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    How would you rate episode 209?

    Very enjoyable episode I rated an 8, only a few points of contention, the Sandor/Sansa scene clearly lacked the power of the book with Sandor putting a blade to her throat and threatening to kill her for his song, I thought the shows version was clearly not as good. Also I really dislike how incompetent they made Davos and Stannis out to be as battle commanders in the way in which Tyrion implemented the wildfire attack. I mean a single ship unsurrounded would raise no red flags with a seasoned commander like Stannis, but I know to some extent I am nitpicking the effect were great, and given what type of budget they were working with, I really felt they did a tremendous job.
  2. MegasAV

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    What idiotic battle commanders they made Stannis and Davos out to be, approaching a single unsurrounded vessel, which everyone had to consider to be somesort of trap given there were no Lannister naval vessels in the bay. I suppose the limitiations of budget but I would have much more enjoyed it, if at least there were a few Lannister ships attacking Stannis's fleet as which occured in the book. Which made Tyrions strategy much more believable
  3. Rated a six, just like the whole season a mixed bag. I love the production, scenery acting for the most part, it's just the changes make no sense at all. Robb's storyline has been butchered, how can he possibly behead Lord Karstark in the future, when he was completely in agreement with him and against his mother's decision. Moreover Jon this season as many other poster have mentioned comes off as a complete buffoon, moreover they wait until episode eight to fill the viewer in on Lord Stannis's backstory, and raising Davos to hand of the King was just so anti-climactic. I really wanted to enjoy this season as much as the first, and in many ways it's superior in terms of production values, musical score etc, but in the storytelling the first was much more enjoyable IMO.
  4. I voted a 7 good episode some great acting, and I am enjoying the new story they created for Quarth as the books events didn't really captivate me there. Things I didn't like 1) No Stannis or Davos seven episodes in, and I don't think the non reader has any idea who these men are, no mention of the feared battle commander that Stannis is, nor of any of his backstory which I think really adds to his character. 2)Not a fan at all of the New Mountain, physically huge but not imposing in any way, also the dialogue between him and Tywin regarding finding the BWB really bothered me. I mean the Mountain in the book made a point in GOT about plucking out the eyes of outriders and Twin was questioning his brutality, seriously 3)Seven episodes in and clearly not enough has been done in the Sansa Sandor storyline, what type of emotion is a non book reader to feel when Sandor shows up in her room after Blackwater battle I think thus far they have had maybe ten mins screen time together. Overall thus far this season has been good, but nowhere near as good as the first season in my opinion.
  5. Very mixed bag episode for myself as well, I loved the scenes with Jamie and Cat, and I also enjoyed the casting for Lord Kastark as he showed how headstrong and dead set he was for vengeance. But although I love the interactions between the actors Tywin Arya scenes are completely ridiculous this week in the context of the mysterious deaths that occured over the previous episodes. He should be far more paranoid and distrusting of all around him rather than be coy with Arya his cupbearer knowing she's of noble birth. This new mountain character has no presence whatsoever, much more enjoyed the passion brought to this character by previous Mountain. Cersei basically admiitting that Joffrey is a monster is also absurd, she was beside herself after his death in a SOS, completely incosolable and refusing to even consider Tywins innocence. I'm not sure how Joff's death will now play next season but I guess we'll see. Also Jamie killing Alton after sharing life experiences really I think makes it harder to see Jamie as a redeemed character.
  6. MegasAV

    How would you rate episode 204?

    I gave it a seven, really wanted to rate it higher but I feel they are just destroying to LF character, and without enough backstory into his character Stephen Dillane's Stannis in just not doing it for me. On a whole though just four episodes in, I thought season one was much better through the first four episodes.
  7. MegasAV

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    I agree in the context of LF bringing the bones of her recently deceased husband, of which she knew he was a participant in his death, and LF stating that fate has given them another chance, is absurd.
  8. MegasAV

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    I think the the tv series showing Joffrey's interactions with the two prostitutes demonstrating the sadistic side of his character is sort of like the pregnant cat story in the novel which caused Robert Baratheon to strike him as a child, interesting the Hbos producers take I believe at least.
  9. Agree with much that's been said already I rated the episode a solid 8, loved the Theon, Balon, Yara scene with Theon bringing up the fact that his father lost his rebellion against Robert, which led to his being taken hostage, and Theon recieving a wicked backhand for this comment. I also loved how they incorporated Arya's list, and the story which Yoren gave which gave her the idea. The only character that I am not at all a fan of the changes they made is with Shae, the aggressive manner in which she speaks to Tyrion, and also the attitude which she gave Sansa, makes no sense at all given her position. I have to believe there going to have a major twist with her character to explain this away IMHO.
  10. Agree by far best episode of this season, brilliant casting of Brienne as that is almost exactly as I pictured her. I also believe tonights episode was the closest of the first three in matching dialogue from book. Of the variations that they changed from the book most made sense, a la Tyrion theorizing to wed Myrcella to Theon and using these lies to snuff out his traitor on the small council. Loved the Theon scene burning the letter warning Robb, truly showed his internal conflict and Alphie Allens facial expressions really showed his turmoil. Only thing I didn't like was Shaes demeanor as Sansa's handmaiden was completely unrealistic, and Theons sister was just a horrible miscast.
  11. MegasAV

    How would you rate episode 202?

    I gave this episode a 6, I really liked some parts but I feel they are really changing the essence of the book with a lot of the changes. Although I loved how they made Pyke appear on the big screen the intitial meeting between Yara and Theon played nothing like the book and really I feel changed here character. In the book it was Asha who on several occasions grabbed Theons cock, moreover with the fake identity she gave him, he then opened up to her about his plans, his successes in battle with Robb etc. I know this may sound like nitpicking but it shows a certain cunning which the Asha character has, which I feel hurts the character portrayal. Moreover the Janos Tyrion scene felt extremely rushed I really would have enjoyed if they used some more dailogue from the book in that scene but alas I guess time constraints. In terms of Stannis I believe DornishSnakes post said it best. This character they created is not Stannis none of his backstory has been told thus far in the TV show so I don't know how anybody can understand my favorite character from the book. Not one mention of the siege on Storms End, no mention of him smashing the ironborn ships, his parents perishing on Shipbreaker Bay. I know we are only two episodes into the season but I have no emotional attachment to this Stannis whatsover.
  12. MegasAV

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 201 Discussion Part 2

    Just rewatched Ep 201 on HBOGO, and I know it's nitpicking but I very much would have liked if in Season 1 Episode 10 they left in Tywin's full comment about all the follies that he percieves King Joffrey has commited in terms of relieving Ser Barriston Selmy of service. I very much enjoyed in COK when Tyrion brings up to Cersei the possibility of Ser Barriston joining one of the other Kings forces, and Cersei not even considering that possibility and that fact that Barriston has such a powerful name being such a storied knight. But overall still a very enjoyable episode and the visuals and cinematography are really first rate IMHO.
  13. Longtime lurker first time posting I rated the episode a seven, agree with most of the other posts I couldn't stand the LF Cersei scene, also the brothel scene with Ros served no purpose. But on the other hand I did enjoy the scenes between Robb and Theon, providing additional insight perhaps on Robbs decision making process to send Theon back the the Iron Islands. Overall although I was disappointed with some of the changes from the book, I still felt they captured the essence of the chapters which this episode covered, and given that it's the first episode I am assuming future episodes will be much stronger.