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  1. Endest

    Vote on the Reputation System

    Wow, anybody else here that went through this at malazanempire? It's such a contentious thing, I wish it was never invented. People wanting magical fixes and modifications without going out to find any such apps that might do what they want. Look, IPB comes with this system built in - I don't know if it's even possible to remove it? In any case, trust me, you will get over it eventually. Weirdly, we had almost the exact opposite problem because we switched from vbulletin which had a robust, if utterly insane rep system (some people still talk about the repwars with fondness), to IPB which had nothing at the time and people fucking howled. We had threads just like these, battle lines were drawn, polls were created, etc. Thankfully it's mostly settled down now and no problems to speak of *fingers crossed* Those who take it seriously on either side of the question should really just try to relax. At least with this system you can ignore rep entirely if you want to, what matter if you have neg rep in your profile? And it surely doesn't do any harm to see how many people liked or disliked a particular post...My feeling is that it's simple conservatism, dislike of change for it's own sake and it will in all likelihood dissipate rather quickly.
  2. Endest

    Vote on the Reputation System

    since my last post here I have since found out that the new hook for the rep system at malazanempire takes away the anonymity as well as providing the option to leave a comment explaining the reason for your repping a given post. In your profile, it shows who repped you, for what post and their comment. Hope that helps :)
  3. Endest

    Vote on the Reputation System

    they've just implemented some kind of modification to the rep system over at malazanempire.com which allows comments but is still anonymous, don't know if that's interesting to you but thought I'd mention it. There was a huge movement to get rep back when we switched from vbulletin (which had an insane rep system but a lot of people loved it) so there's been a concerted effort to find a system that works. For my part, I like the system in IPB 3 and I don't think we've had too many problems with inappropriate neg repping but obviously it's something of a problem here. Are admins able to see who has repped a given post and deal with anything inappropriate?