word for word recreation of the novel. While I think it is fair to disagree with some of the interpretations, it's important to remember the opening credit that reads "Based on the best selling novels by GRRM". For an interpretive work, I am thoroughly impressed. And I enjoy the deviations, it lets me see how others interpreted what was written. If I wanted word for word, I would re-read the books.
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