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  1. Arya's changes were mostly awesome, I loved that we actually saw Yoren's epic end. I would have preferred Arya to have just thrown the axe to them and actually killed a couple of people, and wasn't this the battle that featured Hot Pie's "HOT PIE!"?
  2. One thing I hope they include soon is Tyrion's one... two... three... sequence when he's basically fixing KL.
  3. I forgot Jeyne doesn't show up again 'till DwD, assuming the actress who played her is a similar age to Maisie/Sophie then she'll probably be eighteen by the time they get to that. If she's cool with nude scenes then fine, if not then they can either replace the actress or tone down the scenes. Either way she'll look so different from the last time we saw her that Reek is going to have to make it clear who she is. And she won't be played by Ros (I seriously can't believe this is even a discussion...)
  4. Sam's always had a close connection with Ghost, the first time they meet Ghost licks his tears off his face.
  5. Lol, that would be cool. I don't think they'll make it obvious, more like an easter egg. I want them to play more songs in general, especially "A bear there was, A BEAR! A BEAR!" eta: the whistling I mean. I hope it will be obvious during the red/purple weddings, especially the red one.
  6. Even if they recast Jeyne, they won't just use Ros. The age difference is just too big, it would completely take away from the show if characters somehow forgot Arya wasn't Ned's oldest child by a decade. The only benefit I can see to Jeyne being Ros is that the audience will recognise her. But seeing as Reek-rhymes-with-meek recognises her it doesn't take much more than a "that's Jeyne, Sansa's best friend from Winterfell" from him to establish who she is.
  7. I don't understand!! Why are so many people independently coming up with this theory? This can't happen, they are too different in age. Jeyne has been cast as well so there's no need. Why?? AAAHHHH!! *breaks down into tears*
  8. Which song are you thinking of? The Bear and the Maiden Fair? The Rains of Castamere? I can't think of any others (except one that hasn't been written yet in the show)
  9. My two pence on the Jon stuff (I posted this in the cliffhanger thread)
  10. Finally!! Sigh, this outage problem is getting ridiculous... My thoughts on post-Jon-knocking-out (involving youtube HBO featurettes and the trailer for next ep, so spoiler tagging): One thing that's really starting to annoy me is the opening credits using the Wall and Vaes Dothrak for Jon and Dany when they aren't at those locations. I want a "The Haunted Forest" and "The Red Waste" and maybe even "The Kingsroad" for Arya.
  11. 1. Sort of agree, but we haven't really seen much yet 2. Yeah, with a perpetual light drizzle or mist. 3. Disagree. The scene with him writing the letter was a very good introduction to his unyielding moral compass. "A harmless courtesy your Grace." "A lie. Take it out." 4. If they stuck to the books Dany would be having a pretty boring season. I'm not really a fan of Dany, she hardly ever does anything after GoT 5. I believe they changed his character a bit because the actor they got to play him is so good. 6. He needs more verbal battles with Varys to show his intelligence 7. Agree, I love Arya and Maisie is easily the best actress on the show, which is amazing for such a young girl.
  12. GRRM has said that he wrote the books almost specifically to be un-adaptable because he was fed up with the limits imposed by tv and film (paraphrasing a bit as I can't remember his exact words but that's the gist of it). I think they're doing a decent job with it.
  13. Yeah, I felt her only real importance in the books is to introduce us to greyscale, but that's not really important till FfC/DwD (I forget which one...) and can be done by pretty much anyone. Sure there's the technicality of her getting the Iron Throne but does anyone really think that'll happen? I think she said "No sons, only stillborns" which could be referring to he's had a daughter, but only stillborn sons, or it could be that he has no children. Can't really tell.
  14. I guess that's actually quite likely. I don't really like show-Shae, her hands of gold moment is shaping up to be nowhere near as tragic as it should be...
  15. . Much more likely. But if Shae is already in the tower of the Hand is there any need for them? Shame, because that situation is a good introduction to the tunnels in KL.
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