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  1. Jaghen

    Why is Sam Grand Maester?

    It's basically any Fantasy works' biggest cliche. The underdogs, the misfits, saving the world and simultaneously maturing into the next leaders. Broken boy into powerful wizard, despised would be knight woman into Lord Commander, ruthless sellsword with a good heart deep down into powerful Lord... But it has just popped into existence, rather than with a believable story. Feels off, feels forced. Sam didn't need to be Grand Maester to be part of that new Council. Bron getting Highgarden is likely the one I'm most amused about. For sure, Lanisters always pay their debts. Tyrion promised him Highgarden. He shall have it. I just never realized everyone put Tyrion in charge and are happy to swear fealty to a sellsword to please him !
  2. Jaghen

    The North is finally independent

    Seems to me you argue everything and its opposite. Do you agree Bran, through Sam / Jon / Sansa / Tyrion / Varys participated in Dany's descent into madness by revealing the big secret at just the right time ? I'm not arguing she wouldn't have turned mad eventually, but the way it was depicted in the show that is what happened. Nobody made her burn KL, she made that choice on her own. But it was motivated by the behavior of all those around her. And started of by Bran (or the 3ER if you prefer). As for the quoted part, it was mostly a joke, but who knows... we are not told who decided to give Sansa a crown in the show, she asked for it sure, but was it just agreed on the spot by Bran, and if so why ? So all bets are ok. Well that's my point. He didn't tell anyone, so no one will question the fact that he did nothing to prevent the events that transpired, answering to Rast-afari above me.
  3. Because that is her story. Last of her line. Unburnt yes, but also untrained. Mother of Dragons, Child of none. Only home she has ever known could be a brothel (granted that's conjecture based on a red door, and the place being suited to harbor a fugitive princess, long shot). Raised by her half mad brother. Head full of dreams that sometimes do not reflect the world at all. Difficulty to make the distinction. Most people benefit from history lessons. Even geniuses can't come up with every damn thing humans have come up with over millennia.
  4. She does think a great amount of times "If I look back I am lost" in the book (not sure if it appeared in the show ?). But I'm not sure that is the path favored by Martin. It may be where the story ends though, which may be that "bittersweet" idea. Now a God Emperor rules over the petty humans. they survived the WW just to die under his rule.
  5. While the correct number and sex of pups looks to be outside of a 3EC's control, as far a s we know, all the rest could feasibly be done. Warging the mother to go South doesn't seem difficult at all. We have seen Bran as a tree catch Theon's attention. Is it unbelievable that BR would be better at this, with the century (ies for 3EC) of training, and easily attract Jon where he wants him ? Ned almost killed them. But then he didn't. Because his kids didn't wwant him to. Because the direwolf has been the sigil of his house for millenia. Having studied men for thousands of years, I guess BR could have just guessed what would happen. Alternatively, there is always the possibility that he can see future events. Either through dreams, or more down to earth : "An oak may live three hundred years, a redwood tree three thousand. A weirwood will live forever if left undisturbed. To them seasons pass in the flutter of a moth's wing, and past, present, and future are one." But yes I agree it doesn't necessarily make sense, just like Daenerys surviving the pyre and hatching Dragons. Coincidences happen, sometimes.
  6. "There is no such thing as a bad buzz"
  7. Bran is likely not the best choice, but he did say the right things to make others think he would be. He walked the path that brought him where he wanted to end up. Bran basically had access to every alternative S8 plot from the moment he ran out of that cave, and could chose which one he liked.
  8. Jaghen

    The North is finally independent

    To be fair Robert's rebellion would have happened Jon or no Jon. Nobody knew where Lyanna was, but Aerys did execute Rickard and Brandon, that's why they warred, not because Lyanna had ran off. After that it was just easier to assume Lyanna was kidnapped by another mad Targ. The kid, if we believe Bran, was born at the end of the war. Long after his uncle and grandad were killed. I'm not sure Sansa was chosen to be Queen, or by whom. She was gifted a piece of the cake by Bran, I'm sure the footnotes on the deal will never be revealed. Eh maybe it's just a thank you for having helped with driving Dany nuts. Did Bran tell people that he can see the future ? And I mean people who would question him, no sibling. He told them he can see the past, yes. But obviously the past "can't be changed" we know that's not true, thanks to the Door, but the others likely do not - I doubt he told them "Oh btw I'm the one who made Hodor a simpleminded by skinchanging into him through time and space". Creepy Stalker King, wreaking havoc in your past since before you were born.
  9. Now I'd choose a direwolf over a dog (or horse) as well, given the choice. But if wolves are harder to bond with, direwolves even more so, and they also happen to be almost extinct, what's preventing any Stark in the last hundreds of years from skinchanging, dogs per say ? How did it get to be entirely forgotten if it never stopped is what's puzzling me. By my own worst estimate the current Stark litter got 3/6 skinchangers. 50%. And yet nobody even believe in such things (except Nan, who nobody believes either)as far as we can see. Or 100% with best estimate. Either there is something odd with these kids ability, or there is something very odd with their forefathers lack off such. And yeah pretty sure Giants can be skinchanged - Hodor might not be a real giant, but he does for now - I'd say Dragons can as well, which may or may not be why Valyria never invaded Westeros.
  10. Jaghen

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    I don't see why Aegon, even if fake, would not be able to ride a dragon, Blackfyre did ride dragons as well, and all of Valyria's rulling class back in the day. It's not a Targ privilege. I find it funny that everyone willingly believes Jon is Rhaegar's son but rejects Aegon. I used to as well, Jon is a hero, two hidden sons of Rhaegar are too much. After what transpired in the show though, I wonder a lot more now. But don't think it would be as obvious as not being able to ride dragons.
  11. I didn't know this particular SSM. That's a strange take though, does that mean all the Starks for the past 200 years were "lacking" ? What is so special about direwolves skinchanging compared to other animals ? I find the Varamyr bit very interesting. He doesn't have a direwolf, yet develops skinchanging skills very early. In contrast our heroes only start developping these skills after encoutering direwolves. Bran get's a summer class and ends up way ahead (even in skinchanging skills, not talking about the greenseer abilities). Your point that they may have started earlier but we just don't know stands, but then I'd ask what happened with Ned, or anyone else before him. I can get keeping the truth secret from the rest of the world, as skinchangers are not considered seemly, but shouldn't you teach your kids about that great gift running in the family line ? Yet it seems to me hat the oldest ones have no clue (Robb, Jon, Sansa - all of which we get povs early in the story) which would tie in with Ned having no clue (and that his favorite horse is just that, a favorite horse). Yeas I'm familiar with that one. Since we do see at least one of the five (Arya - not counting Bran as Greenseer appears to be different and rarer)) skinchange something else than a direwolf, and Varamyr being a powerful skinchanger without ever having a direwolf, how does the direwolves being extinct South of the Wall explain the complete lack of knowledge of that ability amongst Starks ? It could be a "Ned was not destined to rule" thing, but I don't think that makes sense. Better teach your kids to control their gifts rather than use them by accident and reveal the truth about your family to the rest of the world.
  12. Jaghen

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    To be fair, Karstarks betray Stannis for Bolton, Manderly betrays Bolton for Starks, Umbles play both sides... Looks pretty cannon ! Good thing is there will likely be no more evidence of Aegon's claim (or lack of) than there is for Jon. That's a problem of the hidden heir trope, being hidden... proof is hard to come by. Daenerys being a woman, her claim is shaky to say the least. The Seven Kingdoms, except for Dorne, are not so much into female rulers if it can be avoided.
  13. I'm playing devil's advocate here as I do like the idea of the Starks being connected to whatever is going on and having been so for millenia. But I'd say there is always some kind of connection between master and pet. Dogs and kids especially, growing up together from "babies" to adults does that. As for the pass, Grey Wind could have been following animal sent as well, goats or boars could be travelling there regularly, fortunate for sure but conclusive ? I believe the man himself has confirmed that all 6 are Wargs, to some extent at least, the fact that they are lost is how I reconcile that with actually not being Wargs. If we consider they can't (or they haven't been able to anyway) learn the trick by themselves. But need help, either from their magical pets, or from someone who knows how to already (=third eye opening by Bran). Now I'm just waiting for WoW to open with a Rickon chapter where he wargs bears to fight off cannibals. I usually enjoy being wrong just as much as being right with GRRM anyway, some (good) unexpected turns.
  14. Do we know that all of them do though ? Jon, Bran, Arya we know, but the three others ? Rickon we never had a POV so it's hard to know for sure, but I don't recall Sansa or Robb giving any evidence of warging. Now 3 out of 6 is still quite decent for something allegedly rare, but far less impressive than 6 out of 6. I would love Jon to go North, but I do believe he is headed to Winterfell, between his own wants and Ramsay's letter... could be a fast trek North with Bran while between life and death (or between death and life depending on your preference).
  15. Jaghen

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    Her reasons were all but Altruistic. She came to defend them as the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms it was her duty. But she demanded the North's allegiance first, which is normal. It's not her duty to defend rebels and traitors. In theory yeah he would have destroyed the whole world, brought the Long Night and all that fun stuff from Old Nan's bedtime stories. But we didn't see him being that impressive. A bit like Dragons - two of them being one-shot. The North was always by far the coldest place in the 7K, so the easiest place for the NK to dominate. Defending a bit South where it starts off as warmer would have made sense, plus while the NK dealt with the North, she could deal with Cersei and reunify the Realm, thus increasing her odds.