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  1. To all those people who don't like changes to the story and want things to go word-for-word as the book: Stop watching this and just read the books again. I promise you they will not disappoint you. :cool4: However, it'd make things quite boring for me. Having gotten that out of my chest, I will do some episode thrashing myself... WHY IS THE STORY MOVING SO FAST??? Is this season going to cover everything that happens in all the books and the finale will be John getting Ceaser'd? (don't answer that) I read the books after watching season 1 - which was fabulous. But are people that haven't read the book getting the story? If I didn't know what was going on, my head might hurt. Secondly, this episode needed to get a move on! I understand that new characters being introduced puts a strain on the story but by that logic the entire season will be like this as Martin keeps introducing new characters. I certainly hope it isn't. Now on to those controversial topics, I dislike disagreeing just to be in the minority but I am going to stick my neck out again and say I liked the LF scene. Many people disliked the Ros/LF scene because it was.... "not in the books"/"not extremely important"/both. I suspect, however, a lot of people didn't like how LF was being portrayed even though they may not have spelt it out - it may have clashed with their mental image of LF. This is quite understandable after reading LF's plans in the later books as it shrouds him with mystery and shows his conniving nature. However, there is no denying the facts that he IS brutal and he DID run a brothel and most probably he WOULD have to face a similar situation in the virtual world that Martin created. And I can't say he would have reacted very differently. So to those who dislike it because it wasn't in the book, look back to the first line of this post. Atleast, it wasn't particularly uncharacteristic like the scene from last episode which is debatable. To those who feel that there was ono point to the scene and it was just fabricating new stuff just for the hell of it - I strongly disagree. Until now(the story so far), LF has been viewed as a minor/side role. Even if he IS a conniving side role. In fact, until Sansa was saved by him, LF wasn't given that much importance. He was always a man to watch out for but not quite a wild card yet. However, that drastically changes, and he has parts to play later. I think the directors are giving us face time with him to help him make the transition from a side role (who gets screen time only when he is making a proposal to Ned or trading words with Varys) to a main role who gets screen time by his own right. That's just how I choose to view it. Also about how the episode ended - having read the books, it's not much of a cliff-hanger as we know nothing will come off it - but I guess if I hadn't read them, it might have been very interesting.
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    [Book Spoilers] Ep 201 Discussion Part 2

    Hey Ran, Thanks for the reply and sorry I was so late in getting back to you. I have been quite busy lately! Anyway, two points. Firstly, I never said he was teasing anyone. LF never does anything for no reason (even though his reasons in this case were clearly not thought out properly). I said and still say that it was a poorly veiled threat. However, it wasn't as serious a mistake as you are making out. Remember that they altered the time-line of Stannis's letter reaching people - Robb had seen it before he sent his peace offer. I believe this scene happened after that so we can assume that it had reached KL as well by then. Hence, not only did the privileged people know but the common people were discussing it as well. In other words, LF wasn't disclosing a national secret as he was saying nothing that Stannis hadn't said before him. While it was still a mistake that he made (that you are harping on about) by underestimating Cersei and perhaps feeling he could use her somehow by manipulating his knowledge, it wasn't as serious a mistake as all that (although admittedly it could have had disastrous consequences). Now I don't see how LF trying to get Cersei under his thumb was so character-breaking. We don't know his plans yet but he seemed interested in sharing power with Ned in AGoT and only double-crossed him when Ned wasn't interested. Anyway, I accept that it (quite obviously) wasn't one of those suave moves we expect from LF but let's not blow it out of proportion here... Martin never intended LF to be portrayed as a God that can do no wrong. Speaking as someone who deals with cold and calculating people a lot, even they aren't machines. And this is exactly what I believe Martin wants us to understand - he wants the characters to feel real. In a famous quote, he once said "Even Hitler loved dogs!" So PLEASE, don't think LF character is ruined because he made one mistake - everyone makes a few. Secondly, where did I ever say he got angry because Cersei acted snooty and superior? Maybe you ought to read my post again. I understand it is quite long and it may be hard for you to concentrate the whole time. :box: Anyway, I can't force you to like the scene or accept it. I am trying to get you to understand that people may like the scene for reasons you can not discredit offhand (even though you may not agree with them). Another of those dilemmas of life- there are so few right or wrong roads.... Only roads we take and the ones we don't. But we may be going into philosophy there. :dunno: BTW, the time stamp is wrong as I could not reply to that quote due to the thread being locked but the quote is yours word for word.